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09-29-2016, 06:04 AM
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Event Suggestions
After seeing the past few events, I would like to make suggestions of my own. They may have been done in the past and forgive my ignorance if so, but I think the following events could be viable:

1). Harasser Races

This one is my favorite idea because Harassers are fast and they come equipped with a turbo, allowing them to cover land, and thus potentially make closed circuit courses possible. Also we could also race through enemy territory thanks to our speed.

2). Flash Races

Similar to the one above, I think Flash Races would also make a great option, especially for races in certain Biolabs, Tech Plants, and most Amp Stations. I would certainly love to see this type of race take place! They are small and agile, which makes them perfect for this kind of event.

3). Base Wars

This would involve two teams building the best base they can and fighting out to kill off the other. This should do well on low pop continents, though I can't say elsewhere. This would certainly test our cohesion.

4). Stunt/Daredevil Flying

A wacky but interesting idea involving us flying aircraft through areas that would be otherwise dangerous and done if absolutely necessary, like flying through trees, or mountain ravines. This would definitely put out aircraft training to the test and help improve our flying in the battlefield.

5). Continent Duels

This one would involve two teams capturing bases, We would start at a pair that can be captured by either faction of our choosing, and we would see how well our offense/defense is. This would be great for territory training. That said, Point Training Night might already cover this.

The five event ideas above I think would be a good start to add some additional variety to the events. Of course the event we already have are great as well, but I would certainly love to see the above 5 in the schedule, since they could change things up a bit from the routine!

Let me know if these are viable and why not if so.

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09-29-2016, 07:08 AM
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Thanks for the ideas Tiberian! The base wars would be a neat twist on our sparring nights, though in that case I feel like the test server would be more suited so we could unlock all the items (plus the test server has all the cool new stuff).

I love the flying one too, every now and again I like to practice doing that kind of thing in VR.

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