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Who are we? We're the Warrior Nation Runescape section and a damned good section we are too! We have great members who are all friendly and active both in game and on the forum. Everyone is always willing to help a fellow clan brother and through this great friendships are formed.

Runescape is a massive online game that is Java based developed and run by the company Jagex Ltd with over 15 million active free to play accounts alone. Runescape is based in the fantasy realm of Gielinor and unlike most MMORPGs there is no set path that a player must take throughout the game. Instead they can set their own goals or targets whether it be completing quests or leveling up skills or combat. Players appear as a customisable character which the user may change to their preference. The original Runescape Classic (RSC) was released in 2001 and in 2004 the upgrade of Runescape 2 was released which is the current version of Runescape. However updates are constantly being applied and the most momentous recently was the update of graphics, providing players with full screen and HD.

At the moment, the Runescape section is 9th in the highlights with 41 primaries and 13 secondaries. The section has been around since 30th November 2004 when the section made it out of development and appointed WNxbenthebomb as its first ever Grand Master, to be followed by many other great leaders in the future, along with WNxVincent and WNxArchmage as the very first Honour Guard and Combat Journalist. The Runescape section has an extensive history, right up to 10th October 2007 when our current Grand Master WNxShamanx was promoted.

So of course, this place couldn't be kept running without the great leadership that are around now and so we feel it fitting for them to be introduced to all, starting of course with our Grand Master...

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Shaman became our Grand Master just over a year ago following a sectionwide split which ended in many leaving or being Dishonourably Discharged leaving Shaman to pick up the pieces of a divided section which he has done very well, leading us on to be a better section than ever before.

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Promoted to the Honour Guard role on 13th June 2007, Bard has been in the section's leadership for nearly a year and a half now. He is a dedicated member of the team and after so long could not be done without.

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Becky (on the right) is the newcomer to the leadership. Promoted just a week ago on the 24th October in hopes of bringing new ideas to the leadership, Becky has been in the section since June 2007.

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Phil has been in the section since March 2007 and has been a dedicated member. He is both the Combat Journalist and Battle Ops Honour Guard for the section and writes brilliant reports for both. He has been awarded Ace Reporter for his featured writing.

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WNxFirelord has been a member since 18th August 2005. Previously a Grand Master in another section, he is now our Royal Guard, keeping our section running smoothly and our forum free of spam.

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Our other Royal Guard, WNxScarecrow has been in Warrior Nation since 16th August 2007 and is a keen and active member. He is also WNxFirelord's partner in keeping the forum clutter free and running the way it should.

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Mole Event
The nation is getting prepared for another bunch of action,
"We're going underground!" is what they say,
"The mole must go down, it's the evil in the underground!"
WN members bravely picked up their weapons and went straight to fallador park,
they dug a big tunnel and entered the cave...
Last sunday, the clan went for an unofficial event, The Mole!
it started with some members on clanchat beeing bored, and it ended up as an great event!
alot of members joined us!
We went down and killed the mole several times.
even if some members left the others didn't quit, they just went on 'till there was none left.
We had alot of fun, and it was retty cool to have the clan together again for a nice chat.
there was a good communication, so we found the mole very fast and killed it in no time!
Members attended:
WNx Silly PunkD
Well it looks like this was an very succeeded event, even if it was unofficial!


The Story

The fire crackled as flames wildly whipped the air. It was dusk and many eyes of varokian children gathered around the fire to listen to a tale from a visitor. The man had arrived in their city a day earlier seeking refuge from his latest quest.The curious people of Varrok had gathered that night to hear a story from this mysterious man. The fire began to grow into a inferno and the anxiouse crowd drew quiet, began to speak.

There is a beast, deep within the evil realm that consumes the land to the north of your city. This is a magical monster that holds the treasures of many kings but to some is only a visage. This beast is only sought after by the wise....or foolish for if you are unprepared it will kill you with a swift slash of its white metalic talon. The reflection of the dead can be seen in it's jet black hide. The fire breathing from its neck, hot enough to melt the armour off any man. My brothers, our Warrior Nation, we came prepared, for no beast of any strenght could defeat us.

The man stood up pushing his wooden stool back. He casted his weathered hands over the fire, it rose to meet his movements. The fire churned and reaveld a hideouse image of a monster....."Behold the King of Black Dragons!"...the crowd was awstruck as the stared into the flames at the image...

