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Creative Work Changes
Hello Warrior Nation,

Today, I come to inform you about a few major changes happening within the Creative Works Department. We here in the CW Dept. are always looking for new ways to make things more efficient, productive, and interesting for the creative members and everyone else alike. As some of you may have seen, there has been a steady decline in the state of the Weekly Warrior. Every week less and less reports are being submitted which leads to less and less Weekly Warrior's being produced. Everyone has always been commenting on the Weekly Warrior (good or bad, mostly bad) and we have been trying to fix this. Ideas have been tossed around and we think we have come up with a positive solution.

The CJD is going to head to a newspape - similar to what most big newspapers have as well. This means information is going to be added as soon as possible after the news happens. This reduces the workload for Editors highly. Instead of having to do a big pile of week every other week, they'll be able to do work as it comes which will be much easier to handle and to cope with.

There's also a plus on the reader's side: They won't be swamped with information once per week, they'll be able to read news every day. And they'll be able to actually pick what news they want to read because there will be different columns.

As the Newspage isn't finished yet, there will be a bridging period where the CJD won't be producing news. In this time discussions testing and ideas will be popped, until the idea is finally able for release.
As the last paragraph states that there will be no news for a set period of time, we will be removing all sectional Combat Journalists. They are all aware of the situation and know what is going on. However, this is not the end of their journey within the Creative Works Dept. We are offering (if they want to stay) that they can be transferred to another department (Historian, Interview). We do not know how long this period of ‘no news’ will last, but we will keep you updated as we go along.

The second major change that is happening is the closure of a Creative Dept. The VAT Dept. will be closing its doors very soon. WNxEnrage has done a stellar job of trying to keep the team running, but with real life coming into the picture he has decided to step down. Now, it is not because of him resigning that we are closing down support. The VAT Dept. has been struggling since WNxDavott left as head. We tried to make the department more visible (adding weekly videos to the WW) and attractive; build up interest, but it failed. Not too long ago if anyone recalls we had an amazing VAT recruitment thread made by the VAT members showing off their skills and creativity, but we received no applicants. Not one. VAT was also reduced in workload so that the tag didn’t feel like a job and it would reduce the burnout rate, but alas no interest was shown. There is no interest anymore and when there is no interest there is no point in supporting something. If you are wondering, the public VAT forums will still be kept up, but the CW Dept. will just not be supporting it.


The Creative Works Department

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