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United States WNxDHare3
07-13-2008, 03:19 PM
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CJ News
Interview - WNxCollon - WNxDHare3
WNxCollon - Click the image to open in full size.
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Real Name: Collon
Recruiter: WNxHippie
Catch Phrase: "OMG dude"
Birthday: 12.28.93
Age: 14
Astro Sign: Capricorn
Gender: Male
Location: Hawaii, United States
Join Date: 07-30-2007
Primary: Soldier Front
Secondary: Battle for Middle Earth 2

WNxDHare3: OK NOW starting the interview...

WNxCollon: uhm, or that, k

WNxDHare3: This is my first interview so be easy on me :]

WNxCollon: Haha, Not a chance. Kidding bro Of course, This is my first one as well

WNxDHare3: Good, then we both have no idea what were doing, .. Anyways. First off, how are you doing today?

WNxCollon: Well, It is 10pm, But my day was fine. I woke up rather early, and refereed a soccer game for some 10 year old girls

WNxDHare3: Really? That must have been fun. Do you referee often?

WNxCollon: As often as possible, it's sort of my job >.> Since I live in Hawaii, we have HYSA - Hawaii Youth Soccer Association. As well as AYSO - American Youth Soccer Organization. However, AYSO is volunteer, and I enjoy doing it, but HYSA on the other hand pays, and pays well.

WNxDHare3: Besides, being a rich and powerful referee, what are your other hobbies?

WNxCollon: Ha Actually playing soccer Sports, Photoshop, uhm... and err....

WNxDHare3: Games? :]

WNxCollon: Haha, I'd hope so, I'm buying a 800$ computer for such games.

WNxDHare3: Wow, looks like being a ref pays off, eh? Let's get into games, that's why we are here after all :]. What is your current Primary? What do you do? And how do you feel about that section?

WNxCollon: 'Soldier Front' and I am the current BO, and MP (not really, but I clean teh spammas) and I really love being apart of it, but it's small and getting inactive as time goes on. I try to get it active, but the website, IJJI, isn't taking care of SF all too well, and that leads to finding new games.

WNxDHare3: Ouch :/ I have heard about the game, it sounds pretty fun, I certainly hope the section turns out ok. Lets go a bit deeper, who are your best friends here in WN?

WNxCollon: Uhm, YOU! (I am most definitely not kissing up to you o_o) Haha, but seriously. WNxHippie - My recruiter... Me and him are such great friends, we are so totally alike in so many ways. I wish I knew him in real life, we really connect (not like that DHare -_-)

WNxDHare3: you know me too well :]

WNxCollon: WNxPrecision - When I joined, I think he had just been promoted to major, and we get along... He is a weird kind of a guy, with weird jokes, and I like that. I usually get his jokes, and its all good fun.
WNxDemonicAura - Haha, He is so childish, but we get along so well. We fight like brothers sometimes, it's funny... He can be immature but we can BOTH be immature. It's always a blast to be around him.
Those 3 are some of my best friends in the Nation, but I have many more friends out there that I haven't mentioned, sorry

WNxDHare3: That's alright I' am sure they still love you :]

WNxCollon: And I still love them Omg Dhare! NOT LIKE THAT

WNxDHare3: You cease to amaze me >.>

WNxCollon: I'm sure -_-

WNxDHare3: Ok, lets get back to the basics! How did you go about making it into this little place we call WN? What game, and who do you remember most?

WNxCollon: Hardly a little place But I was recruited into Soldier Front, and as for 'Remember', I'd have to say WNxDK. Some know him as a bad guy, who Hard deleted many things, but there was more to it then that. He is still a good friend of mine, and we see each other on Xfire every now and them.

WNxDHare3: Oh! So you are a veteran of Soldier Front, eh? Have you ever been in any other games as primary?

WNxCollon: No sir

WNxDHare3: So, how have you liked your career here in WN, and how do you like your current job as a BO? Also, what do you feel has been the most rewarding part of being in WN?

WNxCollon: So far, I like how I have been doing in WN, and I am still pursuing my goal of becoming an FPS commissioner! But I like my job as a BO. It takes me one step close to total domina...... *cough* *grunt* *sneeze* It takes me one step closer to being that much closer to everyone in WN, which is also the most rewarding part of being in WN, being able to interact with everyone.

