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Medals June '11!

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Medal of Communication

Those that have reached a high level of communication by having a strong presence, positive influence, strive to educate and motivate to improve and participate within Warrior Nation.

the definition of the Medal of Communication is:

Those that have reached a high level of communication by having a strong presence, positive influence, strive to educate and motivate to improve and participate within Warrior Nation .
Hoff has met everyone of these statues beyond questioning. Hoff's leadership of the Bad Company 2 section is nothing but anything less that a strong presence. He knows everything that goes on and that will go on. His presence and influence is his fellow officers and members are unwavering. He has an open door that anyone can come to him with problems, concerns, and issues with. He knows and talks to every member of our section, there is not one person he lets slip through the cracks. Hoff's presence is shown in every thread and posts has his voice that always makes it seem that he expects nothing-less than perfection from his section. And we work our best to give him such. His positive influence and presence also travels to ingame activities. Even though we may have a good group of people competing in challenges or just having a good time the second Hoff gets on and word spreads then our numbers in game can get so big that our Xbox Live parties and sometimes the whole 12 member team will be full and spilling over to the other team.

Hoff is a teacher for the officers and normal members as well. Especially the new members. With the officers we can talk to him on Xfire or Xbox Live chat and ask him questions and discuss matters that we feel is important and that we need to get something figured out. I know personally that Hoff has taught me and encourage my ideas to bring more activity to the section. Hoff always gives me new views and angles to look at things at that I normally would not have. His ability to teach us officers and members is done in a way that we are thankful enough to have a person care enough about the section to do everything he can for each member.

Finally his improvement and participation and motivation for his section and Warrior Nation as a whole is unrivaled. He constantly is improving us as officers by expecting us to give the most that we can to our section so the members have the best experience in the clan. He also has the the rest of the members encouraged to do what they can to participate themselves in the events and whatever else is going on. He motivates each person in his section to be the best Bad Company 2 player and Warrior Nation member they can be. He lives and breathes WN and doesnt give anything less than his very best.

In the words of Hoff "Word up guys" is the reason he is deserving of the Medal of Communication.

[WNxNugelhoff] -

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Medal of Honor

This medal signifies those who have proven themselves to be of the utmost integrity which is a distinction of their respect towards fellow members, the laws of Warrior Nation, and the basis of our belief in regards to brotherhood and unity. They are a brilliant example to all other members of Warrior Nation.

I have been a proud member of the Warrior Nation Ogame section for 2 years now, and during this time I have seen many members rise and fall. Throughout everything there has been one unchanging constant - WNxTigerion. He has consistantly been our highest ranked player in our parent Universe, and even with our foray into the newer Gemini server, he has swiftly risen to the top to yet again be our highest ranked player.

In this new Universe we have found ourselves at war. We are fighting a bitter conflict with an Alliance that outnumber us 4 to 1 with over 100 members to our 25. Who is there, pitching in? holding the line and dealing out damage to the enemy? It is WNxTigerion again. He has contributed a number of solid attacks on the enemy alliance, including what we call a 'Blind Time back', an incredibly difficult manouvere, where you launch your ships to coincide with the guessed return time of an enemy fleet. It is incredibly risky as you have no idea whether the enemy fleet will even be where you think it is. Potentially meaning you take severe damage for no reward. The fact that he accomblished this, annihilating the enemy player and returning with cargo holds full of loot is just one example of the skill of Tigerion.

It is not just in-game skill. He has always been an active forum user, and lights the place up with his own unique mix of humour and sensible advice. He proudly wears a Sergeant Major rank tag, and in the past has also been Ogames Battle Operations Captain, organising events and keeping the member base active.

In short, Tigerion is the perfect WNx member, and I am proud to have gamed with him, and generally had fun with him these last few years. A Medal of Honour would be a fine reward for a member of his calibre.

[WNxTigerion] -

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Medal of Declaration

Awarded to Majors, Grand Masters, Captains and Honor Guards. These members have surpassed many levels within leadership of their sections.

WNxMazoetan has been een outstanding member from the first day he joined the BFBC 2 PC section. Offcourse this was noticed by the gameleaders and therefor Mazoe was promoted to FO Cpt the end of March. From that point on Mazoe has been a dedicated Cpt who will help all the new members get to know the forums, update the rosters, listen to members with problems and bring these forward in the Officers forum, getting involved with all things concerning the section. With the absence of a BO Cpt Mazoe gladly took the job and was organizing events and gamenights for the section, he's trying to get members active ingame and on forum and is really fun to hang out with.

Here some comments from other members:

Originally Posted by WNxChiefje
I agree completely with giving him the award. He has been more active in this section then any other member and he tries to get more people to join gamenights. It's also a lot of fun to play with him and he is also very active ingame.
Originally Posted by WNxXtensive
Mazoetan has done a lot for the the section. He has been organizing game nights on his own and he also planned several events. I haven't been around for long, but I noticed that Mazoetan is a key member for this section in the hopes of keeping it alive and well for the other members. It really shows that he is a hard worker and hard work always pays off. Thats why I think this medal is well deserved.
Originally Posted by WNxMuseFury
I'll definately support this, hes doing a great job.
If Conzors problems irl continue I'd even suggest him maybe taking the reigns as he can dedicate a good amount of time to the section.
Originally Posted by WNx Dobby
A true stud, I don't know what else needs to be said.

In all seriousness though, he deserves this asap
Originally Posted by WNxSilver
Totally agreed!

WNxMazoetan has shown what every Major wants, he is helping each part of the section weather or not he is doing it. The BC2 section is now without a BO captain and Mazoetan didnt forget that, he picked the BO stuff up and mixed that with his FO work. Serious dude, keep it up!

With this all said I can only put one more thing to this nomination.
You deserve this Mazoe, keep up the good work!!!!

[WNxMazoetan] -

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Medal of Valor

Those that display a profound talent and positive attitude in combat. This medal recognizes those members who have excelled beyond the range of ordinary proficiency and who have used their abilities to better themselves and others.

Mr_Darkness is proving to be an absolutely integral part of the Warrior Nation expansion into the Gemini Universe. He is rising through the ranks at an incredible speed and has proven to be an exceptional fleet captain.

As you all may or may not know, The Ogame section is currently fighting a war in this new Universe. Leading the charge is WNxMrDarkness. He has chalked up a number of key victories for Warrior Nation, including our first "Hall of Fame" combat result - which is a fantastic achievement for his rank in game.

His communication is faultless, talking to other alliances and securing friendly contacts across the universe. His ******** awareness is spot on, utilising advanced tactics to strike at the enemy alliance in areas they thought safe. However his skill isn't limited to solo attacks. He coordinates effortlessly with myself and the other fleet commanders to bring our combined firepower to bear in bigger attacks and defences.

All in all he is an inspiring presence in Ogame, and is a shining example of how to play this game aggressively and with skill. Ogame Gemini is a much more fun (and explosive!) place to be thanks to Mr Darkness, and the Medal of Valor is a just reward for his efforts.

[WNxMrDarkness] -

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