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League of Legends (EU West)

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Flag WNxGio

Flag WNxKrakie

Dark Knight

Flag WNxIngeronic


Flag WNxBurnY

Flag WNxCrazyTynke

Flag WNxFlamingSafari

Flag WNxHoaxz

Flag WNxImagineMePro

Flag WNxmarvel

Flag WNxMizuro

Flag WNxMuhamedas

Flag WNxNatsuDragnnel

Flag WNxSadsleeper

Flag WNxSaxySavvy

Flag WNxSkyDuDe

Flag WNxVerty

Flag WNxWhiteGolum

Flag WNxWicked

Flag WNxYnG


Flag WNxAgratah

Flag WNxAppelboom

Flag WNxAtraxias

Flag WNxBeyond

Flag WNxBippy98

Flag WNxCrash333

Flag WNxdasfrei

Flag WNxDefectum

Flag WNxDevothouse

Flag WNxGonden

Flag WNxHavocDK

Flag WNxImpulse

Flag WNxiSuezZijnBaas

Flag WNxJmacho

Flag WNxKelv

Flag WNxKiddaskidda

Flag WNxLinR1991

Flag WNxMasterbump

Flag WNxPampampaaam

Flag WNxQuex

Flag WNxRip

Flag WNxSaber

Flag WNxSannieeeee

Flag WNxSeeYaTryHard

Flag WNxSilver

Flag WNxSushi

Flag WNxThum

Flag WNxTigerfan99

Flag WNxUnknownLink

Flag WNxUnravel

Flag WNxVlahonian


Flag WNx Jc

Flag WNxCrankz

Flag WNxFlikkerbips

Flag WNxGoldey

Flag WNxHellRaver

Flag WNxInstict

Flag WNxiSuez

Flag WNxLioncrisp

Flag WNxMaddy

Flag WNxMasterBlaster

Flag WNxRachael

Flag WNxvision

Flag WNxwhyamiaman

00 - Lt Colonel Tech Ops

Flag WNxTwhiz

Number of primary members: 51
Number of non-primaries: 13
* - Not-Signed Current Roll Call

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