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Accepting Applicants
Now accepting Game Champion applications!
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Preferably not dead.

We are currently looking for Game Champions for your section. Game Champions are the primary leadership ranks in new (Development) sections and they work with their section and supports to get a section to the point where it can be released from Development. Each section can have 2-7 Game Champions and will be effectively competing for the Major and Captain ranks when the section is released.

Do you have what it takes?
Game Champion is not the easiest rank and it requires a certain amount of time and dedication to the section if you want to make it work. You must have basic leadership qualities and be an upstanding member of the section if you wish to be an effective Game Champ.

You must be able to:
  • Dedicate a reasonable amount of time to your section; both on the forum and in game.
  • Work well in a team.
  • Be mature, polite, friendly and helpful.
  • Be willing to learn a lot about leading a section in WN if you have not done it before.
Game Champion Duties
Game Champions CANNOT:
  • Approve new accounts.
  • Unilaterally make new policies and decisions that will affect your section.
Game Champions MUST:
  • Ensure that all new recruits receive basic WN knowledge.
  • Induct all new members into your section properly by bringing them to events to meet new members and by involving them in all new activities.
  • Remain active both in game and on the forums.
If you think that GC is a rank you'd be interested in - then APPLY HERE! Be sure to put plenty of detail, although I'm not expecting an essay! Let me know who you are, what you're good at and what you have to offer the section as a leader.

Any questions you may have about the rank can be answered by your Development support, so ask them!

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