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My fellow warriors would plan our attack days ahead. We studied the writings of ancient adventueres who had observed the monster years before our time. We checked our gear 3 maybe even 4 times. Our leader constantly gave orders to be prepared for the worst. When all was ready, our leader stood up and yelled "Line up and file out!" We got into our line and traveled into the barren land of Wilderness. This land, was a evil deseret. Nothing but the zamoraks works lived in it. It was a cold and heartless land but we braved it.

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"Soon we came upon the entrance to the lair"
"Get your potions ready boy! Were not coming out until its dead!" our leader yelled. I said a quick pray to Guthix and jumped into the hole quicky avioded the posionus spiders, pulled the lever and teleported. The dust of the filled the air making it impossible to see ahead of us. Quickly I was shoved out of the way by a fellow brother to avoid the massive ball of fire headed my way. I raised to my feet and quickly join into the killing of this evil beast."

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"The three head bashed wildly about, casting fire and spells at us. Without care it slammed its talones into the ground in attempt to hit us. in unison were moved about the dragon attacking it."

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"The battle drew on for uncountable minuets until finally the last blow hit the King. Out victim had finally fallen. Cheer and joy ran over us as we paraded around the black dragon hide. Its corpse quickly disintegrated into jewels and armour.

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We quickly dispersed the wealth and took our places again, waiting in fear for the next King to jump out at us. This magical monster has no end.

Barrow Busters Event!

The town was being haunted by some terrible ghosts,

The strongest warriors runescape has ever known!
The Barrow Brothers.
Everybody in town was scared,
empty streets, darkness, ...
But some people, were not afraid of some ghosts
Another successful event by WNx Runescape section,

However only 5 people joined, the event turned out to be one of the best events ever.
we did a total of 3 runs smashing and maging all of the 6 barrow brothers.

Nobody got any barrow items, (except for bolt racks).

but we got some nice amount of money and runes!

Originally Posted by WNxDroid
personally it was a great event and most people enjoyed it (except the people who had to take the long way round ). looking forward to our next event!
Lets keep trying to get that guthan spear guys!
Members attended:
-WNx Silly PunkD
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Members slowly gathered in the town of Yanille, all of which, were dressed as pirates!


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Warrior Nation members were flooding into the town ready to sail the blue sea. Once everyone was gathered, we began our walk to Port Khazard, which our old boat with many holes in the hull await. A boat such as this would not last agenced the strong sea, only with a crew such as this could take on this challenge.


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They all boarded the ship one after another and waited for departure. As they sailed, the ship began to crumble, filling with water, the sails were being ripped up like paper in the strong wind. The crew went to work, patching the holes with swamp paste, bailing the water from the bottom of the hull, and repairing the nets.

The sea was no match for this crew, the boat, as bad shape as it was in, sailed like new with this crew aboard.

Many trips were taken, many fish were also caught by the crew.


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Nice event everyone! We had an awosme turnout! We actualy started the event 1 hour before schedualed because everyone was ready and wanted to go.

The event lasted around 1 hour and 30 min.

Members who attended:

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Members who attended that are not on that list:


NOTE: I think I have everyones names, but if I forgot somone, please say so!!


Fishing Trawler Video


A big thanks to everyone who attended!

Clan Wars!

Yet another successful event with 7 members attending the battles:


There were many battles both won and lost, people fought well for well over 30 minutes, sadly I took no screen shots of the event as I was too busy videoing the entire event.

So, at the bottom of this report there will be a 13minute video of all that happened during the event, this is only a section of it all!

Hope you enjoyed this, thank you again to all who attended and I hope more attend events in the future seeing as we now have 45 Primaries.

It will take a while for youtube to process it, please be patient.

Need to ask Sham about using his Trawler report, but here is the final 2 we mainly need!

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The only major Tournament that we have had during the past few month has been the the Castle Wars Tournament held in September, this was a massive hit with the section with many members appearing out to see how they could do when put to the test against other members of the section in a he/she who kills the most wins, below are the standings for the tournament as they were when it finally finished.

First Place
Phil422343 - 89

Second Place
Power0111 - 56

Third Place
Beckyweck - 29

The Rest Of The Standings
Insanemagus - 24
Sir Alex2222 - 13
WNxfirelord - 12
Crow X Killa - 8
Faradror - 8
Joselito232 - 8
Yppedia - 8
Sirul21 - 4

Along with this, there was some detailed selection that had to take place in order for the Tournament to being, in this section below is the opening post that resulted in the above Tournament taking place.

