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Isle of Man WNxProphecy
08-14-2008, 11:16 PM
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WNxghost 1100

Click the image to open in full size.

Real Name: Jeff
Birthday: August 11, 1992
Age: 16
Astro Sign: Leo
Gender: Male
Location: ohio
Flag: United States
Join Date: 03-31-2008
Primary: Call of Duty 4 - Xbox 360
Secondary: Combat Arms

I recently had the chance to sit down and interview the sections newest officer, WNxghost1100. I would now like to share that with you in the hope that you learn a little about him.

WNxProphecy7777: Well then, from now on, everything is 'on the record'.

WNxghost 1100: Ok then,

WNxghost 1100: PIE!

WNxProphecy7777: Noted.

WNxProphecy7777: Let us begin, of course, with you. How are you doing tonight ghost?

WNxghost 1100: Ah, pretty good... tired from band camp but im getting used to it. Gotta leave in the morning to Michigan... FUN!

WNxProphecy7777: Sounds like it. What instrument do you play?

WNxghost 1100: I play the trumpet, so does WNxGstenroos

WNxProphecy7777: And, why the hell are you going to Michigan? Sounds like a horrible idea.

WNxghost 1100: Oh, at first glance me being from Ohio going to Michigan looks like I am a traitor. But my grandparents live in a cottage and we are going to spend the weekend swimming and chilling. Just leisure time i guess you could call it... but i don't really know why we are going because we already went earlier for a week and a half, but I am not gonna question my mom, bad things may happen if i did.

WNxProphecy7777: Hehehe, I bet. Well, now that we have the opening, let us move the introductions. Can you tell the good people your real name, and a little about how you look, your preference in movies, games, and music. And tell us about the great games you have played and why they were so awesome?

WNxghost 1100: Well, my real name is Jeffrey A. Szucs, don't ask what my middle name is I won't tell you. and well it's had to say how I look but I can try... I am around 5 foot 7 maybe a little taller and 120 Lbs, I have brown hair, brown eyes and sometimes short hair sometimes longer semi curly hair, and for my skin its tannish but im white so you know. I prefer comedy movies and and action war films, and my favorite movie OF ALL TIME is Saving Private Ryan. Games I enjoy are pretty much NFS (Need For Speed) series and the CoD (Call of Duty) series, I used to play MOH (Medal of Honor) a lot but not so much anymore. I listen to all music but bluegrass... figures, and rap, I am more of a rock, classic rock guy, my favorite band is Disturbed... but I have been listening to Tommy's (WNxYSoPro) music lately and gotta say I like that as well. Well... great games (I assume video games) are CoD and NFS because in CoD there are good graphics, great game play, great variation and just made perfectly... the online play is AMAZING, with out the online play I wouldn't be in this interview right now let alone the clan. NFS (Need for Speed) is great for one word.... CUSTOMIZATION, yeah, you heard it. It's great you have endless possibilities cars and paints. So i love it. The online play slacks though but I got over that quickly.

WNxProphecy7777: Speaking of you and the clan, how were you brought into it? How was it first described to you?

WNxghost 1100: Well, I talked to WNxGstenroos at school and stuff, he sat by me in German class, and he would mention the clan and stuff one day he asked me on XBL (X-Box live) if i wanted to join I said that I would, didn't really know much about the clan really. I knew that there were 2,500 some members I thought he meant in the section 0.o lol, so that was intimidating not gonna lie. But anyways I hopped on the the computer and he took maybe 15 minutes of his time to just get me to the section page... so by then I was pretty much a confused wreck with awe in me at the same time, hard to explain but you get it. But Grant (WNxGStenroos) just mentioned members and etc before i joined nothing that made any since but that WNxHydra was at the time was in charge of our section I was about to join, who when I joined just got promoted and he didn't know who to send the voucher which confused me even more too, so bottom line it was like a giant hotel with different rooms. That is how I got to think of it as.

