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Warrior Nation
08-06-2017, 08:05 PM
Nostalgic Trip for an Old Member
WNxMaliciousWolf here, can log into account still after all these years but in doing so get stuck in a perpetual loop to "unfilled profile information". So, guest account as WNxMaliciousWolf1 it is.

How many years has it been? three... maybe four since I was Honorably Discharged and last set foot in this place? My the nostalgia that is flooding my mind and very existence at this moment...

I spent the last half hour or so browsing the site and have come to the realization it is sadly dead, what little bit of community members that remain having idle conversations about random topics and discussions of old times with the passing few. Most appear to have now branched off to other more thriving communities, though I still see some old names who have kept their accounts alive from an era past and are still actively posting in this what I would consider now a barren playground of nostalgia.

WNxDHare3, WNxAtmaHex, WNxHGN_BLADE, and a few more are names that standout to me from the Console Division that I use to work with who have posted within the past few months from what bit of topics I could browse as a guest. Please do not kill me though if I did not particularly call you out, as it has been around five years since I last really set foot in this place (I did log in once briefly three years ago before today though), and so I cannot remember and distinguish every single name that crossed my eyes today. I hope you all are doing well, both those I have worked with in the past, as well as those I have never worked with or spoken too yet still shared a common bond under the tag "WNx" at one point or another. Politics aside, this was an enjoyable community at its core and foundation with all the members whom were apart of it and I am a bit disheartened to see it in its poor state that cannot even qualify as a shadow of its former itself.

As for me, well some of you all know I went on to join another community. The move ended up being short lived as I got busy with College, Work, and Life just months in, and began pursuing other interests in what little bit of spare time I had left available. Whatever bit of spare time I dedicated to gaming, was merely just for casual sessions and relaxation. There was a period of time a year and a half ago where I spent every waking moment with a FC Guild in FFXIV for a period of 6 months, only to ultimately get burned out after capping my first class/job as a BLM at level 60 just a few days after my noob sprout designation fell off my account... It was a guilty pleasure of mine to enter level 50+ roulette/raids and get random remarks on how odd it was to see a sprout so far into the end-game content already. Such a feat I ultimately have my FC Guild to thank for, and one I look back upon with fond memories.

Alas though, I am again in a period of time where gaming is not all that appealing to me, or rather there is currently no game that I am really interested in at this time or can manage to keep my attention for more than a few weeks. I honestly thought Battlefield 1 would be that game, but I got bored with it after just a few weeks. Despite how pretty it was, I quickly found myself in that same weird Battlefield 4 pattern I got bored with years ago in the last community I would have ever been apart of in Warrior Nation. Needless to say, I do not see myself ever getting back into a gaming community again, especially one that is heavily vested into its own website when most games now have full clan management systems in place within the game itself both on consoles and PC. Still, there are some aspects I miss of a community oriented forum, but I have filled these gaps with other communities I am apart of that are about other interests of mine.

Gaming and communities aside, a bit about all that has happened to me over these past few for those for any whom may care. I graduated College over two years ago with my BSN. I have since worked in the Emergency Room as a RN at two different hospitals. Currently I am still employed with the second hospital, which operates a Emergency Department/Trauma Center that I quite well enjoy with supportive co-workers that make the high stress environment much more manageable and possible to deal with. It has been a very rewarding experience to me thus far, and I am quite pleased that all of the suffering I went through in college with the ridiculous curriculum has finally paid off. I am contemplating eventually furthering my education to a MSN with a focus of either Administration or a Licensed Practitioner.

Oh, and as some of you who may remember me can probably tell by now, my ability to ramble and type out lengthy posts is still as strong as ever. I could keep writing for quite sometime about my reminisce of old times as well as how things have been for me, but I will leave it here. After all, I am unsure given the current state of things if anyone who knows me will ever end up seeing this post of mine, or really if anyone at all will end up seeing this post.

With this, I leave what will likely be my final mark on this once proud Warrior Nation and a heartfelt farewell. I truly owe part of my life and success to this place for having given me the interpersonal skills I can call upon today, the ability to easily organize and draft my thoughts into writing, for honing my comprehension skills, and much more. It has been a great ride guys and gals.

Take care Warrior Nation, it has been nice knowing you. Peace ☮ ✌



I will be looking at this post on and off over the next few weeks for any replies, and will do my best to respond in the event anyone actually sees and replies to this post. Take care.

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United States WNxZeus
08-26-2017, 08:11 PM
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noob, come say hi to us on google hangouts.

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Jamaica WNxJanesAnsible
09-01-2017, 10:34 AM
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Will miss you too! Yes, it's so sad how quiet it's been around here. I attribute it to the lack of roll call anymore. We used to be STRICT! I miss those days as well.

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