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WNx Apollo
07-18-2012, 03:54 PM
CJ News
Award Interview - WNx Vequal by WNx Apollo
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WNx Vequal

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WNx Apollo: Hey guys, today I will be interviewing WNx Vequal for his outstanding MoTM award. First of all, introduce yourself Vequal.

WNx Vequal: Well, I'm a member of the Call Of Duty 2 section for a few months now. I played this game since its was released, I joined WNx after I played a war with them and well all the people were very cool and they asked me if I wanted to be a part of the nation.

WNx Apollo: What brought your interest into the Call Of Duty series?

WNx Vequal: Before I played Call Of Duty I played Soldier of Fortune 2 with a few friends, they decided to switch to Call Of Duty so I joined them.

WNx Apollo: When you started playing Call Of Duty, was it easy or did it take time?

WNx Vequal: I had some experience with another shooter so the switch was pretty easy, the gameplay was just a bit different.

WNx Apollo: Did you try any other Call Of Duties or did you stay in Call Of Duty 2?

WNx Vequal: I started with Call Of Duty 1 and switched to Call Of Duty 2 when it was released. I played all the other versions for a while but kept returning to Call Of Duty 2. In my opinion its still the best edition.

WNx Apollo: Sounds really fun, what makes Call Of Duty 2 so great?

WNx Vequal: Well the maps are small, the game is pretty fast and you can use some amazing tactics to overrun the opponent. So for me its the total package. I don't have the patience to wait minutes before I can shoot someone. It needs to be fast for me.

WNx Apollo: Nice, well Vequal lets talk about why we are really here, your MoTM. Were you surprised at first?

WNx Vequal: Yes I sure was, I just played the game and had fun, so I didn't expect this at all.

WNx Apollo: Tell us why you got the award.

WNx Vequal: I was very active(compared to other members in the section) and they thought I had a few very good question about the forum and its perks. So I guess that are the main reasons.

WNx Apollo: Yeah your Sergeant Major, you really care about the forums :p.

WNx Vequal: No I don't, but its necessary to keep the section informed and active. I rather playing a game then watching the forums, but it's the only way that works to stay in contact with the section.

WNx Apollo: Yea I know what you mean, the only thing that counts is the game not the talking lol.

WNx Vequal: Exactly, but we need it to organize events and notify the section about upcoming cups and keep each other informed about some situations.

WNx Apollo: So far you liked the nation and how they work with you?

WNx Vequal: I have to say its a lot bigger than I expected, but yes I don't have any complaints.

WNx Apollo: So like you said, the game is what only counts, would you stay as Sergeant Major or go to Major?

WNx Vequal: I'm not sure yet, I just became Sergeant Major and at the moment this is enough for me. Maybe its something for in the future.

WNx Apollo: Its been a pleasure to have you here Vequal, do you have anything else to say?

WNx Vequal: Well thanks for giving me the opportunity to show myself to the nation and I hope everybody will decide to switch towards Call Of Duty 2!

WNx Apollo: Before we go, I wanted to ask if you have any hobbies or anything else you like to do for fun?

WNx Vequal: Soccer is my biggest hobby, watching and playing.

WNx Apollo: Yea I enjoy soccer too here, you can call it football here man, forget the haters.

WNx Vequal: hahaha cool, soccer sounds weird.

WNx Apollo: Hahah I knew you meant to say football.

WNx Vequal: You never know when you can say football and when you have to say soccer. Football sounds better, in Dutch its voetbal so that makes more sense.

WNx Apollo: Well Vequal lets wrap this up. Thanks for being here, the nation loves you .

WNx Vequal: Thanks for the opportunity Apollo.

WNx Apollo: Alright no problem, thanks for your time.

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United States WNxZeus
07-19-2012, 12:29 PM
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His first Interview, please enjoy the read.

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United States WNxMarcizio14
07-20-2012, 12:15 PM
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Not bad Apollo! I enjoyed it! +Rep for you!

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Ireland WNxGh0sTxSnIpeS
07-30-2012, 01:55 PM
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I want an interview!! just kidding lol. pretty good

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Warrior Nation
08-09-2012, 07:09 AM
Nice first interview man !

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