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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games  
101st WNxZexion ZexionII 19191
WATCH_DOGS™ NIER Child of Light LIGHTNING RETURNS:FF13 The Bridge Send ZexionII a message Add ZexionII to your friends list
102nd WNx TheDarthMoogle TheDarthMoogle 18652
GTA IV PC Batman:Arkham City™ PC DARK SOULS Batman: AA GOTY LEGO® Pirates Send TheDarthMoogle a message Add TheDarthMoogle to your friends list
103rd WNxImpulse WNxImpulse 18380
Borderlands 2 Skyrim FIFA 15 Grand Theft Auto V Destiny Send WNxImpulse a message Add WNxImpulse to your friends list
104th WNxSynquix TngPnchHrFrtBox 18163
Borderlands 2 Borderlands Pre-Sequel Deadpool Call of Duty®: Ghosts Battlefield 4 Send TngPnchHrFrtBox a message Add TngPnchHrFrtBox to your friends list
105th WNxCore Corez0r 18095
Assassin's Creed Rogue Assassin's Creed IV Assassin's Creed® III Send Corez0r a message Add Corez0r to your friends list
106th WNxDoc RebelCop 17911
Naughty Bear COD: Black Ops II Family Game Night Microsoft Solitaire Microsoft Minesweeper Send RebelCop a message Add RebelCop to your friends list
107th WNxMinion Bulldoza9 17655
Advanced Warfare Grand Theft Auto V Minecraft Dishonored Send Bulldoza9 a message Add Bulldoza9 to your friends list
108th WNxLink cdkee 17340
StreetFighter IV SF3: Online Edition MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 Mortal Kombat Batman: AA GOTY Send cdkee a message Add cdkee to your friends list
109th WNxSatansDrugBuddy SatansDrugBuddy 17047
Darksiders II Halo 3 Defiance Advanced Warfare NFS Undercover Send SatansDrugBuddy a message Add SatansDrugBuddy to your friends list
110th WNxRip WNxRip 16535
COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 3 Battlefield 3 Halo 4 Assassin's Creed® III Send WNxRip a message Add WNxRip to your friends list
111th WNxNilloc Collin Dood 16465
Battlefield 4 Grand Theft Auto V Destiny Demo KoA: Reckoning Halo 4 Send Collin Dood a message Add Collin Dood to your friends list
112th WNxkahN Peebeez 16425
Guitar Hero III FIFA 11 Rock Band DiRT 3 GRID Send Peebeez a message Add Peebeez to your friends list
113th WNxSergeantAngel Capn DukeDog 16319
DEAD RISING Guitar Hero II Darksiders Batman: AA GOTY Fallout 3 Send Capn DukeDog a message Add Capn DukeDog to your friends list
114th WNxKwayZee KwayZee 16180
Dragon Age Inquisition Skyrim Tomb Raider Game of Thrones The Witcher 2 Send KwayZee a message Add KwayZee to your friends list
115th WNxSlickwitit89 DuFfmAN 718 16140
Advanced Warfare Grand Theft Auto V NBA 2K15 Modern Warfare® 3 Destiny Send DuFfmAN 718 a message Add DuFfmAN 718 to your friends list
116th WNxSnowKittenx snow kitten x 16075
Microsoft Jigsaw Microsoft Bingo Wordament Snap Attack Wordament Modern Warfare® 3 Send snow kitten x a message Add snow kitten x to your friends list
117th WNxInThrowsWeTrust WNxTheMitch 16040
Dishonored Modern Warfare® 2 Rock Band 2 Guitar Hero III Split/Second Send WNxTheMitch a message Add WNxTheMitch to your friends list
118th WNxSoap WNxSoap 15971
Battlefield 4 NARUTO STORM 3 Minecraft Yu-Gi-Oh! MD Doritos Crash Course 2 Send WNxSoap a message Add WNxSoap to your friends list
119th WNxKADAMY KADAMY 15905
  Send KADAMY a message Add KADAMY to your friends list
120th WNxChadzors Chadzors 15855
Halo 4 Grand Theft Auto V Red Dead Redemption RESIDENT EVIL 5 KoA: Reckoning Send Chadzors a message Add Chadzors to your friends list
121st WNxEdgy N3oN x Edgy 15805
Grand Theft Auto V COD: Black Ops II Minecraft Fallout 3 FIFA 15 Send N3oN x Edgy a message Add N3oN x Edgy to your friends list
122nd WNxFlontz VidjaGameJunkie 15684
Grand Theft Auto V Trials HD Feeding Frenzy PAYDAY 2 Deadlight Send VidjaGameJunkie a message Add VidjaGameJunkie to your friends list
123rd WNxTydi Tydi 15269
COD: Black Ops II N+ Assassin's Creed IV Fallout: New Vegas Crackdown Send Tydi a message Add Tydi to your friends list
124th WNxEateroftheworld SASSYTOAD 15260
DARK SOULS Iron Brigade Destiny Beta Halo: Reach Call of Duty 4 Send SASSYTOAD a message Add SASSYTOAD to your friends list
125th WNxReprobated OUTCASTEDJESTER 15065
GTA IV PC Batman: AA GOTY Batman:Arkham City™ PC COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 2 Send OUTCASTEDJESTER a message Add OUTCASTEDJESTER to your friends list
126th WNxAzuma19 Azuma1017 15037
