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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games  
Rank: 1 1st WnxPub Heroic Blanket 179071
Wordament Snap Attack All Zombies Must Die! AoE: Castle Siege Kinectimals Unleashed SVC: Streets of Rage Send Heroic Blanket a message Add Heroic Blanket to your friends list
Rank: 2 2nd WNxChris WNxChris 100250
Assassin's Creed® III LEGO Star Wars: TCS The Force Unleashed TC's RainbowSix Vegas2 Saints Row IV Send WNxChris a message Add WNxChris to your friends list
Rank: 3 3rd WNxOriginalReaper Reaper665 88559
Rock Band 2 Mass Effect 3 Force Unleashed II Red Dead Redemption Burnout Paradise Send Reaper665 a message Add Reaper665 to your friends list
4th WNxDHare3 DHare33 87145
Heavy Weapon Dungeon Hunter 5 Modern Combat 5 Microsoft Jigsaw Age of Sparta Send DHare33 a message Add DHare33 to your friends list
5th WNxMoriarty TeeMoSupertramp 82891
Red Dead Redemption Saints Row: The Third Red Faction Armageddon Super Meat Boy DiRT Showdown Send TeeMoSupertramp a message Add TeeMoSupertramp to your friends list
6th WNxDeadpool SGT BushyBrowz 71845
Civilization Revolut'n Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Red Dead Redemption Borderlands Feeding Frenzy 2 Send SGT BushyBrowz a message Add SGT BushyBrowz to your friends list
7th WNxStoneGuard DamitStoneGuard 65229
Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect TEKKEN TAG 2 Minecraft Send DamitStoneGuard a message Add DamitStoneGuard to your friends list
8th WNxWormtongue GONNA BURN U 64835
  Send GONNA BURN U a message Add GONNA BURN U to your friends list
9th WNxReapa of Souls Reapa of Souls 56983
GRID 2 LEGO Star Wars: TCS Fable II Fable III Sacred 3 Send Reapa of Souls a message Add Reapa of Souls to your friends list
10th WNxKhelven Khelven 47714
NBA JAM: OFE BAYONETTA Gears of War: Judgment Grand Theft Auto V Dishonored Send Khelven a message Add Khelven to your friends list
11th WNxExectech Exectech 44790
  Send Exectech a message Add Exectech to your friends list
12th WNxLittleRage WNxLittleRage 42610
Mortal Kombat Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty®: Ghosts GTA IV PC Send WNxLittleRage a message Add WNxLittleRage to your friends list
13th WNxstealthkiller stealthkillu 42506
  Send stealthkillu a message Add stealthkillu to your friends list
14th WNxWizzy Wizzy1998 42234
WWE 2K16 GTA IV Red Dead Redemption Halo: Spartan Strike Minecraft Send Wizzy1998 a message Add Wizzy1998 to your friends list
15th WNxRidgeRacer WNxRidgeRacer 38618
Left 4 Dead 2 Tron: Evolution Gears of War 3 Gears of War: Judgment Borderlands 2 Send WNxRidgeRacer a message Add WNxRidgeRacer to your friends list
16th WNxGraslu Graslu 38349
Halo: Reach Halo 3 ACV GE 007™: Reloaded TEKKEN TAG 2 Send Graslu a message Add Graslu to your friends list
17th WNxShinji Ashira502 36322
Supreme Commander 2 Call of Duty®: Ghosts The Bridge Grand Theft Auto V Send Ashira502 a message Add Ashira502 to your friends list
18th WNxJokazWild JokazWild2 32970
Viva Piñata Minecraft Skylanders Trap Team TMNT Minecraft: Story Mode Send JokazWild2 a message Add JokazWild2 to your friends list
19th WNxStryker strykk 30197
The Force Unleashed Minecraft Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft Story Mode Bomberman LIVE Send strykk a message Add strykk to your friends list
20th WNxm0use WNxm0use 29700
Deus Ex: Human Rev. Far Cry® 4 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Far Cry® 3 Far Cry® 2 Send WNxm0use a message Add WNxm0use to your friends list
21st WNxFeds Feds39 28430
BioShock BioShock Infinite Mass Effect Grand Theft Auto V Ascend: Hand of Kul Send Feds39 a message Add Feds39 to your friends list
22nd WNxevertn4lif Keith EFC 28290
FIFA 14 Call of Duty 4 Grand Theft Auto V FIFA 13 Gears of War: Judgment Send Keith EFC a message Add Keith EFC to your friends list
23rd WNxMinion Bulldoza9 27385
Doritos Crash Course Heavy Weapon Left 4 Dead Red Dead Redemption Defense Grid Send Bulldoza9 a message Add Bulldoza9 to your friends list
24th WNxCore Corez0r 27270
  Send Corez0r a message Add Corez0r to your friends list
25th WNxMisfit WNxMisfit 26960
