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Spain WNxGraslu
04-30-2020, 05:32 PM
Local Time: 11:35 AM
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WNxGES server is shutting down
Hello everyone! Or whoever still checks this:

Today after 11 years, the ges-stats had to be shut down due to being outdated and the provider no longer offering support or tools for it - it was a security and privacy concern to maintain it up and running.

This means the WNxGES Server, Chicago's Fun Box, will be shut down temporarily until I find a more economical provider and to reorganize the server itself. Since the stats was linked to admin boards, none of us have access to it in-game and all bans are lifted, which leads me to shut it down for a bit until I can have everything back up properly. I've done a full backup of the server, and BadPlayer also has a full backup of ges-stats, so nothing is truly lost.

Thank you everyone for playing on our servers all this time, and of course WNx.
For the old times, I'll probably be hosting a Fun Night before the server is finally shut down, so any of you reading this is welcome!

If you want to read more in a thread I made on Twitter, I've also added some fun facts about our server, you can check it out here -

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France WNxVyal
05-24-2020, 03:36 PM
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11 years is a long time, I may be the only person left here who joined before the GES-stats were a thing during Beta 3.0.

What's even bigger is knowing the WNx Servers have not been shut down completely, ever - if my memory is good - in its 15 years of existence. Especially because we had three at some point.

Obviously this is big, especially in a time where GES has never been so inactive and when WNx is nothing but a memory and our server has never had so little activity.

It is important to note the hard work of our staff for over a decade around the server AND the community: BadPlayer, Euphonic, Graslu; but also those who definitely were key members in the early days of the section: LithiumLT, CJL, ...
But also the amazing players who've come through the server: Sauron, UnknownPain, Nalle, BigBird and Graslu.

As Graslu said, nothing is truly lost but it is still a big event.

I've enjoyed the Fun Night which lasted for quite a while.

Graslu's stream from last night can be found here:

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United Kingdom WNxHooka
06-08-2020, 07:47 AM
Local Time: 10:35 AM
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