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12-14-2015, 01:10 PM
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Christmas Contest 2015
Hi all,

This year as every year there is another Official Ikariam Christmas Contest!

Greetings everyone!

Over the next few days we will be holding a Christmas contest here, on board. The contest is open to everyone and you are all encouraged to join in.

A slight change in the way questions may be answered. Question(s) will be posted DAILY, at ANYTIME and you will have 48 hours to answer them. All answers must be sent via private message to me, Contest.ORGaniser. Do not send the answers to any other teamler.

Each question carries a certain point value.

A few rules:

* Send ONE answer-message per question via Board PM to Contest.ORGaniser
* Multiple entries are not permitted - your first answer for that question will be the one that is counted.
* You have 48 hours from the time the question is posted to PM your answer.
* Do NOT send your answers to any other staff members as they will not be processed - only send the answers to Contest.ORGaniser

If you have something to discuss, feel free to do it here. I will be checking it too to answer any questions you might have

The first question will be posted on Sunday, December 13th. There will be a total of seven days of questions and the winners will be announced shortly after the end of the contest (usually within 48h).

In case of ties, we will look at the times when answers were sent.

And of course, there will be prizes!

1st Place Prize : 23€ Gameforge Voucher
2nd Place Prize : 19€ Gameforge Voucher
3rd Place Prize : 13€ Gameforge Voucher
4th - 6th Place Prizes : 6€ Gameforge Voucher
7th - 10th Place Prizes : 3€ Gameforge Voucher

Good Luck! above all, Enjoy and Have Fun!
More Info : Christmas Contest 2015

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