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06-08-2012, 07:51 PM
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CJ News
Promotional Interview - WNxQuex by WNxBattleSmurf
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Real Name: Rick
Age: 18
Birthday: May 11, 1994
Join Date:January 22, 2010
Recruiter: WNx Ninja

WNxBattleSmurf: I am interviewing WNxQuex for his promotion to Major. So Quex, tell us a bit about yourself!

WNxQuex : Good day BattleSmurf, and lovely readers! My name is Rick A.K.A. Quex. I'm 18 years young and I've been in the nation for over 2 years. Hitting 3 years this next January. I live in Holland, somewhere in the east. Anything else you would like to know? You can ask me everything, except my PIN.

WNxBattleSmurf: Quite a mouth full! Nothing else for me to ask of you except, your hobbies. Do you have any?

WNxQuex : Of course I do! I spent a lot of time playing darts. I've been playing darts since 8-9
months ago and I'm doing pretty well actually. I've been invited for a competition team and I'll be playing there after the summer. I'm really excited about it. Also, I love to play games of
course. When I'm not playing darts, you can find me behind the computer.

WNxBattleSmurf: Interesting! Sounds like fun! I myself am trying to get a few computer parts
to make a computer. I have some money to get some parts soon, so hopefully some day I may
be able to join you! So what games do you play at your computer?

WNxQuex : Mostly FPS games. I'm a real FPS gamer. When I just joined Warrior Nation, I was
member of the CoD2 section. I've been there for over 2 years and then I hopped to CoD4 when
they went into Spec Ops. I rarely play any other games.

WNxBattleSmurf: I am quite a fan of the Call of Duty series myself! Unfortunatley all on console
though. (for the time being anyway!) Have you ever played Battlefield? The Battlefield series in
my opinion is a little bit better than the Call of Duty series.

WNxQuex : I've never played any Battlefield game and I probably never will. I hate it when
you're running across the map and an air plane is crashing in front of you and your screen is
flipping. I hate the chaos with all these vehicles, haha. That's why I prefer the CoD series.

WNxBattleSmurf: OK well opinions are opinions and don't matter much hahaha

WNxQuex : In my opinion, you're kinda right about that one.

WNxBattleSmurf: So anyway That's not everything about Battlefield, but again your opinion. I think the controversy over Xbox and PS3 is stupid considering a few things: 1. PC rules all 2. It's all based on personal preference!

WNxQuex : There we go, finally someone who knows the difference haha.

WNxBattleSmurf: Which is kind of redundant "I'm not taking sides, but PC is better!" Haha.

WNxQuex : Good one. Such a true story!

WNxBattleSmurf: So now down to business!

WNxQuex : Bring it!

WNxBattleSmurf: Were you expecting this promotion to Major? What was your reaction?

WNxQuex : It's quite arrogant so to say, but I kinda expect the promotion to Major.
Nevertheless, it's always a surprise what they think about you after all. I was really excited
when I saw my own name in green, but I couldn't enjoy the moment to much, because the jobs
were waiting for me. But it was a great moment!

WNxBattleSmurf: So on that note, what are your responsibilities as Major?

WNxQuex : I'd better start typing, otherwise we will be here for another 20 minutes, haha.

WNxBattleSmurf: Quite alright with me. I need to make my interviews longer haha.

WNxQuex : The Major position mainly takes control of the section. You ensure that every captain is doing their job, and you help them when they need help. Of course you make sure that every single member feels comfortable in your section. When they don't feel comfortable, you have to talk with them, play with them etc. As long as they feel happy, the section won't die. Another responsibility for a Major; Don't let the section die. Every Major has their own tactics, as do I. I want to point out the moment when we were in Spec Ops, 25 primaries, and 2 months later we 51 primaries which is a huge increase. Everything that the BO/RO/MP does, are your responsibilities as well.

