Thread: Member Listings and In-Game Names [BETA]
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United Nations WNxIsobelle
12-13-2014, 07:41 AM
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Member Listings and In-Game Names [BETA]
Below is a list of everyone who moved on to Beta (Forum name | Game name).

Please let me know if there are any mistakes!


1. WNx Artaxs | Usul
2. WNxAlmuric | Almuric
3. WNxDG72 | WNxDG72 (vmode)
4. WNxFuse | Fuse (vmode)
5. WNxIblis | Iblis
6. WNxIsobelle | Isobelle
7. WNxLeasha | Leasha
8. WNxMandingo | Zain
9. WNxMartiqulous | Martiqulous
10. wnxmrfrodo | mrfrodo (inactive)
11. WNxTC02 | TC02
12. WNxTreeguy | Treeguy


1. WNxAnastasia | Krakzor
3. WNxDadzilla | Zilla
4. WNxKrakie | Krakie (vmode)

Other WN Members / non-primaries

1. WNxAlmuric | Aldryc
2. WNxFuse | Akiri (vmode)
3. WNxTheRef26 | TheRef26

Following members are listed in our roster, but currently not with us in game.


1. WNxAirith | Airith (03/12: ghosted)
2. WNxGnR | MrBrownstone (10/13: ghosted)
3. WNxMarcolious | Marcolious (Nov 2015: ghosted)


1. WNxIcedJazz | WNxIcedJazz

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Australia WNxAmarines
12-13-2014, 04:40 PM
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Robot Rock
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You can put me as a primary! My old section Dawn of War has shut now so Ikariam is now back to #1

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Denmark WNxDadzilla
12-13-2014, 05:10 PM
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Looks correct to me, Isobelle, good job! We will certainly have to clean up the roster soon.

Two things: From what I hear, Maximizer is in fact Genghis on Beta and joined T-POT. I have tried to contact him, but he hasn't answered me. So it looks like we lost our newest member there. And Frodo is on Beta (as mrfrodo), but he hasn't come out of v mode yet...

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Secondary: Clash of Clans
United States WNxImmortaLKnight
12-13-2014, 05:16 PM
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Hey guys, I'm back from a long, long break from gaming and would love to get involved with this section once again!

In-Game name: ImmortaL94

WNxImmortaLKnight | ImmortaL94

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