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03-21-2015, 07:24 PM
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10gb ram used when idle
I have been having this issue with my laptop for a while now around 2 months. Before that I never experienced it. I ran virus checks/malware and all that good stuff nothing turned out bad. Here is the weird part after restarting it uses a normal amount around 2gb or something like that I start playing and using browser etc it starts lagging so I close everything I had open but it keeps 10gb in use. I check the task manager the highest process I have using the ram are nightly and its plugin container followed by skype these are biggest 2 adding up to 1gb only and the rest are small processes less than 80mb each. But it still says 10gb of ram is being used.
system information:
windows 8.1 64bit
I7 4700HQ @ 2.4 GHz
SSD for operating system and HDD for storage
GTX860 graphics card

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