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02-16-2019, 11:58 PM
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Ok, a long time since I’ve checked the forums. I’ve been popping into ESO a bit more lately. You can always hit me up in game. @TheRef26

I’m sorry the Guild went down after I left. I left @WNxB00 in charge. I kind of wish I had continued playing instead of going back to the former mistress of WoW.

The game I’m really waiting on now is Chronicles of Elyria. Maybe there can be some revival when that comes? I’m pledged as a Count. While I will be running a whole County and not necessarily a guild, perhaps Warrior Nation, or those within, can play an integral part of my inner circle and being a large guildwithin those confines. That being said I’m not sure who will read this since the thread is so old now.

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