WNxBattleSmurf: So you are their leader and without you, the section pretty much wouldn't

WNxQuex : We'll never know man. We'll never know and hopefully we'll never find out. It's so sad
when you're losing a section.

WNxBattleSmurf: Yes! One of Console's COD game sections is closing soon. I wasn't a part of it,
but being a cod player, and a WN member, it kinda saddens someone. So are you enjoying the position yet? Any obstacles you have had to overcome yet?

WNxQuex : Of course I'm enjoying my postion! It's probably the best position you can ever
have! Unless you're messing up and let your section die. Rough times. So far no obstacles, of
course, we have an issue now and then, but easy fixable issues. As long as we stay strong as
a team, the CoD4 captains and her members, we can survive every obstacle

WNxBattleSmurf: Very true! So tell me, what are your aspirations in WNx? Any awards you plan
to receive, or any other jobs?

WNxQuex : In my opinion, you don't plan to receive awards. You earn them. If you're working
for a medal or an award, you're doing something wrong. You should do it because you like the
community, and that's what I am doing, the best for the community. Medals and awards are
like 'thank you's' for your hard work. They appreciate your work. Just my opinion. The job
for now is focusing on the up coming RollCall. Hopefully we can manage to increase our
previous RollCall numbers with 2/3 extra primaries. I don't mind if we lose some, because it's still
the exam period which is a rough time for whole Warrior Nation. Nevertheless, I think we will
increase our previous RC numbers.

WNxBattleSmurf: Very well said. I agree that they are essentially "thank-you's".

WNxQuex : Excuse me, I had no other idea as to how to describe it. haha.

WNxBattleSmurf: So for our conclusion, is there anyone you'd like to give a shout out to?

WNxQuex : Okay, let's start another HUGE list. Here we go.

WNxBattleSmurf: Haha go for it!

WNxQuex : Sorry guys, if you're 1st, 2nd, 3rd or whatever, I love you all of you haha. First off, Sol1ce and madglide. They've helped me a lot during the Spec Ops period. Gave me a lot of advice and they still do. Thank you both for it! Also a shout-out to my Captain buddies! You guys are doing great, keep it up! Pixz: I miss you mayne, you and me, owning at CoD2, but hopefully we can pwn bitches at CoD4 again! Exile, my buttbuddy. The person I can laugh with and discuss with about the most lovely things. Damn.. who else.. Let's see.. I really have to stop the list.. It's kinda getting long. For those I forgot, I love you too xD haha. It's almost 1 o'clock in the morning and my brain is fooling with me right now! And a little shout-out and a kiss to BattleSmurf for this interview

WNxBattleSmurf: Hahah thank you, and thank you also for taking these late hours to do this Interview. Congrats on the promo! I will see you around fellow interviewer.

WNxQuex : No problem, anything for a fellow interviewer. Thanks again, BattleSmurf, and have a great night 'Q

WNxBattleSmurf: You too!

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United States WNxZeus
06-08-2012, 07:55 PM
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A AWESOME interview by Battle! Give this man some rep!

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XBOX One: WNxZeus
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United States WNxAlphaStrike
06-08-2012, 08:15 PM
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Much appreciated tehehehehe I enjoyed this one much. Gotta find out who to interview next.

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06-09-2012, 04:55 AM
Good interview Battle! [+Rep]

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06-09-2012, 07:01 AM
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+(REP) :D
good interview from both congrats to you Quek on the Major promo

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06-09-2012, 09:41 AM
Great interview! Really enjoyed reading it. +rep to you

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Germany WNxpixz
06-09-2012, 12:49 PM
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Good stuff man and thx for the shoutout Rick <3

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United States WNxAlphaStrike
06-09-2012, 03:11 PM
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Man, who knew I'd actually do well in CW. I have alot of fun! I recommend CW to anyone interested. Great group of people, and a lot of fun.

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06-15-2012, 09:51 PM
Great interview, +Rep

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06-17-2012, 08:58 AM
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Nice interview, once again battle!
I like your style!


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