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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games  
51st WNxJokazWild JokazWild2 32050
Minecraft Viva Piñata Hexic HD Doritos Crash Course Game Room Send JokazWild2 a message Add JokazWild2 to your friends list
52nd WNxShinji Ashira502 31902
Call of Duty®: Ghosts The Bridge Grand Theft Auto V Magic 2013 Send Ashira502 a message Add Ashira502 to your friends list
53rd WNxRidgeRacer WNxRidgeRacer 31738
Borderlands 2 FH2: Fast & Furious Send WNxRidgeRacer a message Add WNxRidgeRacer to your friends list
54th WNxLostgamersoul Lostgamersoul 31659
Grand Theft Auto V Deadlight Assassin's Creed IV Civilization Revolut'n Toy Soldiers: Cold War Send Lostgamersoul a message Add Lostgamersoul to your friends list
55th WNxKain WNxKain 31330
Kinect Adventures Diablo III Grand Theft Auto V Dead Rising 2 OF: Red River Send WNxKain a message Add WNxKain to your friends list
56th WNxStark Anfernei 28949
StreetFighter IV SSX™ Magic 2013 Magic: The Gathering Monaco Send Anfernei a message Add Anfernei to your friends list
57th WNxAME Highly 3ducated 28915
Modern Warfare® 3 COD: Black Ops II Trials HD Assassin's Creed II Gears of War 2 Send Highly 3ducated a message Add Highly 3ducated to your friends list
58th WNxLmaster Lmaster2 0 28875
Halo Waypoint Halo 4 Castle Crashers Minecraft Toy Soldiers Send Lmaster2 0 a message Add Lmaster2 0 to your friends list
59th WNxm0use WNxm0use 28770
Far Cry® 4 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Far Cry® 3 Far Cry® 2 FarCry Classic Send WNxm0use a message Add WNxm0use to your friends list
60th WNxdemonlegion Demonlegion16 28722
Titanfall Destiny DARK SOULS Fable III Need for Speed™ Rivals Send Demonlegion16 a message Add Demonlegion16 to your friends list
61st WNxVinyl GreatKamina 28513
MGSV:GZ Halo: Reach Metal Gear Solid HD MGS PEACE WALKER HD Far Cry® 3 Send GreatKamina a message Add GreatKamina to your friends list
62nd WNxToxicZombie5 Toxic Zombie5 28435
COD: Black Ops II Gears of War 3 Halo 4 Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty®: Ghosts Send Toxic Zombie5 a message Add Toxic Zombie5 to your friends list
63rd WNx Schumacher iMA Schumacher iMA 27922
GTA: San Andreas Mafia II Call of Duty Black Ops Modern Warfare® 2 F1® 2014 Send Schumacher iMA a message Add Schumacher iMA to your friends list
64th WNxAaronS18635 AaronS18637 27811
Rock Band 3 resident evil 4 Rock Band Blitz SCOTT PILGRIM THE GAME RESIDENT EVIL 5 Send AaronS18637 a message Add AaronS18637 to your friends list
65th WNxChimera55 Chimera55 27240
Darksiders II WATCH_DOGS™ Minecraft RESIDENT EVIL 5 Fable III Send Chimera55 a message Add Chimera55 to your friends list
66th WNxStryker strykk 26587
Minecraft Tony Hawk's PS HD Bomberman LIVE Pure LEGO® Marvel Send strykk a message Add strykk to your friends list
67th WNxLarry WNxKiller2155 26570
COD: Black Ops II Red Dead Redemption GTA IV Castle Crashers Halo Waypoint Send WNxKiller2155 a message Add WNxKiller2155 to your friends list
68th WNxFusionGamerX FusionBunny 26501
LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW FIFA 07 ARCANA HEART 3 FIFA 12 FIFA 13 Send FusionBunny a message Add FusionBunny to your friends list
69th WNxXanaar Xanaar 26191
Dance Central 3 Skyrim Mass Effect 3 Kinectimals Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Send Xanaar a message Add Xanaar to your friends list
70th WNxevertn4lif Keith EFC 26111
FIFA 14 Call of Duty 4 Grand Theft Auto V FIFA 13 Gears of War: Judgment Send Keith EFC a message Add Keith EFC to your friends list
71st WNxpisspawz pisspawz 26060
Battlefield 4 Microsoft Mahjong Call of Duty®: Ghosts Battlefield 3 Microsoft Jigsaw Send pisspawz a message Add pisspawz to your friends list
72nd WNxMelzar22222 Melzar22222 25555
Battlefield 1943™ DYNASTY WARRIORS 7 Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Call of Duty 4 Pure Send Melzar22222 a message Add Melzar22222 to your friends list
73rd WNxTrypzi RoGue xL StatuS 25155
Gears of War: Judgment Modern Warfare® 2 Halo 3 Halo 4 Gears of War 3 Send RoGue xL StatuS a message Add RoGue xL StatuS to your friends list
74th WNxmatthews4130 TanqBeatzZ 25011
Skate 3 Fallout: New Vegas Grand Theft Auto V Battlefield 4 SSX™ Send TanqBeatzZ a message Add TanqBeatzZ to your friends list
75th WNxAsch Aschgard 24810
