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03-16-2012, 03:26 PM
CJ News
WNxDenny - Creative Works Brigadier General - by WNxXcutioner

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Name: Dennis
Age: 21
Location: Netherlands
Primary Section: Battlefield 3 (PC)

WNxXcutioner: Hello and welcome everyone to today's interview. Today, I have Denny. How are You?

WNxDenny: Hello there, I'm fine thanks. How about yourself?

WNxXcutioner: I'm good, thank you. How's you day going today?

WNxDenny: As usual I suppose, staying inside as its too cold outside. So I'm doing some WN stuff, and just relaxing today.

WNxXcutioner: Cool. Why don't we start things off with a quick introduction of yourself.

WNxDenny: Well you all know me as Denny, it is not my real name. My name is Dennis and I'm from The Netherlands. I'm 21 years old and currently working for the postal service and got my own company in Computer Service. Got my nickname from school as everyone started to call me Denny and it sorta stuck .

WNxXcutioner: What do you do for the postal service?

WNxDenny: Mail delivery on my bicycle. Does not take up much time, 3 hours per day and 2 days per week. I also do newspaper delivery in the morning but that's [Remove] a short route. 30mins per day (Sunday not included).
WNxDenny: Small town I live in. [I always believed in keeping double lines in the 1st line, up to you though.]

WNxXcutioner: That must be fun in the current weather conditions (it is icy here in the UK).

WNxDenny: I can manage, roads are clean but it's cold. You can dress up to the weather. I'd rather have the cold then the rain you know hehe.

WNxXcutioner: Haha. Would you like to tell us about your computer service company?

WNxDenny: Sure thing, It's a small company as I haven't done it that long yet. But my goal is to help everyone with their computer or anything related to a computer at their home. Usually people have to bring their computer to the shop for repairs. But most people don't have the time to do that or can't miss the computer that long. This way it's much easier for them.

WNxXcutioner: I bet you have found some quite odd things on people's PC's/laptops.

WNxDenny: Yea, sometimes there are weird things. For instance, a faulty power supply unit on a computer can give the weirdest problems. Luckily it doesn't happen often. Or people with double virus scanners are also odd. But the most common problems are slow computers due too to much crap on it.

WNxXcutioner: So no compromising pictures of your clients on there? Haha.

WNxDenny: No nothing like that. I have seen a computer with a dvd with "you know what stuff'" in it

WNxXcutioner: Haha that must have been embarrassing for your client.

WNxDenny: I don't think he noticed me seeing the DVD haha.

WNxXcutioner: Haha,so what do you like to do in your spare time? What are your hobbies?

WNxDenny: Well since we are in a gaming community my first and best hobby is Gaming.
What a surprise. Besides that I like to play and watch football or soccer. Listen to music and watch my favorite shows on my PC.

WNxXcutioner: I'll get to games in a minute, so what team do you support for football?

WNxDenny: National, AFC Ajax. The Netherlands as well of course. From other countries I like multiple clubs. Everyone has a particular reason. Liverpool for it's fans and atmosphere during the matches. Manchester United just because the greatness of the club. And Barcelona of course because they play such fantastic football and a few of Ajax old players have made Barcelona big.

WNxXcutioner: Now this question gets asked a lot here in the UK when football player prices are announced. What do you make of the prices? Do you think any football players should be worth over 100million and earn 200,000 per week?

WNxDenny: That is really ridiculous and way to much. What should be a good rule is they only make their money if they played well. If the team loses they only get a little of their normal loan. And clubs in debt should never ever even have the opportunity to buy players.
WNxDenny: They should take examples of clubs here in Holland. With really small capital they buy players from the lower leagues and hire players and play really well. Or clubs who are in debt just loan them since they can't buy them.

WNxXcutioner: That is very true. A lot of clubs are in debt here signing 'big' names, but back to the interview.
WNxXcutioner: Lets talk about gaming. what are some of your favorite games?

WNxDenny: Ehm, every Call Of Duty for sure. They all have their pros and cons and I have enjoyed them all. Really didn't waste my money on all of them. But also enjoy a good RTS/RPG now and then. Games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age are really enjoyable. Good stories and great gameplay. World of Tanks is also a game I play now and then. But my main Genre is FPS but I'm really an overall gamer.

WNxXcutioner: What games are you looking forward to this year?

WNxDenny: Mass Effect 3 is the first one that comes to mind. Borderlands 2 also sounds promising. Not that I'm a CS player but the new Counter-Strike could also be fun. Also, there are others which I can't really remember right now.

WNxXcutioner: Alright, we've been talking for a while now, so let get to the fun part.
WNxXcutioner: *drum roll*
WNxXcutioner: The Name Game!

WNxDenny: Woohoo, finally I can be on this side of the game .

WNxXcutioner: Ok, for the first part I'll name some people and you can give them a description.
WNxXcutioner: Ready?

WNxDenny: Go for it!

WNxXcutioner: Euphonic.

WNxDenny: Big Boss.

WNxXcutioner: 1Man.

WNxDenny: Waffle Cow, lol.

WNxXcutioner: Haha.
WNxXcutioner: Wakkko.

WNxDenny: The Godfather.

WNxXcutioner: Scooby.

WNxDenny: Beer.

WNxXcutioner: One more, Madglide.

WNxDenny: Ooohh tough one, ehmm Mad Dutchy

WNxXcutioner: Haha ok. now lets switch it.
WNxXcutioner: Funny.

WNxDenny: And1Man, always have a good laugh with him.

WNxXcutioner: Scary.

WNxDenny: DarkNyte, as a boss of the IS, say one word wrong and your out . He's a good friend though thankfully .

WNxXcutioner: Awesome.

WNxDenny: Pfff hard one, lots of people are awesome. I go for DreamEvil always been a good friend and hard worker.

WNxXcutioner: Insane.

WNxDenny: Fatality/FatalEnigma, my recruiter and currently on HD. That guy was really nuts sometimes.

WNxXcutioner: Last one, who to keep an eye on.

WNxDenny: Rephrase that please to, what. Then I say The Creative Works.

WNxXcutioner: Haha, we are on a roll at the moment.

WNxDenny: Sure thing, Interviews are rocking. The new Podcast team is going to be awesome. Surely to keep an eye on .

WNxXcutioner: Alright, I believe that is it. any last words or shout-outs you'd like to say?

WNxDenny: A few, the Creative Works again because everyone is awesome there. All of the Heads in special that they keep their departments up at dire times. DreamEvil in person for being such a good slave! <3. The entire FPS Genre staff as well with special mentions to Phoenix! Go girl!

WNxXcutioner: Thank you for spending some time with me for this.

WNxDenny: Your welcome! I enjoyed it .

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Warrior Nation
03-16-2012, 11:08 PM
Thanks for the good read, +Rep

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Netherlands WNxDenny
03-17-2012, 05:00 AM
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Great interview X! I had a great time and its a good one.

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