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issueid=3426   03-19-2012 09:10 PM
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Text message notifications
Trying to find or hope to get added text msg notifications

I've searched through the CP and have only found email notifications. What I am hoping to find, or maybe have it added, is a notification of a thread reply for text Msgs. I don't think this would be very hard to implement. We already have email notifications in the system. The reason I am looking for this is some of our members have the old dinosaur cell phones. We are hoping to add a "call to action" thread for important events that happen. These events are something along the line of a Happy Hour (in game currency), or even a major player event that just happened on its own.

I am sure this would be something used widely among the Nation. As some of our members are on the other side of the "pond". And sending out a mass text msg could get ugly like that (actually not really sure how that works or costs but I'd imagine it would be expensive).
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WNxScratch71 is offline   03-20-2012 10:53 AM | Primary:
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Found a way to forward emails to text for cell phones. Will have the guys use this method for now but If there is another way I'd love to hear about it.
WNxAmarines is offline   04-23-2012 05:36 AM | Primary: Development: Other | Secondary: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
It would cost money or reverse charge members to send such notifications. Contact me via PM if you can find a way in which no fee is charged but to my understand this would incur a fee and in such case is never going to be implemented.

Sorry :(

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