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Happy Birthday
Please wish a happy birthday to...!
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Our seciton!

As of February 15th, 2016, the section has officially turned 10 years old if we count since it was released from development!
That means we've been supporting this game for 10 years with our servers, tournaments, events, and practices.

Over these years, we've had 10 different majors, played 254 practices (First practice being played in 2008), 23 tournaments and 7 scrims. There are obviously other events that I'm not counting here, like team practices, fun nights, or celebrations like the anniversaries. If you want to have more information about what happened during these 10 years, you can take a look at our history thread that got updated recently.

Sadly I can't do any event this time (I don't feel too good), but if any of you wants to jump in-game and celebrate our 10 years in GE:S, you're obviously free to do so!

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