WNxProphecy7777: Hahaha, that is a very good analogy. But I see you finally got it figured out. I believe it was WNxYSoPro who said that playing with a full party of Warrior Nation members was kind of like a family in the way that there were a multitude of inside jokes and everyone knew everyone. What was you first experience with a WNx party like?

WNxghost 1100: Oh, well I think my early WNx parties were with people like Rush (WNxRushisgod17), WNxGstenroos, you, and well to be honest its hard to remember after some third of a year. I know at first I was kinda "Hi... I'm just gonna sit here," type of thing going on, but as I got to know everyone, I knew what they were talking about, who they were talking about and their personalities. But early the parties were fun on the 6 people parties, but when I got in my first ground war party (Ground war consisting of 9 person teams) I was confused. Everyone was loud and I couldn't concentrate or anything lol, and I left a few times left 'cause it was noisy to me and I didn't know anyone; so I preferred the small parties early on. Now I could care less what size the party is.

WNxProphecy7777: I see. Moving into the Warrior Nation side of things, who, besides your personal friends of course, was the first person or people in WN that you considered your friend?

WNxghost 1100: I would have to say, WNxRushisgod17. Grant and him would always play together and I would play with Grant always because everyone else was a stranger to me. But Taylor was the first person to call me by my first name, and I mean usually that means they are friends with you at least, I hope anyways lol. But I knew him the best early on and played a few team ******** games with him and WNxSapphire early on which started to make me feel more comfortable.

WNxProphecy7777: Yeah, Rush is a great guy to hang out with, as long as you like weird sun glasses. But moving on, what are some of your aspirations in WN, and how much of you life consists of Warrior Nation?

WNxghost 1100: Well, in WN I hope to as some of you may know get a Battle Op's position, and later on I would like to become a Major at some point in time... we will see, I doubt that I will make it any higher then that, but I really like to lead and that's something I would like to do in the clan eventually. My life is pretty much a combination of sleeping, eating, sleeping, forums, X-fire, and X-box. So I would say that around 40-50% of my day is involved with WN in some way, shape, or form, whether it be posting my position on the forums or playing in game with fellow clan members, it does not matter. I was recently acknowledged by, WNxGstenroos that we both were, in his words, teh pwn. Lol because we both were on the list of most posts per week, month, and day. on top of that no spam reports against me

WNxProphecy7777: Well, it's good to hear about your prodigious lack of spam.......

* WNxProphecy7777 looks at his 3 points and shivers

* WNxghost 1100 pats your back and says its Ok

WNxProphecy7777: T_T

WNxProphecy7777: But moving on,

WNxProphecy7777: Let's talk about your primary game, CoD4. What do you think is the most addictive or fun part of it?

WNxghost 1100: Ewww, create a class I can't tell you how much fun it is to make a gun to your wants and special perks, and just wow, it's amazing.

WNxProphecy7777: I have to agree. What do you think is most annoying about it? (Not about other players, but about the game mechanics itself)

WNxghost 1100: Hmm, 3 things, sorry but I haven't settled on one yet. 1, throwing a 'nade is like shooting a mortar at an enemy its to big of a range. 2, the M-16 is to powerful to be the first gun unlocked. And 3, martyrdom, don't need to explain why. (Martyrdom-You drop a grenade with a 2.5 second timer on it. Normal grenades have a 5 second timer.)

WNxProphecy7777: I agree with all accounts, seeing as I have thrown a grenade, fired a M-16, and the timing of martyrdom just is impossible. Moving into the game play aspect of it, are there any tactics that you love to use? Favorite weapons?

WNxghost 1100: Um... Tactics would have to be the flanking method, which is I will hit the enemy from their side and try to get their weakest side. When I achieve this I usually just go right in the heart and get free head shots on the annoying little "Sexually confused" snipers( No offense to those who do, I love to snipe just not get sniped.). My favorite weapon is... ummmm geeeee, I still love the M1014 (Semiauto shotgun), that is a beast if you use it correctly. Lots of fun and it pisses people off.

WNxProphecy7777: Thank you for your time, now, onto the BONUS

BREAK TIME!!!!!!!!!!

