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Stats Systems

Facts: It's important to boost Stat Points which help you land your attacks (instead of Miss, Glancing Blow, Parried or Resisted)
Facts: Once your attacks are actually landing on the mobs, then you can increase your damage output by putting more points into Strength or Intelligence, and Luck.
Facts: Increasing Luck increases chance to deal Critical (double dmg), and decreases chance to deal Glancing Blow (half dmg)
Facts: Increasing Expertise decrease chance to Miss, (unless the skill description says otherwise)
Unconfirmed: For Physical Attack, you will need Finesse to avoid Parried, (unless the skill description says otherwise)
Facts: For Magical Attack, you will need Perception to avoid Resisted, (unless the skill description says otherwise)
Facts: Paladin don't use Perception, ever.
Facts: Each time you level up, the effectiveness of the Stat Points will be decreased. Example, At level 5, you might need only 28 Expertise to have a 8% of Missing an attack, but at level 6, you might need 30 Expertise to have the same 8% chance of Missing an attack. So, the higher level your character is, the more Stat Point is required.

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