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Fatigue Systems

Click the image to open in full size.
Screenshot Provided by TimeWise.

Purple Colored Bar -> Accumulated EXP for this Level
Bright Blue Colored Bar -> Rest-able Fatigue
Grey Blue Colored Bar -> Remaining Fatigue for today
Black Colored Bar -> Need this many more EXP + Fatigue to level up

Facts: You start getting Fatigue at Level 5.
Facts: As you gain EXP (from Quest and from killing mobs), the Remaining Fatigue will convert into Rest-able Fatigue at the rate of 1:1.
Facts: When you go Rest at an Goblin Innkeeper, your Rest-able Fatigue will be convert into Accumulated EXP. He will take a small fee though.

Example: You login and have accumulated 2000 EXP already from yesterday, and you have Remaining Fatigue for 1500 points. You go do a quest, and by the time you finish it you have killed some mobs that give you 200 exp in total. Right now you have 2200 EXP, 200 Rest-able, and 1300 Remaining Fatigue. Then you go turn in the quest, and it rewards you 400 EXP. Now, you have 2600 EXP, 600 Rest-able, and 900 Remaining Fatigue. So you go Rest at an Inn. Now you have 3200 EXP, 0 Rest-able, and 900 Remaining Fatigue.

Fatigue Resets at 8:00 PM GMT-8, every day.

Let's say, from previous example, after Fatigue Reset, your Remaining Fatigue will be reset back to 1500 points for another 24hrs, instead of just 900points. So it would be 3200EXP, 0 Rest-able, and 1500 Remaining Fa.
But if you didn't go Rest at an Inn, and Fatigue Resets, it would like this instead: 2600EXP, 600 Rest-able, and 900 Remaining; and once you go Rest after the Reset, it would be 3200EXP, 0 Rest-able, and just 900 Remaining Fa.

By not Resting before the Reset, you have wasted 600 EXP from Fatigue.


Question: Ahhh hell, it's still so confusing. Can you sum it up easy for me?
Answer: Basically, it is recommended that you turn in quest for reward only when you have enough Fatigue left for the EXP you will receive. So that you will always receive double EXP from quest. Otherwise you have the risk of not having anymore quest to do at your level, and you have to grind EXP from mobs to reach next level and have quests available to you.

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