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United States WNxSajuukCor
06-03-2016, 12:25 PM
Local Time: 01:44 PM
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Playing Overwatch I've been rather salty lately. Been getting rather bad teams lately where no one groups up for objectives and chase for low quality kills. Been getting sniped thanks to the 20Hz refresh on game data where on my screen I'm behind a wall, or unable to make simple hits or snipes myself.

I find myself getting frustrated easily. I'm very hard on myself because I know I'm better gamer than what shows. When enemy Mcgrees Fan the Hammer it feels like all headshots, yet when I do it I might as well be shooting behind me. Enemy Pharahs have heat seeking rockets, while I'm having guidance issues. Am I just having problems adjusting to the 20Hz server updates? And is there anything less than xanax that can control my anxiety and frustration when playing?

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United States WNxAwp666
06-03-2016, 03:44 PM
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Solo queue is the fastest way to get the salt really flowing imo. Playing with a group of 3-6 people is way better and it lessens the chances you get paired with bad people. We are always on Discord looking for people to play with, you should join up and join us. as for the 20 tick yeah it sucks but there is only been a few instances where I know for sure I was behind the wall and still died.

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United States WNxSwitchBlade
06-03-2016, 04:00 PM
Local Time: 12:44 PM
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20 tick sucks. Period. Coming from a competitive Counter Strike background, I can't stand the tick rate in Overwatch (especially when Widowmaker is my second most played character). So many times it feels like I've hit the shot (or gotten out of the way of one) and the next thing I know is that I'm dead. It's hard to get used to 20 tick after playing 64/128 for over a decade now.

As far as the solo queue stuff, I guess it's like that in every objective based game (LoL, HOTS etc). I also think a lot of Overwatch players are coming from other Blizzard games and have never played an FPS before, which adds to the "why does everyone on my team suck" feeling.

The best fix is to play in a group of at least 4 people so you have the majority on your side. As Awp mentioned, a lot of us are on Discord throughout the day and are always looking for more people to add to the party. Just shoot us a message and we'll send you an invite.

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United States WNxFireWraith
06-03-2016, 04:55 PM
Local Time: 10:44 AM
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Swap to Mei for a little bit, be the bringer of tears instead of the recipient. Works for me. With the added perk that you don't even have to aim.

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