Click the image to open in full size.

Story Behind The Event

The greatest warriors, magicians and rangers of Runescape have gathered at the legendary arena known only as Castle Wars. Members who fight for the two Gods, Saradomin and Zamorak, in this endless war it falls upon you, the members of Warrior Nation armed with only limited supplies to fight for the army of Zamorak in a life or death situation. You must defeat as many Saradomin followers as possible in the time allowed, will you be able to succeed? or will the armies of Saradomin overwhelm you?


This will be a four day tournament, in which will be held once per week. The idea of this will be for the contestants to fight in the same armour specified below. You will be required to have the correct equipment to join in with the event, there cannot be any changes, this allows the tournament to be a fun and fair game. For those of you thinking that the game will only won by the high levels, the reason I selected Castle Wars is because you only need to land the final killing blow in order to score a kill.

Required Information

Event Time: Saturday 9pm GMT (This will be the set time for the month)

World: 23 (subject to change with the amount of people in the world)

Clan Chat: Butter24 (You must be online 30 minutes before the start)

Equipment Set-up

Helm: Nothing

Plate: Rune Platebody

Legs: Rune Platelegs / Rune Plateskirt

Cape: Nothing

Amulet: Amulet of Glory

Gloves: Nothing

Feet: Dragon Boots

Ring: Nothing

Shield: Rune Kiteshield

Weapon: Dragon Longsword

Inventory: Nothing, you may only use items from inside Castle Wars itself

Click the image to open in full size.

Please note: this is how you inventory must look for this month.

Please note that this is only for the month of August, The items will change from month to month with different things such as: Magic only (fire bolt etc.), Range only (Bone crossbow etc.), comedy (rubber chicken, etc.)

How The Tournament Will Be Judged

The tournament will be judged via me, all contestants will be required to join the same team meaning that the game will be a fair contest with all members have the same opponents. At the end of the game of Castle Wars, you are required to screenshot your kills in the picture and Personal Message them to me. From that I will keep score on the kills that everyone has, and, at the end of the fourth week of the Tournament I will announce the final standings for the event..

This means, you do not need to attend all four weeks of the Tournament, but if you want to win, you will certainly have a better chance if you were to attend all four weeks.

How The Take And Upload A Screenshot

How to take the screen shot for those of you who haven't taken a screen shot before is by pressing the "print screen" button on your keyboard, this is generally on the right hand side. After taking a screen shot, you must then save it to your computer, this is done via "MS Paint" please make sure that you save the screen shot as a ".PNG" file, this will ensure good quality when you upload it, meaning that you will be certain to get your score in to me correctly.

To upload a screen shot please use something like: this is a site that I generally use to upload pictures on and it is very simple to use. After you have selected the picture and pressed "Upload Now" you will be given a lot of different codes to highlight and copy, please copy ONLY the one with the code around it.

After this, you will have to PM me the pictures here

What Will The Winners Gain?

The top three people who have killed the most over the four weeks will gain the right to hold the "gold, silver and bronze" tournament tags, these will be held until the end of the next tournament. However, this is subject to change with the introduction of more tournaments when done.

Sign up and List of People Taking Part

Warrior Nation Name - Runescape Name

WNxPhil422343 - Phil422343

WNxShamanx - Power0111

WNxBecky - Beckyweck

WNxFirelord - WNxFirelord

WNxScarecrow - Crow x killa

WNxSirul21 - Sirul21

WNxJoselito232 - Joselito232

WNxBurningKata - Insanemagus

WNxJig Saw48 - Jig Saw48

Final Message

The final message I can have for all contestants is: Good Luck! and may the best killer win!

Another Tournament that has been around a while and has been threatening to make a come back is the Scavenger Wars, below is the opening post from WNxShamanx about this tournament:

Click the image to open in full size.

What is Scavenger Wars?

Scavenger Wars is a monthly contest in which F2p and P2P members can participate in.

What do you do in Scavenger Wars?

Members who would like to participate in scavenger wars will need to sign up on the monthly scavenger wars thrend. People will then be paired up in groups of 3-4 (depending on how many people sign up) and will go on a scavenger hunt for the items of the month.

