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Warrior Nation
10-03-2008, 03:12 PM
Promotion: Bravo Brigadier General
There are some who think that WN is not currently as good as it used to be. I may have held that thought once when I was serving down in the lower ranks. However, there is a new crop of people coming up through Warrior Nation that epitomize sacrifice and service to the people. This man is no exception to the rule.

Come onto Ventrillo and you'll see him along with all the new people there amongst the gamers, doing what it is that gamers do. What we were brought here to do.

Occasionally we admins should only draw our sword and board for the mighty game they dub ForumQuest. Where hours are lost and sometimes, not a lot accomplished. Sometimes we gotta slay forum trolls or put out drama fires. Sometimes it's fun, other times its life or death in that Pent room. You can't just have anyone up there, you need someone serious. So serious when it comes time lay it all down on the line you have a Power Gamer there to not so much game but, to fight with verbose, never-ending posts that cause the weaker ForumQuest characters to QQ and log.

I introduce to you a manifestation of this seriousness and one whose never afraid to make a scrollable post. Our new Bravo Brig Gen:

Guys wait remember that this is very, very...

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