WNxDHare3: Mine as well, of course everyone loves me, so its cool. Anyways, back to... uhh... you... I' am going to get a bit off of WN for the moment ask you a couple general questions, is that alright?

WNxCollon: -_- I don't know now... I was just blind sided with being told I'm not loved. *Runs to corner* But yeah, sure

WNxDHare3: ok first off, pets? You got em?

WNxCollon: Yes, My lovely Kitty His name is Gizmo, and I love him with ALL my heart.

WNxDHare3: I have a couple cats myself, how about girls? You got one? lol

WNxCollon: >.> I am Pursuing one, does that count? This is my first 'Real' crush... You know, not just lust? I can ride my bike with no handle bars.... NO handle bars... No handle bars...

WNxDHare3: I know what you mean :] But idk if stalking is ever considered pursuing..

-__- In Hawaii, we do 'stuff' differently >.>
In fact.. We were going by her house, and I was like, "Hey look, your house" and she was like, "How the hell did you know that?"

WNxDHare3: Scary... Moving on, what games, besides the great multiplayer games that WN has to offer , do you play?

WNxCollon: Err... Runescape sometimes XD When I get my new computer, CoD4 and BF2 !

WNxDHare3: Did you say Final Fantasy XI Online - Hades? Which is in Development, and I' am GC for? WOW! What a small world!

WNxCollon: I know right? It surprises me sometimes >.>

WNxDHare3: Well, this has been a great interview :] I would like to end it with a nice word game, that all the great interviewers seem to be doing! Tell me when you are ready :]

WNxCollon: *gulp* Okay, go D:

WNxDHare3: Soldier Front.

WNxCollon: >Your mom... Lol did I do that right?

WNxDHare3: .... yes... CONTINUE! WNxDHare3.

WNxCollon: <His mom

JEEZE! You just set yourself up for that, don't you!? Lol


WNxDHare3: youre so weird... CONTINUE! Waffles.

WNxCollon: Ownage

WNxDHare3: Pancakes?

are waffles without indents

WNxDHare3: music?

WNxCollon: AWESOME I love all music

WNxDHare3: movie.

WNxCollon: Good. Hmm, My turn WNxCollon

WNxDHare3: crazed-lunatic-on-a-caffeine-high :]. That's all one word.

WNxCollon: Indeed

WNxDHare3: Movie = good?

WNxCollon: Yeah

WNxDHare3: ^ thats off the record. lol alright.

WNxCollon: Off the record with Gretta VanSustren?

WNxDHare3: Sure -_-

WNxCollon: WOOOO

WNxDHare3: Well, thanks for the great interview Collon I hope to see another one in the future. Have any last words?


WNxDHare3: Spoken so gracefully. Have a good day dude.

WNxCollon: You too <3 Peace

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Warrior Nation
07-18-2008, 07:17 PM
Great job DHare. Keep it up!


Warrior Nation
07-18-2008, 07:43 PM
Nice first interview


Enjoyed it


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Germany WNxJanitor
07-18-2008, 08:40 PM
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Yea good interview.

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Primary: Warrior Nation
Warrior Nation
United States WNxCodosa
07-18-2008, 09:15 PM
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XD Wish he would have set me up for more jokes thanks guys, and thanks DHARE!

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Singapore WNxJurafalle
07-18-2008, 11:25 PM
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Good job DHare!

Hope to see more coming XD.

WNxJurafalle & WNxJNG - Rock Band Buddies <3 | Twitch Channel!
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Warrior Nation
07-19-2008, 04:52 AM
Great job, I really enjoyed reading it


Warrior Nation
07-20-2008, 02:39 PM
Good interview man well done .


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Netherlands WNxDarkNyte
07-22-2008, 05:19 AM
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good interview, well done

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Netherlands WNxWarlord
07-22-2008, 08:36 AM
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Honorable Discharge
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I'm an asshole.
Great interview, hoping to see some more

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Warrior Nation
England WNxDavott
07-22-2008, 12:01 PM
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*Insert Witty Comment*
Get off the Drugs Collon

Great interview
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