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Illusionaries, Intro/Part 1
Let's see who still comes here lol. This is a new story I've been working on lately.

* * *

Grace opened the door to her rooftop bedroom and flicked on the power for the lights. Two lamps in the corners lit up and illuminated the dusky room. The light from outside couldn't reach through her slanted window at this time of day. She sidestepped the clothes strewn about the floor and threw her backpack on her bed. Another long day at school was finally behind her and she could relax.

She sat at her desk, picked up her remote and turned on a small television in the far corner. Once the image came on her relaxing feeling disappeared. She forgot she was watching a news channel the previous night. The news anchor was talking about that Swedish girl again. Today it was about her time spent talking to various dignitaries of the world, even the United States president. Must be easier to talk to everyone after the Gift she thought.

Grace sighed and looked out the window. The cold day was descending on Oklahoma and the trees were changing color. The world seemed such a different place now. She longed for the warm weather and the simpler times back in spring, before this one girl changed everything.

“It's her again,” a voice said in the room.

“Yeah I know,” Grace replied. “The news people can't get enough of her.”

“Do you blame them?” it asked. “She and her partner are making the world a better place.”

“I guess you can say that.” She removed her shoes and stretched her legs. “But that doesn't mean the bad people will just disappear.”

A dark hooded figured appeared from the shadows. “She could remove them. You could remove them.”

She took off her jacket and over-shirt and threw them next to the dark figure. “I don't think I could do that. It's one thing to endow everyone the understanding of all languages, it's another to judge and kill people just because one thinks they're bad.”

“Interesting.” The figure looked at the television, then back at Grace. “She uses her power on her own. I give you all this power and yet you don't use it.”

Grace pointed at the figure. “I didn't ask for this. You chose me, remember?” She pointed at the screen. “And it chose her.”

“There was no specifics in the choosing of hosts. They were random.”

She folded her arms. “Sure, okay. Keep saying that.”

The figure moved silently across the room next to Grace. “According to my observations, if my host was anyone else they would have done sweeping changes to this world.”

She scoffed. “Thank god you're not a politician.”

“Why won't you take advantage of what you have?”

“Because of her,” she said forcefully. “She and her partner are reasons enough. She may be doing good for now, but you and I know there's more to that, and I don't want to broadcast that I'm the one she'll be looking for. I've dealt with you for months now and I figured out that much.”

The figure moved away back into the shadowy corner. Grace stood up and started to change into more comfortable clothes as the news reporter prattled on about the world leaders. Each leader spouted their support for the girl in white, pledging their assistance to world peace with their new Gift. Grace knew better. The dark figure Anino and it's other half were here for other reasons. And she will not play as a pawn in their games.

* * *

A phone alarm started ringing on a dresser. Grace reached over to shut it off and begrudgingly rolled out of bed. Another day of school she thought as she walked through her morning routine. She laid out her clothes for the day, went and took a shower, got dressed, gathered up her school essentials and phone, and went downstairs for breakfast.

The sunlight started to creep up over the horizon outside as she sat down with a bowl of cereal and milk. Her parents were already out for their day jobs so she had to fend for herself this morning.

After pouring the cereal and orange juice she sat down at the kitchen table and turned on the nearby television.

This morning the channel was on another news channel covering the Swedish girl. Grace rolled her eyes and figured to leave it on. It was a live broadcast of her being interviewed out in public in some sort of park.

“That seems like a big job to fill, Senna,” the interviewer said.

“It does, but it's a worthy one,” said Senna.

“What do you say about those who say that you've become and angel to them, or even a god?”

She smiled and shook her head. “I'm no god. I want to change the world for the better, but I'm just another person like everyone else. I was just chosen to fulfill the duties to make the change happen.”

“Would you say then you were chosen by god?”

“No, no I wouldn't say that. I'm here to make things better.”

“You certainly started that with the Gift. I didn't even know Swedish until a few weeks ago thanks to you,” the interviewer chuckled.

