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05-27-2016, 12:35 PM
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Battle Of The Gods
Battle Of The Gods

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Welcome to the first ever Battle of the GODS!

This is a four month long competition being held in the world of Tree of Savior. We will test your skills, strengths, and loyalty towards WN!
It is a four month long competition that will be awarded with a prize beyond imagination!


The prizes will consist of point issued to each member who participates!
This allows you to move up one rank, from your previous rank, you can rank up to a maximum of Teutonic Knight. We will announce prizes when it is applicable at that during time. Prizes are subjected to change on market prizes. During the competition we will announce in a separate thread of what they will be during that month.

Most prizes will feature a ava/sig set, tournament medals, and +rep from members. Also other RARE prizes.


First Game- (Loyalty): Recruiting Competition, meaning you will show your loyalty by recruiting quality members. This means making sure they know the aspects of Warrior Nation, and that they our rules, once again showing that you have nothing but loyalty towards us!
New members by end of month must have at least 10 post. In which case their newbie tag will be gone.

We will keep track of every new recruit and each successful recruit will count as +1 Battle Of God Points. Each Unsuccessful will count as -1 Battle of the Gods Point. Unsuccessful recruit is one that leaves the nation/inactive during the game. Once again the competition winner will get more points than regulated.

Second Game- (Skill): In this competition you will demonstrate the skills you have!
You will be going against a friendly battle from someone in the section, you will show Leadership, take Ownership and show how much you've grown in numbers over the assigned person your suppose to challenge as of Points will be the game of SKILL. This game will take place in Tournament Center. You and the other person will receive Private Message in TOS and in the forums telling you when to start the Game in Tournament Center.

Third Game- (Strength): You must demonstrate your ability to fight in this competition, during the next month you will have to battle different world BOSSES, and maintain a report pmed to the leaders or posted in your individual forum on how the battle was and the records of it!
For it to count the boss you are battling's must be atleast 5 levels below you.
For each battle you win you will receive +1 Battle of the gods Point! For each battle you lose you will lose -1 Battle of the gods point! Competition winners will receive more points.

Fourth Game- (Knowledge): Well the 4th and final step of the great battle of the gods games will test your knowledge in Trivia, lasting 2 weeks! You will be asked questions on WN, TOS, and Greek Mythology!
So you better get studying, but only the top Battle of the gods of the games may compete in this final challenge. This will not count as points but as rather face offs for trivia. The final winner of this competition alone will be crowned the King/Queen of the gods!


June 1st Loyalty

July 1st Skill

August 1st Strength

September 1st Knowledge

November 1st Conclusion and prize handouts

So let the games Begin!!!


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