My you look famished! Would a sandwich help?

Click the image to open in full size.

How rude of me! Would you like a drink? How about scotch!? I LOVE SCOTCH!

Click the image to open in full size.

If Scotch is not your thing, how about some sea food?

Click the image to open in full size.

Well, I am sorry, our time is up! Back to the-

Click the image to open in full size.

Bonus Round.

"The bonus round, where riches and honor are won and lost..."

WNxProphecy7777: Let's begin.

WNxghost 1100: Ewwww, do I get cookies if I win?


WNxghost 1100: Awww, you got me excited about it, but I will accept your offer.

WNxProphecy7777: THEN, THE RULES!

* WNxProphecy7777 pulls out a testament written in stone.

WNxProphecy7777: 1st-Answer as quickly as possible.

WNxProphecy7777: THAT'S IT!

* WNxProphecy7777 chucks the Testament over yonder hill.

WNxghost 1100: Hmm, something seems tricky about those rules... and the testament was actually a fake... I have the real one in my closet.

WNxProphecy7777: LIES!

* WNxProphecy7777 slaps ghost

WNxProphecy7777: MOVING ON!

WNxghost 1100: Bring it.

WNxProphecy7777: ROUND 1- Word association. I will say a word, and you will say the name of the WN member you think of first.

WNxProphecy7777: Ready?

WNxghost 1100: Ahahah, I like this one.

WNxghost 1100: I am ready.

WNxProphecy7777: We shall see >.>

Round 1-

WNxProphecy7777: Crazy

WNxghost 1100: WNxDonttasemebro01

WNxProphecy7777: Nice

WNxghost 1100: WNxSapphire

WNxProphecy7777: Passionate

WNxghost 1100: WNxRaider

WNxProphecy7777: Hilarious

WNxghost 1100: WNxProphecy7777... you

* WNxProphecy7777 bows

WNxProphecy7777: DOME-PIECE

WNxghost 1100: Ummm, I don't know what that means so I will just say.... WNxAce242

WNxProphecy7777: A good answer!

WNxProphecy7777: Annoying

WNxghost 1100: WNxKanyun

WNxProphecy7777: Intense

WNxghost 1100: WNxThugx187x

WNxProphecy7777: Laid back

WNxghost 1100: Ummm... hmm... hard one but I must say WNxLocosuppressor

WNxProphecy7777: And finally, Smart.

WNxghost 1100: WNxGstenroos

WNxProphecy7777: Thank you

Round 1 end.

WNxProphecy7777: Round 2- Situational response. I will describe a situation. You must describe to me your actions.

WNxghost 1100: I guess i could do that as long as it doesn't have to do with KFC and Mcy D's in the same sentence.

WNxProphecy7777: I don't know if I could resist, be we shall see.

Round 2-

WNxProphecy7777: 1-
WNxProphecy7777: WNxRaider is killed in a tragic car accident, and there is section wide voting for the next Major. Who do you vote for?

WNxghost 1100: Well, Tommy (WNxYSoPro) because I dont feel I would be ready if it just happened to be able to handle that position yet, and Tommy has the most experience so i would vote him.

WNxProphecy7777: 2-

WNxProphecy7777: This had to be asked. The ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE has begun. What is you plan?

WNxghost 1100: Oh, eliminate the zombies aircraft ship thingy and take the zombies as pets.

WNxProphecy7777: 3-

WNxProphecy7777: You are a Gladiator in Imperial Rome. The weapons available to you are a dagger, and single long sword, a sword and a shield, a pair of short swords, a pole axe, and a long spear. Which do you choose and why?

WNxghost 1100: A dagger because any smart man would obviously use one, plus I would just throw it at'em; that's the most fun.

WNxProphecy7777: You would be in compliance with WNxChronis.

WNxghost 1100: He is a smart man.

WNxProphecy7777: >.>

WNxProphecy7777: 4-

WNxProphecy7777: America is in post nuclear war anarchy (Fallout series ftw). What actions do you take to survive?

