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Primary: Overwatch
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Secondary: Warframe
Australia WNxBlackCoffee
07-05-2016, 04:20 AM
Local Time: 12:51 AM
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Planning to join this as Primary.

My primary game was Warframe and I am planning to switch over to...Overwatch.
I got this game literally a week ago and I learned the ropes relatively fast and seem to play quite well and become relatively average in the game. I am hoping to play competitively but sadly, I can't do that until I learned more about the game and make my skills refined and hit level 50.

I play as the "Annnoying" Heroes which means, Tracer, Mei, Junkrat, err...and a some others.
I am a Jack-of-all-Trades, I can tank, attack, defend and support.

The heroes I mainly play is Tracer if my mood is about right but if its not, then I just play something easier like Mei, Soldier, Reaper or Pharah etc.

I will listen and I do play to win and of course I will make mistakes and become inconsistent. Most of the matches I play are Quick-Play so its quite inconsistent as I could get grouped with a good, the worst or go against a team that's just generally better.

I got the game a week ago and I am quite average and learned most of the ropes and some of the tricks but not most of each. I can play multiple heroes and know their roles and I hoped to play in a group to improve and get better.

So...I am looking forward to playing with you all (hopefully). Not sure if I did this right though...

Two - Three Teaspoons and a Hot Boiling Water
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Warrior Nation
United States WNxAzia
07-06-2016, 08:52 AM
Local Time: 10:51 AM
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Hiyas there and yup you did it right.
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Primary: Overwatch
Warrior Nation
Vatican City State WNxErcasam
07-06-2016, 02:24 PM
Local Time: 07:51 AM
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I played Warframe as my primary a while back too

Welcome to the section

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