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Spain WNxGraslu
02-06-2016, 04:36 PM
Local Time: 11:11 AM
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Match Report
League Practice Report, February 6th
Fourth week of Season XI and three games have been played again, though this time with less attendance from players and a bit messy.


First map played was Felicity from PD:S, a bit buggy with doors and people got stuck on the couch which was annoying, but apart of that, it was mostly Graslu on the armor room due the low health and everyone going there like a constant stream of water.
This practice was only 10 minutes long.

Click the image to open in full size.

                                  Graslu - 87 points (10 KDR)
                                  SpydoW - 37 points (1.43 KDR)
                                  Uufje - 19 points (0.64 KDR)
                                  Ricky - 17 points (0.88 KDR)
                                  Lyoshamuz - 10 points (0.30 KDR)
                                  Slowpoke - 4 points (0.08 KDR)

Second map was Control, this one was longer than the last one by the nature of the map being bigger, but that doesn't mean most of the match was played on the armor in the server room with shotguns. By the time Graslu had 30 kills, the rest still had around 10, seems like Graslu raging in Smash because Corrin helps him warm up faster.

Click the image to open in full size.

                                  Graslu - 84 points (4.54 KDR)
                                  Ricky - 29 points (0.90 KDR)
                                  SpydoW - 26 points (0.69 KDR)
                                  Lyoshamuz - 23 points (0.94 KDR)
                                  Uufje - 18 points (0.63 KDR)
                                  Slowpoke - 5 points (0.12 KDR)

Third and last map was Library, Uufje went to do other stuff and SpydoW had to leave due technical difficulties halfway through the match, so we decided to continue.

Click the image to open in full size.

                                  Graslu - 81 points (6.25 KDR)
                                  Ricky - 22 points (0.73 KDR)
                                  Lyoshamuz - 20 points (0.58 KDR)
                                  Slowpoke - 7 points (0.13 KDR)

Tonight was clearly dominated by Graslu, him being the only one with positive KDR and getting even better KDR than last practice's 5.0. For the first time on this Season, Ricky ended above SpydoW on the final scoreboard, but he still got worse performance than in last practice. Lyoshamuz got better results tonight than in last practice. This was Slowpoke's first practice, also, so we'll see how she improves from now on!
Is Ricky the new SpydoW? First Uufje, then SpydoW, is Graslu next?!

                                  Graslu - 252 points [150:24] (6.25 KDR)
                                  Ricky - 68 points [44:58] (0.75 KDR)
                                  SpydoW - 63 points [40:42] (0.95 KDR)
                                  Lyoshamuz - 53 points [38:65] (0.58 KDR)
                                  Uufje - 37 points [25:39] (0.64 KDR)
                                  Slowpoke - 16 points [8:73] (0.10 KDR)
The 00-Agent League was updated. WNxLyoshamuz is promoted to Agent.

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Poland WNxRicky
02-07-2016, 12:00 AM
Local Time: 12:11 PM
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Nah, I'm not the new Spydow. Spydow just had some really bad luck this time.

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Netherlands WNxUufje
02-07-2016, 06:53 AM
Local Time: 11:11 AM
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My downward spiral continues. I got spawnkilled a lot, I couldn't do much at all. In Control I had only one kill for a good few minutes. Plus it didn't help that most people constantly entered the lair of the beast, which made the matches short and didn't give me time to recover. Overall, pretty shitty games for me, which is why I chose to sit out on the last one.

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France WNxVyal
02-07-2016, 10:12 AM
Local Time: 12:11 PM
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That wasn't my night at all. For some reason my mouse software crashed and reset the default 1000hz polling rate when I'm used to play on 500hz for years and I think because I hadn't restarted the game for the past 4-5 hours before I began playing practice, my hitregistry was totally broken.
Plus my aim wasn't on point in the first place.
It made me quite frustrated overall because I'm a really competitive person Doing worse than my average isn't something I usually experience, I'm usually pretty consistent.

To be honest with you guys, I haven't such a bad performance since I played with an average 20-30 fps and a default wireless mouse back in 2008-2009 I remember some cradle and facility practice with 16 players including Sauron, Nalle, CJ, UnknownPain and BigBird and that's when I had my worst performance back then so it was quite justified

As a punishment I went for 300 kills (going for headshots only) on turbo mode against bots (which are all named Graslu) after practice.

I'll definitely have to do better next week. Congratulations to Ricky for taking that opportunity to get the second place but I'll make sure that does not happen again

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Canada WNxPhoton
02-08-2016, 12:20 AM
Local Time: 02:11 AM
Join Date: Feb 2015   #
I joined...but too late. It's about noon for me when you guys practice and I couldn't make it on time.

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