Minecraft Skyrim Destiny Thief Call of Duty®: Ghosts Send Azuma1017 a message Add Azuma1017 to your friends list
127th WNxIceoldsir KSI Icecoldsir 14940
Grand Theft Auto V Guitar Hero II Tales of Vesperia Star Ocean: TLH Modern Warfare® 2 Send KSI Icecoldsir a message Add KSI Icecoldsir to your friends list
128th WNxPsyker WNxPsyker 14897
Skyrim Fable Anniversary Halo: CE Anniversary Grand Theft Auto V Minecraft Send WNxPsyker a message Add WNxPsyker to your friends list
129th WNxVakarianDey Vakarian Dey 14735
COD: Black Ops II Mass Effect 2 NHL® 13 Battlefield 3 Spartacus Legends Send Vakarian Dey a message Add Vakarian Dey to your friends list
130th WNxWargasm87 SerpentTongue01 14655
The Force Unleashed Force Unleashed II Grand Theft Auto V Dragon Ball Z: BOZ Assassin's Creed® III Send SerpentTongue01 a message Add SerpentTongue01 to your friends list
131st WNxShiftea Shifty WN 14580
FIFA 14 Grand Theft Auto V AC Brotherhood SSX™ FIFA 13 Send Shifty WN a message Add Shifty WN to your friends list
132nd WNxVen xXArisenTroutXx 14255
Battlefield 4 World of Tanks Modern Warfare® 2 Halo 4 Call of Duty 4 Send xXArisenTroutXx a message Add xXArisenTroutXx to your friends list
133rd WNxHollow WNxHollow 13726
  Send WNxHollow a message Add WNxHollow to your friends list
134th WNxLawless AbsorbentShark3 13710
COD: Black Ops II Halo 4 Halo: CE Anniversary Skyrim Angry Birds: Star Wars Send AbsorbentShark3 a message Add AbsorbentShark3 to your friends list
135th WNx Blue Dragon WNx Blue Dragon 13293
Minecraft GTA IV Brothers in Arms: HH Assassin's Creed IV Assassin's Creed® III Send WNx Blue Dragon a message Add WNx Blue Dragon to your friends list
136th WNxValencia Lady Silencia 13275
Microsoft Jigsaw Minecraft MONOPOLY® Streets Call of Duty®: Ghosts Grand Theft Auto V Send Lady Silencia a message Add Lady Silencia to your friends list
137th WNxtheblacktiger deluxjb1998 13110
Fallout 3 PAYDAY 2 Fallout: New Vegas Skyrim TC's GRAW Send deluxjb1998 a message Add deluxjb1998 to your friends list
138th WNxAmanda amandanicolee 12982
PvZ Garden Warfare Modern Warfare® 2 Minecraft Borderlands 2 The Wolf Among Us Send amandanicolee a message Add amandanicolee to your friends list
139th WNxKhory Khory4611 12920
Castle Crashers Call of Duty ELITE TRANSFORMERS: FoC Turtles In Time RS Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Send Khory4611 a message Add Khory4611 to your friends list
140th WNxTrAffic TrafficDom 12602
The Raven Far Cry® 3 Call Of Duty 3 Big Bumpin Pocketbike Racer Send TrafficDom a message Add TrafficDom to your friends list
141st WNxJanesAnsible JanesAnsible 12430
Skyrim The Witcher 2 Fable Anniversary Dragon Age Inquisition Send JanesAnsible a message Add JanesAnsible to your friends list
142nd WNxbowfar bowfar 12365
F1® 2014 FIFA 14 Call of Duty®: Ghosts COD: Black Ops II WATCH_DOGS™ Send bowfar a message Add bowfar to your friends list
143rd WNxExile WNxExile 12262
Grand Theft Auto V Skyrim Modern Warfare® 3 Fallout 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Send WNxExile a message Add WNxExile to your friends list
144th WNxCallum Cahlums 12240
Bulletstorm Metal Gear Solid HD Guitar Hero Metallica Grand Theft Auto V MGS PEACE WALKER HD Send Cahlums a message Add Cahlums to your friends list
145th WNxKruna Brutak 12155
Dawn of War II AoE Online Looney Tunes: AA Mirror's Edge™ Golden Axe:Beast Rider Send Brutak a message Add Brutak to your friends list
146th WNxShady OakBadge 11909
Madden NFL 25 Assassin's Creed IV Battlefield 4 NBA 2K13 COD: Black Ops II Send OakBadge a message Add OakBadge to your friends list
147th WNxTiga Rakymaru 11902
UFC Undisputed 2010 Minecraft MX vs ATV Reflex COD: Black Ops II Advanced Warfare Send Rakymaru a message Add Rakymaru to your friends list
148th WNxGuerilla GuerillaDaddio 11895
DARK SOULS Mass Effect Minecraft Mass Effect 3 Rocksmith 2014 Send GuerillaDaddio a message Add GuerillaDaddio to your friends list
149th WNxInfiriae Infiriae 11856
Halo 4 XCOM: Enemy Within Defense Grid Rocksmith The Witcher 2 Send Infiriae a message Add Infiriae to your friends list
150th WNxTripp GeneralTripp 11770
FIFA 15 Grand Theft Auto V Advanced Warfare Army of TWO™: TDC Assassin's Creed IV Send GeneralTripp a message Add GeneralTripp to your friends list
Showing results 101 to 150 of 290

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