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Warrior Nation
05-07-2004, 05:57 PM
WNxLudorious reporting in.

I've been playing Planetside Scince release, and done just about everything ther is to do. However, I enjoy strong tactics and orginization. (Hope to join the Army one day.)

I have a strong desire to join the Sentinels, I have already read much of the primer several times. However, I am hesitant to apply imediatley, as I want to get myself some more BRs under my belt.

My end certs are going to look like: Adv. Med, CE, Adv. Hacking, Medium Assault, Rexo, and Assaukt buggy.

As for a little bit about my self. Well, I served as the commanding officer of a Speacial Operatons division of the Outfit Shahmat. It was called Q. I'm guessing you never heard of us though. That was the goal. Hehe. (I incorperated many peces of your primer acctually.)

I served alongside IWasHungry, who was second in command of the Shahmat Tank division, which I'm guessing you saw on atleast one occasion. In the end, apocolypse comes crashing down around us, and Shahmat is disbanded. Hungry is my closest friend there, so I decide to follow him to Warrior Nation. (Which I would have joined long ago, had I not origanally choose the New Con.)

I know I want to end up in SpecOps, because I'm not a really effictive frontline combat machine.

Oh, one last thing I'd like to point out, I'm 14, but I promise you won't notice.

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