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No, just because they are official doesn't mean they should stay. I had this discussion regarding the radar. Not everything the devs do is made of pure gold. Their word is not law. If it doesn't work, why keep it there? It's a fact some modes play like shite and even when there are enough players, they still don't work because people are stupid. Better stick to the basics than risk having the server be emptied every time CTK comes up. These modes can and should stay in case we want to do something different during a fun night, as I mentioned, but I don't think it's even a good idea to have them during RTV.

YOLT is a nice mode but not for regular rotation since it's a brand of DM with 2 lives; it can stay in case there's a RTV but not on regular, non-voted rotation.

The same applies to maps. Just because it's official, doesn't mean it's good. You see, some maps were only designed for single-player. They weren't included in the original game's MP because they would not only tax the hardware during an MP game but also because they didn't work very well, I think.

I'd leave Power and Pipes for RTV only; Funhouse can stay in the normal rotation.

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