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Originally Posted by WNxMercy View Post
The hope is that the few members left to those sections could be shifted over to a hopefully thriving section. I also don't believe limit of resources or time for the Admins is an issue. It's more of "these sections are inactive and having a bunch of empty sections doesn't help us when we're trying to boost activity". Furthermore to someone browsing and possibly considering joining spot sections without anything going on. It may give them the impression we're inactive and not worth joining.
I doubt it. Why would they shift over? If they would want to shift, why haven't they done so already? Apparantely they are happy in the places they are now. I see your point about the empty sections and I agree they don't really help us but let's be realistic here. If I am interested in joining WN for game X, why the hell would I care what is going on (or not) in forum Z? As if I'm going to scroll through the forum to see what is going on everywhere. I just want to make sure the game I am joining for is active - and it probably is, otherwise I wouldn't have considered joining. The only potential interesting forums to see clanwide activity (the Community Discussion forum) is not even open for Guests to see.

I understand we want to start fresh when we have our new forums but I'm afraid kicking out a bunch of sections will cost us even more members.

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