Despicable Me Call of Duty®: Ghosts COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 3 Battlefield 4 Send Aschgard a message Add Aschgard to your friends list
76th WNxFataalFrietje FataalFrietje 24739
LOTR: War in the North COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 3 Halo 3 Forza Motorsport 3 Send FataalFrietje a message Add FataalFrietje to your friends list
77th WNxDarkNyx DarkBuddha27 24715
Halo 4 Battlefield 4 Battlefield 3 Deus Ex: Human Rev. Mass Effect 3 Send DarkBuddha27 a message Add DarkBuddha27 to your friends list
78th WNxHebe HEBE Killin 24535
Minecraft Dead Island Advanced Warfare Modern Warfare® 3 State of Decay Send HEBE Killin a message Add HEBE Killin to your friends list
79th WNxShadowMonk ShadowM0nk 24022
Red Faction: Guerrilla Minecraft Dishonored Advanced Warfare Destiny Send ShadowM0nk a message Add ShadowM0nk to your friends list
80th WNxJurafalle Jurafalle 23927
Rock Band 3 Gears of War 3 NBA 2K14 2014 FIFA World Cup™ WWE 2K14 Send Jurafalle a message Add Jurafalle to your friends list
81st WNxFelipito PJA413 23850
Far Cry® 3 Borderlands 2 Minecraft Splosion Man Portal 2 Send PJA413 a message Add PJA413 to your friends list
82nd WNxSaltyMcSushi McSushi 23657
Bulletstorm DARK SOULS FIFA 14 Halo: CE Anniversary SOULCALIBUR V Send McSushi a message Add McSushi to your friends list
83rd WNxRzaRaySharp RzaRaySharp 23203
Advanced Warfare Sleeping Dogs™ SplinterCell Blacklist Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Batman: Arkham City™ Send RzaRaySharp a message Add RzaRaySharp to your friends list
84th WNxgman9mm Gman9mm 23075
Left 4 Dead 2 Call of Duty ELITE Battlefield 3 Borderlands 2 COD: Black Ops II Send Gman9mm a message Add Gman9mm to your friends list
85th WNxCevet Arctic Scout07 22915
  Send Arctic Scout07 a message Add Arctic Scout07 to your friends list
86th WNxFeds Feds39 22216
Grand Theft Auto V Ascend: Hand of Kul Rock Band 3 Saints Row: The Third Battlefield 4 Send Feds39 a message Add Feds39 to your friends list
87th WNxGrimReaper WNxGrimReaper 22022
RISK Factions Modern Warfare® 3 DW5 Empires Madden NFL 11 Battlefield 4 Send WNxGrimReaper a message Add WNxGrimReaper to your friends list
88th WNxNextfear Nextfear 21862
SBK®X Battlefield: Bad Co. Halo 4 Madden NFL 10 The Evil Within Send Nextfear a message Add Nextfear to your friends list
89th WNxKujeaux Kujeaux 21530
Hexic HD Battlefield 4 Battlefield 3 Modern Warfare® 2 Grand Theft Auto V Send Kujeaux a message Add Kujeaux to your friends list
90th WNxAznKevin1 AznKevin1 20930
Skyrim DW6 Empires Modern Warfare® 3 Madden NFL 25 Madden NFL 11 Send AznKevin1 a message Add AznKevin1 to your friends list
91st WNxTyr4el S1lentStalker 20851
Hitman: Absolution™ Dead Island NARUTO STORM R Dungeon Defenders Send S1lentStalker a message Add S1lentStalker to your friends list
92nd WNxConjurer Pelendran 20736
Grand Theft Auto V Mass Effect 2 Resident Evil: ORC Borderlands 2 The Witcher 2 Send Pelendran a message Add Pelendran to your friends list
93rd WNxOutis BigWigly 20292
Destiny Fallout: New Vegas DARK SOULS II Left 4 Dead 2 Halo: Reach Send BigWigly a message Add BigWigly to your friends list
94th WNxSkyfire DJ Skyfire 19633
UNO Halo: Reach Modern Warfare® 2 3D Ultra™ Minigolf F1® 2013 Send DJ Skyfire a message Add DJ Skyfire to your friends list
95th WNxMisfit WNxMisfit 19515
Skyrim Ascend: Hand of Kul AirMech Arena Send WNxMisfit a message Add WNxMisfit to your friends list
96th WNxChange Change1211 19250
NFS Hot Pursuit Grand Theft Auto V ACE COMBAT 6 ACE COMBAT: AH NHL® 14 Send Change1211 a message Add Change1211 to your friends list
97th WNxZexion ZexionII 19191
WATCH_DOGS™ NIER Child of Light LIGHTNING RETURNS:FF13 The Bridge Send ZexionII a message Add ZexionII to your friends list
98th WNxMinion Bulldoza9 19185
Advanced Warfare Grand Theft Auto V Minecraft Dishonored Send Bulldoza9 a message Add Bulldoza9 to your friends list
99th WNxCore Corez0r 18950
Assassin's Creed Rogue Assassin's Creed IV Assassin's Creed® III Send Corez0r a message Add Corez0r to your friends list
100th WNxSynquix TngPnchHrFrtBox 18663
Borderlands 2 Borderlands Pre-Sequel Deadpool Call of Duty®: Ghosts Battlefield 4 Send TngPnchHrFrtBox a message Add TngPnchHrFrtBox to your friends list
Showing results 51 to 100 of 281

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