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Recruiting guide
Recruitment information and tips

Recruiting is very important to the section. It brings in new people, not only to replace the people who have gone inactive or who have left, but also to gain new friends we can game with. Everyone (that includes you) is strongly encouraged to recruit, because the more people recruit, the more friends we have and the healthier the section is.

Scouting for recruits

A good place to start looking is of course our servers. When you play frequently on our servers you will start to recognize regular names who might be a worthy addition. Sometimes people will approach you about joining our clan when they see you playing. A handy tool is also the GE:S Stats, you look into potential recruits, or look at the most active members if someone is suitable. You can check the last time they played, the total time they've played, and importantly, their chat log.

There are of course a few things you should be looking for in a recruit. A very important thing is maturity. We obviously don't want to bring in people that whine all the time, insult people or rage at every single thing. The GE:S Stats chat log is handy for checking these things. If you see a lot of insults thrown around in the log, the person probably won't be accepted. If the recruit is friendly and easygoing, it's a good sign.

Dedication to the game is also something that needs to be looked at. Have they been playing GE:S for a while, or is it their first game? Do they play often? If they have played for a some time, that means they will probably stick around. If their activity in-game is good too, that's another good sign. It won't happen often that someone gets declined based on this, though, as long as they at least play it fairly regularly and have a few hours under their belt, it should be good enough. People who have just installed GE:S yesterday should be handled with care, usually you should tell them to stick around for a little while longer, so they may join later on.

Skill isn't the most important thing, though it's still something to bear in mind a little. If someone doesn't know much about the in-game mechanics, feel free to explain them. They must be willing to learn a little, so they won't be a newbie forever. It doesn't really matter how many kills they get in-game, as long as they're enjoying the game. It's the having fun and playing together that counts, after all.

Lastly, you need to check the legal stuff. You have to find out if they are over 13 years of age. This should be asked when you contact them or when they contact you.

Approaching the person

When you've checked out someone, and you think they're suitable for the section, it's time to bring them in. A good way of doing that is adding them on Steam. If you're already having a conversation in-game, you could also slip in the question there, but you will be talking to each other on Steam afterward anyway. Don't stress or rush anything, let them think about it if they need to. You can also explain what we can offer, especially when the person isn't entirely convinced. Mention that we're the biggest and oldest clan in GE:S, that we have weekly gamenights, and that we have a relaxed environment with lots of friendly people. This might not be necessary if the person asked you if they could join, but you're free to explain the workings of our clan and section.

Some chit-chat is of course recommended; we're bringing a new friend in, not a pretty name on our roster. Talk about real life, GE:S itself, maybe other games you have in common or ask why they are interested in our clan. It's very important to form a bond with your recruit, otherwise they will feel disconnected.

Getting them in

Once they've accepted, it's time for the formal work. Give them a link to our website if they don't know it, and tell them to click on the "Join" button at the top. Tell the recruit to read through everything and fill in the form. Make sure they put WNx in front of their name, they put GoldenEye: Source as their primary game, and they put your name as the recruiter. After they've registered, make sure they have received the confirmation email and verified their account with it.

Next, you should send a PM to Graslu, telling him you have a new recruit. Include their GE:S stats profile in the PM. The account will usually be approved within 24 hours. After the recruit has been approved, they are a full-fledged member of our GE:S section. A welcome thread will then be posted in our forum. Tell the recruit to check that thread out, so they won't miss important information. Lastly, invite them to our private Steam group.


When you've brought in a recruit, you will not only have gained a friend, but you have also helped make the section stronger. You will receive the gratitude from the officers and section members alike. If you have a few recruits under your belt, your chances of being promoted are also higher. Of course, keeping them here is as important as getting them in, so be sure to keep in touch with them. Talk to them regularly, ask how they feel and if they enjoy it here. After all, they're your friend; if you just dump them into our section and leave them alone, they will feel disconnected. Also keep in mind that if you have any questions about recruiting, you are free to ask an officer. We'll be more than glad to help you.

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