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CJ News
Combat Journalist's Newsroom Outakes #6 - January 2009
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(Credits go to WNxFallenAngel)

Letter From the Writer:
It is my privilege this month to present to you, the Newsroom Outakes. A time for reflection on events during the last month, to party hard with the prestigious awards given out by the CJD and to watch the flow of Combat Journalists. This month has been particularly busy and a few exciting things have been going on behind the doors of the Paper Palace (it is just a paper door you know). But enough of me blithering on to fill this letter at the top and onto the news which has encompassed the CJD!

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The monthly Awards

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Ace Award
Awarded to CJs that perform their job far above average. Writing excellent reports, interviews,
creative pieces or game guides such as the work on histories or reviews can be issue reasons. Helping and improving
other members' work is also specially recognized by this award.

WNxBlackfearair - Air Rivals

Now Blackfearair may not have the most of news to report on, but he is an inspiration to all. He consistently writes reports of high quality and interest, during his long period within the Combat Journalist Department. He has never missed signing a rollcall during that time and is in fact punctual to correct/sign. Black communicates well and I always know in advance whether he is doing a report, or whether there is news in the section he could use. He is a joy to have on the team! (~WNxFallenAngel)

WNxadz2k7 - Development

He has been a great asset to the Dispatch team since he joined almost three months ago. He is always eager to take on some extra work if it needs to be done, and even at the last minute he is on top of his game. His reports are short and sweet, just the way we like them, and they are always in early with little to no mistakes. He stays in constant contact, and always makes sure he is putting out a quality product. Thanks for all your effort, and I hope to have you on the Dispatch for a long time to come. (~WNxJokazWild)

Review of the Month

Unfortunately the Review of the Month poll wasn't posted up in time, I'm sure that any Review/Previews will be included in the next contest. Meanwhile I'll just vent the fact they leave this bit empty.

Click the image to open in full size.

Fresh meat!
This month has seen many members taking the plunge and willing to represent their section. Already they've been hot on the press and as always they deserve a warm welcome into the Combat Journalist Department. I speak on behalf of the whole team when I can say, it clearly shows the CJD is very much alive, especially the bustling FPS Zone.

WNxCookie - Battlefield Bad Company (PS3)
WNxAzotum - Battle for Middle Earth II
WNxRemix - Call of Duty: World at War (Xbox 360)
WNxRPGKID - Historian
WNxSquirrelJedi - - Alpha
WNxThorinoakinbum - - Gamma
WNxDix - Ogame
WNxMayori - Ragnarok Online Sakray
WNxKrazyMoo - Resistance 2 (Xbox 360)
WNxUbersub - Warrock

The leavers
Unfortunately with promotions there comes people who have escape, I mean left the CJD. It is good to know though that we intake more fresh new CJs then we lose. Let us thank those who have put in some hard work for the department.

WNxZigge - Call of Duty 4 PC (EU)
WNxfrantic - CounterStrike: Source (EU)
WNx Blue Dragon - WoW Horde NA PvP - Anub'arak

What Would You Do If You Were Me?
No, not if you were me, if you were the God Zero-Hero. I'll keep what I'd do secret. More importantly Zero was asking the whole CJD what they would change in the CJD and why. Now there were many silly responses, and a couple of helpful responses. I'm confident that all suggestions will be taken into consideration, but it is hard to perfect perfection.

Welcome Threads Done by Colonels
It was time to act upon the growing mess which was massing in the corner of the Paper Palace. And that mess was the army of welcome threads which dominated the main CJD forum. In order to keep the focus on more important topics which arise, the welcome threads will now be done by colonels and posted with multiple promotions. This also brings an end to my clearly hilarious puns on the welcome threads. =(

Game Leaders Control the Congratulation Threads
When a wacky stranger comes into your section and posts the promotion of your new Combat Journalist, they may not bring the razzle dazzle of the Game Leader posting it. Some promotion threads in the sections get little response and we reason that if the Game Leader were to post it, then the section would flock around the thread and spam the congratulations out of it. This means more recognition in the section for the CJ!

AID Relief for Preview Department
The Preview Department was suffering without any Editor to keep control over the processing and to release the P/Reviews. In order to solve a fathomable problem, WNxZero-Hero decided that Correctors should help with the department. This will give them more work to do and help out the department. They have the powers to move the threads and the skill to help correct the grand works.

Scholar Guide Finalised
Before they might have just got a slice of the pie, but the greedy scholars already have their own roster and Zero decided they need a detailed guide. It covers many points which before were just generalised or looked over, these include:
  1. Recruitment options & Application thread information
  2. Judging Applications, Approval Process & Historian Resignations
  3. Historian Training & Historian Treatment
  4. Section Cut & Section Leaving Development
  5. Awards

Hopefully this is clearer for the Scholars and will help smooth out the chinks in how the very different process runs.

History Indexes
The God rained down and many a whip was flung about. Zero was most unimpressed with the state of some of the histories and that is just the shambolic state the indexes were in. The historians were given a time period in which to complete the easy task, but Zero had to really ring the bell to get people moving. It is easy to do, so quickly hurry and fix your index before Zero whips you some more. Please make sure that:
  1. Same coloring [color=gold][b][/b][/color]
  2. Section Banner
  3. Index Banner
  4. Correct order of the index

Monthly Meetings
"But we never have meetings!" uttered a shocked Combat Journalist.
Well, the CJD has never had a proper meeting to discuss topics or see if any help was needed anywhere. However this is all to change with the CJD become more wholesome. We are planning monthly meetings at the moment, likely to be on a Saturday, though the set pattern, time and VOIP to use is undecided.

He Soars Away
Recently our own dear Editor (Corrector) WNxHawkeye decided to fly away from the comforts of our CJD. Hawk had become very involved with his section and decided that he'd started to neglect his duties as a Corrector. He felt he could pass it on to someone more capable of the job. We wish him good luck in the future and especially since he has become the new Honor Guard Field Ops of the Guild Wars Section! A big section and it requires all the time you can give. <3

Click the image to open in full size.

This Month's P/Reviews and Interviews:
As well as the stunning reports you see in the Weekly Warrior, the Combat Journalist Department produces other fine pieces of work. Let me present to you the Interviews and P/Reviews which have made it passed the standard and are there for your enjoyment.

Preview - AirRivals by WNxJehera
Preview - Arma 2 by WNxStemack
Preview - Call of Duty: World at War by WNxKiish
Preview - Fistful of Frags by WNxHorrorOfYid
Preview - Halo 3: Recon (ODST) by WNxVezz7

Interview - WNxAriden by WNxNapolean
Interview - WNxEuro by WNxToxicTin
Interview - WNxGhost 1100 by WNxHellsight
Interview - WNxMunkey by WNxHellsight
Interview - WNxMurdock by WNxBadBoy3
Interview - WNxWhySoPro by WNxThugx187x
Medal of Competitive Edge Interview - WNxDavott by WNxFrozenPast
Promotional Interview - WNxEuro by WNxToxicTin
Promotional Interview - WNxLiquid by WNxNapolean
Promotional Interview - WNxZeurg by WNxHellsight

Signing Off:
I would like to thank you all for reading this months NRO's and I hope you enjoyed. I would like to encourage you guys to keep reading this every month so that you can keep in touch with one of the most interesting departments!

Most people respect the badge. Everyone respects the gun.
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