  Send WNxMisfit a message Add WNxMisfit to your friends list
26th WNxJurafalle Jurafalle 25427
Rock Band 3 Gears of War 3 NBA 2K14 2014 FIFA World Cup™ WWE 2K14 Send Jurafalle a message Add Jurafalle to your friends list
27th WNxDarkNyx DarkBuddha27 24765
Halo: Reach Halo 4 Battlefield 4 Battlefield 3 Deus Ex: Human Rev. Send DarkBuddha27 a message Add DarkBuddha27 to your friends list
28th WNxSaltyMcSushi McSushi 23887
Bulletstorm DARK SOULS FIFA 14 Halo: CE Anniversary SOULCALIBUR V Send McSushi a message Add McSushi to your friends list
29th WNxGrimReaper WNxGrimReaper 23312
Terraria Magic 2012 Minecraft BioShock Infinite Assassin's Creed II Send WNxGrimReaper a message Add WNxGrimReaper to your friends list
30th WNxTyr4el S1lentStalker 22586
Castle Crashers NARUTO STORM R Hitman: Absolution™ Dead Island Send S1lentStalker a message Add S1lentStalker to your friends list
31st WNxConjurer Pelendran 20931
Red Dead Redemption Flashback Blue Dragon Lost Odyssey Shadow Complex Send Pelendran a message Add Pelendran to your friends list
32nd WNxImpulse WNxImpulse 18380
Worms 2: Armageddon Naruto Storm 2 Borderlands 2 Skyrim FIFA 15 Send WNxImpulse a message Add WNxImpulse to your friends list
33rd WNxLink cdkee 17340
StreetFighter IV SF3: Online Edition MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 Mortal Kombat Batman: AA GOTY Send cdkee a message Add cdkee to your friends list
34th WNxPsyker WNxPsyker 16977
Gears of War: Judgment Gears of War 2 DEAD RISING PGR 4 Red Dead Redemption Send WNxPsyker a message Add WNxPsyker to your friends list
35th WNxTydi Tydi 16604
Pinball FX2 Skyrim MINI NINJAS™ Magic 2014 MX vs ATV Reflex Send Tydi a message Add Tydi to your friends list
36th WNxRip WNxRip 16535
COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 3 Battlefield 3 Halo 4 Assassin's Creed® III Send WNxRip a message Add WNxRip to your friends list
37th WNxJanesAnsible JanesAnsible 16255
Peggle Mass Effect 3 Gears of War: Judgment Diablo III Deus Ex: Human Rev. Send JanesAnsible a message Add JanesAnsible to your friends list
38th WNxTheMitch WNxTheMitch 16040
Dishonored Modern Warfare® 2 Rock Band 2 Guitar Hero III Split/Second Send WNxTheMitch a message Add WNxTheMitch to your friends list
39th WNxshep iMrShep 15446
Hydro Thunder Viva Piñata Perfect Dark Jetpac Refuelled Banjo-Kazooie Send iMrShep a message Add iMrShep to your friends list
40th WNxEateroftheworld SASSYTOAD 15260
DARK SOULS Iron Brigade Destiny Beta Halo: Reach Call of Duty 4 Send SASSYTOAD a message Add SASSYTOAD to your friends list
41st WNxHellsight Hellsight 14765
South Park™: TSOT Battlefield 4 Dishonored Hitman: Absolution™ Battlefield 3 Send Hellsight a message Add Hellsight to your friends list
42nd WNxTrAffic TrafficDom 14762
MoH Warfighter LEGO Star Wars: TCS Halo 4 Rock Band The Raven Send TrafficDom a message Add TrafficDom to your friends list
43rd WNxShiftea Shifty WN 14610
FIFA 14 Grand Theft Auto V AC Brotherhood SSX™ FIFA 13 Send Shifty WN a message Add Shifty WN to your friends list
44th WNxCrojack Cr0jack 14570
BAYONETTA Joe Danger SE Chronicles of Mystara Diablo III Gears of War Send Cr0jack a message Add Cr0jack to your friends list
45th WNxSpikers Spik3rs 14560
Force Unleashed II The Force Unleashed SSX™ TEKKEN TAG 2 NBA JAM: OFE Send Spik3rs a message Add Spik3rs to your friends list
46th WNxgruff gruff03 14412
LEGO® Pirates The Force Unleashed Burnout Paradise Disney Infinity [2.0] Minecraft Send gruff03 a message Add gruff03 to your friends list
47th WNxHollow WNxHollow 13831
  Send WNxHollow a message Add WNxHollow to your friends list
48th WNxExile WNxExile 12262
Grand Theft Auto V Skyrim Modern Warfare® 3 Fallout 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Send WNxExile a message Add WNxExile to your friends list
49th WNxKruna Brutak 12155
Dawn of War II AoE Online Looney Tunes: AA Mirror's Edge™ Golden Axe:Beast Rider Send Brutak a message Add Brutak to your friends list
50th WNxWolf Wolfmanrlsk 11949
Destiny Halo 4 SOULCALIBUR V Destiny Beta Forza Motorsport 4 Send Wolfmanrlsk a message Add Wolfmanrlsk to your friends list
Showing results 1 to 50 of 109

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