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WoW Characters
Game Leader of the Month Award - August 2013
Game Leader of the Month

The Game Leader of the Month Award is awarded monthly to the Game Leader(Majors/GMs and Captain/HGs) who has gone above and beyond what is expected of them. They have worked hard to make their section the best it can be by organizing events, competitions, recruiting and setting a prime example for their members.

The Battle Operation Commissioner Staff and Genre Administrators select the winner of the award.

(Only 1 per Genre issued every month maximum.)

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Some of the strongest members, leaders, and characters we have within the WN often go unnoticed beyond the walls and confines of their section. This is a shame, as so many of our great members do not receive the recognition and credit that their actions deserve. Even the sections that aren't in the Top 5 of most members need hard work and dedication to run like well-oiled machines. Never has a statement been more true and accurate of WNx4evaWasted, Major of the Black Ops 2 360 section.

Wasted has been a member for over five and a half years now, and he has never faltered in his love, support, and dedication of the Call of Duty franchise. He made history with the MW2 360 section by helping support the split of the EU members to form their own close knit section. When he became Major of that section, he went from strength to strength. He has never been concerned with his rank within a section, only wishing to do all he can to make sure it was well organized, ran smoothly, and was brimming with active members. Continuing on as a Captain, and then Major, of Black Ops 1 he ended where he is now as Major of Black Ops 2.

This guy knows all there is to running a successful section. He has given a lot of time towards his Section, and it has stayed strong under his solid leadership. The Black Ops 2 (360) section is probably the best example of how a section should be run: they are independent enough that they have no need for admin support. Even as a Game Champion, he has never created any problems, or had any problems, that he could not handle. They never have any issues between members: they all pull the same line together to make the section as self-sufficient as it is. Wasted runs a tight ship, and the section is all the better for it.

Wasted has also proven himself through the more subtle details. He hosts the weekly game nights, and is normally the first person online and last one to leave. He has trained many a great captain in his many stints as a COD section Major, including our own WNxTHINbot007 as his FO captain shortly after he joined MW2 EU. Wasted is friend to all and enemy to none. He will game with everyone from the UBER try-hards amongst us, to the UBER noobs amongst us (regardless of which category any of us fall into ).His dedication to the WN, and most importantly his sectional members, is unwavering.

Never could there have been a more understated and under-recognized leader amongst us. 4evaWasted has given a lot of time towards his section, and it has stayed strong under his solid leadership. All of the console admins would like to salute your efforts and commend you for a job well done. We all look forward to working with you for the foreseeable future. We even hear word that the impending COD Ghosts section may need someone with you skillset. Keep up the good work, and, above all, great job Jason!!!

-The Console Genre Administration


WNx Silent Madness

It's not often you have someone who can revive a section from near death. Luckily for RPG and Minecraft, we have one of those people in WNx Silent Madness. Silent was promoted to HG in May and then to GM a month later due to his dedication to the game, and he hasn't looked back. Minecraft went from 11 RC signers in May to 23 signers in August, doubling the section's size in just a few short months. Some of you may be saying "but... that's only 12 new members", and to you I say "You are correct!", but when taking into account that all of WN's Minecraft servers are private and whitelisted (need approval before logging in to them), that's a pretty good increase. Silent has also been working closely with his team to bring as many events and contests to the section as possible, like themed build events, ensuring members have fun and interact with each other as much as possible. Silent has done wonders for the Minecraft section, and we hope he's around for a good long while yet!



We would like to nominate WNxVerty of League of Legends EU West for the work he has done for his section. We have seen an amazing turnaround in the section. Since promotion, he has applied himself exceptionally in his position. Rollcall is proof with the section back up to 39 members, up from 5 from the previous month. He deserves it this month as a token of gratitude for volunteering his time and effort to bring back EU west.

-RTS Admins

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Congratulations to all of you! Keep up the great work!

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