WNxghost 1100: I would probably just go to a Twinkie factory and live on that, that seems most logical.

WNxProphecy7777: Indeed

WNxProphecy7777: 5-

WNxProphecy7777: You, your best friend, the love of you life, and an old woman you don't know are standing at a bus station, and a flood is coming. There are only two seats left on the bus. What do you do?

WNxghost 1100: Um... go on top of the bus with my lova, let my friend die, because he also is in love with my lova. And let the lady go in the seats because it's a false sense of security and she doesn't know any better.

WNxProphecy7777: A fine answer.

Round 3

WNxProphecy7777: Short Answer- The object is to answer in as few words as possible. 1 Word is preferable.

WNxghost 1100: k.

WNxProphecy7777: What is you favorite color?

WNxghost 1100: Dark blue

WNxProphecy7777: What is a word that you love?

WNxghost 1100: Smexy.

WNxProphecy7777: What is a word that you hate?

WNxghost 1100: Shenanigans.

WNxProphecy7777: What is your favorite curse word?

WNxghost 1100: Um... dip-shit, don't use it much though.

WNxProphecy7777: What is your dream profession?

WNxghost 1100: Wow, food taster.

WNxProphecy7777: What is your favorite letter?

WNxghost 1100: W because its like a pimped out V.

WNxProphecy7777: Favorite Number

WNxghost 1100: 68.9

WNxProphecy7777: No, not your GPA, I said your favorite number.

WNxghost 1100: I know, it's almost perverted but not quite.

WNxProphecy7777: I see. Favorite season.

WNxghost 1100: Spring, not to hot, not to cold.

WNxProphecy7777: Favorite song

WNxghost 1100: My new favorite song is Follow Me by Uncle Kracker, Old favorite was Land of confusion by Disturbed

WNxProphecy7777: Thank you. Now, your shout outs. Please make them.

WNxghost 1100: Alright, to start it off thanks WNxLocosuppressor, WNxGstenroos, WNxWhySoPro, WNxDonttasemebro01, WNxKanyun, WNxRushis'almost'god17, you, WNxSapphire, WNxKevlar, WNxRaider, WNxAce242, WNxSureShot, and I can't think of anymore off the top of my head... I'm kinda tired but if I missed you sorry I didn't mean it, and thanks everyone for their support and help with everything. And lastly the section in general. It's great to have a superb section and leaders so thank you everyone.

WNxProphecy7777: Awesome man. And now the last and my favorite part of the interview; The counter-interview. If you want to, ask me one question about myself, and I will answer it to the best of my abilities.

WNxghost 1100: LAWLZ, who's interview was the most fun out of all you have done in the section?

WNxProphecy7777: Well, they are all different. I believe the easiest one was WNxAustinx's for is good grammar. Probably the most fun, WNxYSoPro because he is a funny guy. This, despite your refusal to capitalize words and add periods, is probably the 'best' one.

WNxghost 1100: Pshh, who needs those

WNxghost 1100: Notice I didn't use a period at that sentence. <---

WNxProphecy7777: Heheh. I would like to thank you for you time and giving me the opportunity to interview you.

WNxghost 1100: And thank you sire Prophecy

WNxProphecy7777: You are welcome.


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Warrior Nation
08-24-2008, 11:19 AM
Amusing interview by Prophecy, done on a recent promotion in his section.

+Rep away!!!


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Netherlands WNxDarkNyte
09-04-2008, 05:14 PM
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good job on the interview, keep it up

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Warrior Nation
09-04-2008, 06:15 PM
All of Prophecy's interviews are hilarious. I'm looking forward to your next one!


Warrior Nation
09-04-2008, 06:50 PM
oo an old interview! i already repped so for this one i think. oo and guys! im the one in there that is annoying WNxKanyun just changed my name is all.

still a great interview nice job proph


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09-05-2008, 11:45 AM
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Great interview

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Warrior Nation
09-05-2008, 12:45 PM
A good interview, well done


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Germany WNxJanitor
09-05-2008, 12:55 PM
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Nice interview. ^.^

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