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Tactics: Invasion - Spire
So I figured this could may or may not be of some help for those who don't usually play Invasion on a regular basis.(Cause I do. ) Here's what I learned from my experience when playing straight up Invasion on either maps, Spire or Boneyard.(These are the only two maps you can play Invasion on, everything else is like Invasion Slayer or Territories or stuff.)

When Defending:
  • Usually, you should let the other team get past the first two levels of the game, then hold off them off the last level. This is so you can play around with the vehicles and fun classes, and for extra killing. (If any one here is familiar with CoD, you know that when you're playing Demolition you always want to lose one round and then make them lose one round to get 3 rounds in total to get more time for kills. It's the same business here.)
  • Don't forget to use all assets given, like ghosts in the second level and banshees in the third level. And of course the variety of classes.
  • Charge up that EMP pistol thingy that comes in most classes to neutralize the bad guy vehicles. Once it's immobile, you have two options. Nade the crap out of it, or hijack it like a boss.
When Attacking:
  • If the other team is smart enough to know to let you take the first two levels of the game, then it'll be pretty easy up until you have to capture the core in the last level. Use the Falcon as a mobile spawn. Circle the top of the Spire and keep moving to avoid getting shot down/at. When a fellow team mate spawns inside the safety of your vehicle, slow down and let him get off. Don't completely stop and touch the spire, you don't want to get falcon-jacked. It's also a good idea to keep one gunner on the other side to ward off any banshee kamakazi's. When one of your team mates has the core, don't let him get on top of your falcon. The falcon decreases in altitude too slow for him to safely get down to the ground unscratched. Let him jump off the edge, then follow the core down to the ground. By this time, the elites will have realized their core is stolen and the war for the entire match is about to take place. Your team mates will rush to recover the core, and the elites will be jumping out behind rocks with nades and big guns in hand. Use the falcon to help thin out the herd. You definitely need a gunner for this one, one is preferred but you can go with two for safety. Don't try to fly to your convenience, fly to the gunner's convenience. Circle the battle zone like an AC 130/boss and rain down upon your enemies. If all else fails, just wing it and tell your gunner to shoot everything in the immediate radius of the core. Even this has a high possibility of working because it just adds to the confusion of battle. Don't get shot down and you got this one in the bag. Once you win, try to be cool and pretend to follow the pelican off into the sunset as the match comes to a close. Every one else on both teams will be like "Fucking Falcon tore that shit up, bro."(In alternate cases, they may use "dude" or "mayne" to replace "bro". Of course, all of the "bro" extensions may be used here.)

Please add any word of wisdom if you have any, we can all get some pointers on stuff.

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