Examples of items:
  • Logs (normal - magic)
  • Runes (air - death)
  • Ores (copper/tin - rune)
  • Fish (shrimp - shark)
  • Armors
  • Ect...
Each items have a different point value.

Example of point value:

  • Normal = 5 points
  • Oak = 10 points
  • Willow = 20 points
  • Maple = 40 points
  • Yew = 80 points
  • Magic = 160 points
(hint: Would it be the best choice to go for the higher point items? or go for lower point items and get more of them faster? That is for you and your team to plan out (maby give out jobs))

What is the point to Scavenger Wars?

The point of this contest is to get people working togeather to plan out how they will get the most points by the end of the month. Also to have fun!

Are there any rewards?

Of course there are rewards! The team who has the most points gets some runescape cash along with tournament tags!


There is no way for me to make sure you dont buy the items, so im trusting you dont and play fair

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You will never know how great something is, until you have seen the worst. The RuneScape section is not shy to say that we have in fact seen near to the worst a section can see. We are not shy to admit this because it has greatly shaped the section into the great and successful section it is today. We have had ups and downs since the section was brought into Warrior Nation, Nov. 30, 2004. That is no typo or false information. The RuneScape section has been around for nearly 5 years, and not once have we fallen into the hands of complete failure or defeat. We continue on, thrive to see better days, keeping in mind who we are, as Warrior Nation members, and complete failure is not an option for us.

One of the closes times that I have seen the section fall into defeat is early in my Warrior Nation life, when the section lost 2 Grand Masters in a matter of 3 days. This was hard for its members, and was obvious when the section started losing members very rapidly. Yet, we did not fall back into development, the members remaining built the section back up, because we knew that there were better days ahead of this great section, and this is not how we would go down, not without a fight. If this is not amazing enough, there was another issue added to the fire, another clan. They fought and fought to see our destruction and collapse as a section. Why? Because they did not like how we ran things? Too many rules? We showed them first hand that we, as Warrior Nation members were too strong to let them sink us any lower. We held strong and victory soon was ours. The section once again began to grow, the leadership was fully rebuilt with talented members and we were strong again.

Ever since then, we have not fallen back or dropped to that chaotic level, because we are stronger than that. We have proved time and time again we can defeat the odds and we will continue to.

Nowadays, you will see the RuneScape sections name in the top largest sections in Warrior Nation, and we are proud to be there with all the fighting we have done to get there.

Why are we the best?

All sections in Warrior Nation are equally important, but none have been through what the RuneScape section has, and is here, at this very day, to write about the success that has come from it.

WE ARE the RuneScape section, and we will continue to live on, and represent Warrior Nation in all that we do, good or bad, hard or easy, it is our duty, our oath, our promise .

Click the image to open in full size.

Well, the Runescape speaks for itself. We have gone through all the ups and downs, more so than any other section however we are still here fighting strong and will not be going down if ever without a fight, that is who we are. We have the members, we have the events and we certainly have the determination that is required of a section that any willing enthusiastic member would want to join.

If you want a game that is quick to learn but always finding new things to do then Runescape is your place to be. The friendly atmosphere alone will capture you within our section. Many great members first came from the Runescape section and most who leave us for other members come back at one time or another.

Come check in with our leadership and our members for a great time, we are always looking for new members to join the ranks of our team. The leadership will help you in whatever way that they possibly can to aid you in joining us.

Good luck and hope to see you soon.

Click the image to open in full size.

WNxBecky - Introduction, Why We Are The Best and Conclusion

WNxThundrstruckk - Introduction, Tournaments and Conclusion

WNxPhil422343 - Editing, Co-ordinating Whole Advertisement and All Sections

WNxShamanx - Introduction, Why We Are The Best and Conclusion

WNx Silly PunkD - Events and Conclusion

WNxProtest - Events, Tournaments and Conclusion

And the winners are...

3rd Place: RUNESCAPE!!!!

Fabulous report from the Runescape section ! Enjoy your Avatar + Sig!

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2nd Place: RAPPELZ!!!!

Great job to the Rappelz participators, thanks for participating. Enjoy your Avatar + Sig!

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1st Place: GUILDWARS SERIES!!!!!

This is the THIRD CONSECUTIVE year GWS has taken 1st place. Can you RPG'rs keep up with this power house ? Great report! Enjoy your avatar + sig!

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