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WN Xbox Live Gamertags A-J
The Gamertag threads have been split into three for ease of loading and viewing. The three threads are as follows: Xbox 360 A-J ; Xbox 360 K-Z ; Xbox Original and HD members.
For 360 users, it will display the last five games you have played. This will never need to be updated unless a new gamertag is added. All bars will link you directly to the users profile where you can send a message or request to be their friend.

Edit: Blargh, no more gamercards. From now on, this list will be just text.

Note: Please post your Gamertags in this format:
[WNx Name] - [GamerTag]

Xbox Live Users A-J:

WNxAegis - Dminz90
WNxArisenSwordfish - ArisenSwordfish
WNxAshik - WNxAshik
WNxAustin - IBeBeastinKidz
WNxAvalon - xAvaIonx
WNxAWP666 - Awp666
WNxBen1601 - WNxBen1601
WNxBonsai - Sgt.Sprinkles
WNxChris - WNxChris
WNxChromeGnats - WNxChromeGnats
WNxCitadel - CSW6
WNxConroi - Conroi
WNxCoolio - TehSlend3rMan
WNxCuTty - mitch cutty
WNxDafriz - DaM_It_DaFrIzZy
WNxDroopy - DutchDroopy
WNxDuff - hibbzydingo
WNxEthrealrunner - Ethrealrunner
WNxExile - WNxExile
WNxFallz - UK x Fallz
WNx flying YOYO - flying YOYO
WNxghost 1100 - I OM NOM U
WNx Gunblade - Gunblade4
WNxInfectedSmurf - Y3oL
WNxJokazWild - JokazWild2

Please post here if you would like to be added to the list. Your post will be deleted once you are added.

Nifty Changes List:
*Alphabetized 360 Section, XBL To Come.
*Created HD Category.
*Pruned a DD'd Member From List.
*Split list into two sections, load times were getting pretty slow.

Edited: I alphabetized everything correctly. Some tags were at the wrong place. Now numbers come first in the order, followed by punctuation and symbols, then letters. Spaces after the WNx tag are ignored now. It's against the ISO standard, but I find names are easier to remember that way. Sure, that leaves an undefined order for punctuation, but there are so few names that start with punctuation that it won't be a problem.

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This thread is always open. Don't worry if it looks old.

If the forum won't let you post, use the quick reply field at the bottom to write your message and check the box under the warning sign.

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