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United States WNxBlue2095
06-21-2015, 01:07 PM
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Elder Scrolls Online Pre-Game Interview

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ESO Pre-Game Interview with WNxM3

Table of Questions
WNxBlue2095: Greetings! This is the Warrior Nation Pre-Game Interview of WNxM3 for the Elder Scrolls Online releasing for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One!

WNxBlue2095: Introduce yourself, M3.

WNxM3: Hey Blue, at first thank you for interviewing me! My name is WNxM3, and I have been a part of Warrior Nation for almost 9 years, primarily in the C&C Renegade section.

WNxBlue2095: Nine years, that’s incredible!

WNxM3: My real name is Mark, and I live in the Netherlands. I am 25 years old, and in real life I am a business consultant.

WNxBlue2095: What city do you live in?

WNxM3: Well it is just a small town called Bergambacht, but it is close to the city of Rotterdam. That should sound familiar to you. :)

WNxBlue2095: Splendid! Now for the questions…

WNxBlue2095: Where did you hear about ESO for consoles?

WNxM3: Phew, that is quite some time ago. Let me see.... The Elder Scrolls games have always interested me - I have been playing Morrowind, and Skyrim a lot. One day I read about an online version of the Elder Scrolls on the official Elder Scrolls forums.

WNxBlue2095: Great!

WNxBlue2095: What are you most excited for in ESO?

WNxM3: This really got me excited, and I guess that they announced straight away that the game would be available on the PC, and consoles. I'm not too sure about that... The game is big, or better - it is huge. There are so many ways to go in the Elder Scrolls games that it will fascinate you every time you start a new character. Any decision you make can turn the game into another direction. A completely other direction than you used to go to with your other character. That's not the only thing. The Elder Scrolls doesn't only focus on fighting beasts, factions, or other people. You also have the opportunity to buy a house, or to build a house yourself. To get married, and to have children. There is such a big variation of things you can do in this game. That really is the key to success in my opinion.

WNxBlue2095: That sounds marvelous!

WNxBlue2095: Which Alliance in ESO is the most interesting to you?

WNxM3: That would be the Aldmeri Dominion. Just because I love the elves. The clothing, the way they act... it is all so grand. They really are a proud bunch of people, and I like that. You also have the Khajiit, the cat likes. They are a nice ally to the elves in the Elder Scrolls Online.

WNxBlue2095: I've heard that the Elves are talented in Stealth and Magic. Is that correct?

WNxM3: They say the elves can do magic tricks, before they are able to walk as a baby. Magic really is their best ability. There are also elves who are good in using bows, we really should not underestimate them.

WNxBlue2095: Speaking of magic and stealth, what class do you plan on playing in ESO? (Dragonknight, Templar, Sorcerer, or Nightblade)

WNxM3: I will probably be a Nightblade. It is the assassin class in the Elder Scrolls. I love the way you can use the advantages of shadow, and night to perform sudden attacks. That deals a lot of damage from stealth.

WNxBlue2095: That's great!

WNxBlue2095: Elder Scrolls Online has received several updates in the console release. One of them is the justice system.

WNxBlue2095: What is your opinion on that?

WNxM3: I like it a lot. Just for everyone's information: The justice system allows players to pursue a life of crime. This means that NPCs and their homes will be loaded with valuables that players can steal. Being a Nightblade assassin really benefits you in stealing stuff. I will probably try and attack the justice system many times. :)

WNxBlue2095: Sounds like it will be quite the fun experience! Another update in ESO is the Adventure Zone in Craglorn. Adventure Zones are veteran areas where events like 12-player trials can occur.

WNxBlue2095: What is your opinion on the Adventure Zone?

WNxM3: I think it's good that they added adventure zones to the game, especially for high veteran levels. It is just another challenge for people to take, while they might already have beaten the game. Having all these different adventure zones, and area battles are a nice addition to the game.

WNxBlue2095: That’s great!

WNxBlue2095: Now for those who do not know, ESO takes place during a major alliance war. Where three sparring alliances compete for the Ruby Throne. These alliances include: The Daggerfall Covenant, the Alder Dominion, and the Ebonheart Pact. In this major war, players will be engulfed in massive conflicts supporting hundreds of players at a time. Players will also utilize powerful siege weapons, and fortresses to attack, and control valuable resources across Tamriel.

WNxBlue2095: M3, what is your opinion of the grand scale of PvP incorporated within ESO?

WNxM3: It is excellent in my opinion. At first I love the way how three different factions will be fighting each other in a particular area. While two factions are focusing on fighting each other, the third one might get away with the throne. You really have to use good strategies in order to win the PVP battles. Using siege weapons and fortresses to attack, or control certain areas is also another nice addition which I like pretty much. It gives yet another dimension to PVP battles, not just the usual sword or magic fights.

WNxBlue2095: That’s awesome!

WNxBlue2095: Another feature in ESO is the Champion Points System. This allows players to customize, and choose skills during veteran leveling.

WNxBlue2095: What is your opinion on this level system?

WNxM3: I think it’s good that they added champion points to the game in update 1.6. Before this feature was implemented, you didn't really have any purpose to level any longer once you reached level 50. Now that you are able to earn champion points, once you hit level 50, you will have yet another reward on continuing to play the game.

WNxBlue2095: That’s fantastic!

WNxBlue2095: Another feature in ESO will be that players can become Emperor. In order to become an Emperor, the player must be #1 in their alliance. Their alliance must also control six strategic keeps in Cyrodiil. Emperors gain superb abilities in the battlefield, and are given incredible powers.

WNxBlue2095: What is your opinion about Emperors?

WNxM3: Well at first it is quite difficult to become an Emperor. In the PVP area, your faction will have to capture all those keeps. Once you do, your faction will be extremely rewarded. The emperor receives a special skill line, armor set, and ultimate powers. Other players around you also benefit from your bonuses. So it is very hard for people to achieve the emperor status, but it is also very rewarding. Once you do have an emperor around you, or you become one yourself, you will have to use the advantages to keep the six keeps and, to beat the other alliances. I pretty much like this feature. :)

WNxBlue2095: Do you plan on becoming Emperor when ESO releases?

WNxM3: I would be happy to become an Emperor some day, but I prefer helping other people out to achieve this status at first. - It is on my bucket list, but it is not one of my first goals in the game.

WNxBlue2095: In ESO, crafting has been revamped. New recipes, and ingredients have been added to boost the economy. What are your opinions on the revamp?

WNxM3: Well since I haven't played the Elder Scrolls Online yet - it has only been released on the PC for now, I don't have any experience in crafting the old way. But from what I heard, they increased the ingredients, the recipes, and the functionality of the recipes. I have only heard positive comments from other players on the forums, which is in my opinion a good sign. So I'm in favor of the crafting revamp. I still have to experience it all myself.

WNxBlue2095: Alright. That will conclude our interview. Although ESO has many more features than what we have discussed. Thank you for your time.

WNxM3: Thank you too, I enjoyed doing this interview with you.

WNxBlue2095: See you in Tamriel!

WNxM3: Meet you in battle. :)

Recorded by WNxBlue2095 using mibbit on June 6th, 2015

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06-21-2015, 03:06 PM
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Great interview on M3, Blue!

Looking forward to more in the future!

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06-21-2015, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by WNxJurafalle View Post
Great interview on M3, Blue!

Looking forward to more in the future!

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06-22-2015, 05:03 AM
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Nice read!

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07-30-2015, 04:38 PM
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I just noticed that I didn't comment in the official publishing forums yet.

Thanks for doing the interview Blue!
You made it a nice one

WNxGorbi: M3: i love you, always forever *sings*
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