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Welcome! [New Members, Read Me!]
Welcome to Warrior Nation!

From all of us, we'd like to welcome you to Warrior Nation! I encourage you to check out our Xbox Live Gamertag thread, add our members to your friends list and post yours so we can ensure our list stays up-to-date.

After all that is done, now is a good time to browse our forums!

Warrior Nation supports discussing various topics, such as;

>General Chatter
>General Gaming (non-Xbox related)
>Politics and real-world issues
>Tech support

Interested in getting your own signature or avatar? Head on over to our Graphics Outpost and put in a request!

Lastly, be sure to follow us on Twitter to ensure you stay up to date on all the latest gaming and WN-centric news and events!


You'll hear various WN members refer to ourselves as a community rather than a clan or guild. You might be wondering why that is or what the difference is.

Warrior Nation Xbox is a group of gamers that focus on a platform, not a single game. We aim to build a community within the Xbox One gaming community that puts the focus on playing with like-minded, mature gamers.

We're building our community with every gamer in mind. From the gamer that never gets off their Xbox to those that only play a few hours a week. The idea is Warrior Nation Xbox is that gamers can come together, stop wasting time LFG and be welcomed with open arms, regardless of how 'hardcore' they are, what they sound or look like, where they are from.

We're here to build a relationship with our fellow gamers, relationships that will hopefully last a life time. Many of our members have been part of Warrior Nation for two-five-ten years and more, we're happy to have you along on this journey - we're all in this together and we can't do it alone.

Discord Server

Warrior Nation Xbox has it's very own Discord server which can be accessed here.

What is Discord?
Discord is a voice and text chat software that is designed with gamers in mind! Discord is supported by both PC and Mac as well as iOS and Android. Chat with your community members, plan game nights and more.

Simply put, Discord is another way for us to continue to grow our community of gamers and build even stronger relationships.

What Games Do We Play?

You name it, we play it! From Gears to Halo and Fallout, Call of Duty, Battlefield and more! Our section is focused on the Xbox Platform! Looking for members that play the same game as you? Make a thread, ask in Discord - I am confident that any game you own, someone else does in Warrior Nation!

Community Game Nights

Every Tuesday at 10:00 PM EST we host a community game night with a random game! Some times it'll be Rocket League, other nights, Halo and Gears of War!


Why do some members have unique tags or ranks above their posts?

As you know from above, we're trying to build a community of gamers and with that, forum moderation and community decisions need to be made. Those with tags have those abilities, however, whenever community based ideas are being discussed, the community as a whole is involved.

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