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Netherlands WNxQuex
06-07-2012, 03:10 AM
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CJ News
Award Interview - WNxDefeater by WNxQuex

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Pewpew <33

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Name: Willem Roelofs
Age: 18
Country: The Netherlands
Primary: Call of Duty 2 (EU)
Joined WN: 01-14-2012

WNxQuex: Hello everyone and a very good midday to you, Defeater. How are you doing?

WNxDefeater: Hey Quex, I'm fine thanks how about you?

WNxQuex: Doing fine as well, just came back from school. Skipped the homework and went straight to the interview seats .

WNxDefeater: Right, that's great except for that skipping homework part D:

WNxQuex: Haha, I'm being a naughty boy and so are you I know, but the rest of the Nation doesn't know. Can you please introduce yourself towards the Nation? For example your name, age, school, games etc?

WNxDefeater: Derp... well to begin with my real name is “Willem Roelofs” and I'm from The Netherlands, I'm at an age of 18 and I'm currently following a IT education, and uhm.. mostly I'm a MMO addict.

WNxQuex: An MMO addict? That's weird. You are primary at an FPS genre and you've been awarded there with an MotM award. Explain yourself.

WNxDefeater: Don't get me wrong sir, I'm always up for a shooter as I play many random games, it's just that I play many MMO's and so can call myself an MMO addict x)

Moms *sigh*
WNxQuex: Excuse me for the waiting, Defeater! My mom asked me to help her to move the grocery. Let's continue!

WNxDefeater: Ah.. no problem, it's fine

WNxQuex: Playing only FPS games will get boring if you play too much, I agree. MMO's are fun to play too . So, you earned the Member of the Month a couple of months ago. What work was involved?

WNxDefeater: Well what I did was staying active on the forums, teamspeak and obviously in-game, and I tried to improve WNx with some suggestions, I guess that made me MoTM.

WNxQuex: For short: Being a great example towards the Nation. You were acting like a real gentleman! How did you feel after receiving this award?

WNxDefeater: I felt really proud, you know that feeling when you are trying to achieve something and you actually did achieve it, well that was the feeling I got on that moment.

WNxQuex: It's a great feeling! Planning more achievements in the future or do you want to take it easy on these achievements?

WNxDefeater: I will most certainly try to reach higher achievements in WNx, I'm just having a little vacation right now xD

WNxQuex: Haha, we all need vacations now and then . Will you stay at CoD2 to achieve these achievements or are you planning to join other sections, because I know you from the Call of Duty 2 section and you were really important there. It would be sad if they lose you there. What are your thoughts about that?

WNxDefeater: For now I don't really have plans on joining an another section, so I guess, yeah I will stay at the CoD2 section when I will achieve those achievements, and it always feels good to be wanted, doesn't it ?

WNxQuex: Can't agree with you more, Defeater. Like always . What about joining the Interview Crew? You can get some awesome achievements there as well . Or aren't the achievement of yours not on the list at Creative Works?

WNxDefeater: Perhaps they are, I'm not very sure yet.

WNxQuex: The Member of the Month is certainly a special award as an achievement, congratulations once again!

WNxQuex: I really want to play a word-game. Interested?

WNxDefeater: And once again thank you, and uhm sure why not? xD

WNxQuex: OK. I mention a name and you describe them in only 1 word. Are you ready?

WNxDefeater: Right, I'm ready.

WNxQuex: Of course you are, haha! Let's start with: WNxPattatj.

WNxDefeater: Care-taker.

WNxQuex: Haha, nice call. Up next is: WNxJiggles

WNxDefeater: Belgium, do I need to say more?

WNxQuex: That's pretty clear, as he's THE Belgium boy. How about WNxSol1ce?

WNxDefeater: Cookies.

WNxQuex: Cookies, seems legit. WNxiSuez, the one we met?

WNxDefeater: Derp... just “derp”

WNxQuex: Haha, you describe people in an interesting way, sir. We are ending this game and I would like to ask you this: When will we meet again in real life?

WNxDefeater: Pretty much whenever we want I guess, but sure shortly

WNxQuex: Cool, I really hope we can do a meeting again. This time more beer ! Do you have any shout-outs to the members or whoever or whatever?

WNxDefeater: Uhm... stand by what you believe in, even if you stand alone, everyone can reach their achievements, just look at Quex. hehe...

WNxQuex: hahaha, that's mean .. and nice at the same time, haha. Thank you for your time, Defeater! I hope you enjoyed it and to my readers; See you next time!

WNxDefeater: You're welcome mate

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United States WNxZeus
06-07-2012, 08:34 PM
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A other awesome interview by the Interview Crew. We are taking on more Interviewers, so apply if you wish! (Check the CD)

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United States WNxNapolean
06-07-2012, 10:23 PM
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Great interview Quex! Good work.

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Warrior Nation
06-07-2012, 10:59 PM
Cheers mate it was fun getting interviewed by you.

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Netherlands WNxXepoz
06-09-2012, 02:45 PM
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Nice read!!

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