“It's a wonderful feeling to be able to talk to every person on Earth without the barrier of language. Some languages are quite beautiful and it is nice to understand the meaning behind the words.”

“What is next for you? World peace perhaps?”

Senna smiled. “That is certainly a large prospect, but I think it could be possible.”

The news channel cut away from their live broadcast back to the studio. It seems the news anchor was caught off guard and apologized for the technical difficulties. Seems like she can't fix technology glitches, Grace thought.

Grace finished up her breakfast, turned off the television and walked out the door to school. The air was mild as she passed the first of many blocks to school. She could feel it following her always, out in the corner of her eye of a black haze. Luckily she was the only who could see Anino. Its manifestation took form of a dark figure in old medieval armor holding a large broadsword downward against its chest.

“Why do you constantly attend this institution?” it asked against the wind.

“I'm not going to change my life because you wish it,” Grace said under her breath. “Changing my daily routine would raise questions.”

“You now have the sum total knowledge and power of the human race. You could manifest any reason to modify your day to day routine.”

Grace rolled her eyes. “Yeah, because I could totally tell my parents that I've suddenly have means to do anything I want in the world.”

“What would you do with this power? You were chosen to take this mantle and won't take action. Humans are frail creatures when it comes to indecision.”

She bit her lip in frustration. “Maybe when you tell me why I was chosen, along with Senna, then I'll start doing something about it.”

Silence filled the air through the bristling trees. “You will know soon enough.”

The cell phone in Grace's pocket rattled as she reached a street corner. She took it out to find a message from her friend, Mia. “You need to take a look at this,” it read.

As she walked across the street she sent a text back. “What is it?” She asked her friend to keep tabs on Senna under the guise of a school project. Mia was good at getting information online. She was the first one to find out what Senna's background was before the press got a hold of the Gift.

Another message came through, this one with a link to a video. “Careful, this is NSFW,” it read. It peeked her interest. She pulled out small headphones and attached them to the phone and clicked on the video link. What was playing seemed to be news broadcast Senna was on earlier but from a different perspective. Looks like it was cell phone footage from someone in the nearby crowd.

“What's next for you? World peace?” the reporter asked. Senna smiled and gave her reply just like on television. The report was going into his next question when someone from the crowd pushed through the mass of people, pushed past the reporter, and ran next to Senna. He then reached inside his coat pocket and a large thunder cracked through the air. Where the man was become a large cloud of smoke as he blew himself up.

Grace couldn't believe what happened. One second he was there and the next just a crater in the ground. The camera reoriented itself and showed that both Senna and the reporter were fine, though the reporter was white as a ghost on the ground. There was no blood or blast marks on either of them. In fact the entire crowd seemed to be unhurt from the explosion.

Senna outstretched her arms over the crater. Panic was overwhelming the crowd of people, but suddenly a calm hush fell over them. Out from Senna's hands appeared the person who was standing moments before he detonated himself. He had a terrified expression on his face while Senna was composed. “Why would you do such a thing?” she asked.

The man, clearly trying to press a button in his coat again looked back and forth frantically. “Because… because you are not divine.”

“None of us are,” she replied. “I might have power to do heavenly things, but I am not a god, prophet, or messenger. I am human, like you. Human just like the nine billion other humans on this planet. What we are though is one people, one collective whole with one another. That's why I created the Gift. We lost our way as humans, and we need to reconnect with one another in order to fix the bonds thousands of years have broken. If we don't mend those bonds, then we are doomed to a curse that will slowly poison us all once again.”

The man looked straight into Senna's eyes, fell to his knees and started crying. Four policemen ran from the crowd and took hold of the man. “Be kind to him, he did not know what he wanted,” she asked as they dragged him away. The video ended there.

Grace almost forgot to breathe as she finished the video. She looked up at Anino hovering in front of her, its black sword and silhouette against the bright red sunrise. “She knows her place. Why don't you?” it asked monotonously.

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