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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games  
301st WNxHyde0709 Hyde0709 2255
Borderlands 2 Borderlands BUBBLE BOBBLE Neo! Gears of War Send Hyde0709 a message Add Hyde0709 to your friends list
302nd WNxShaggy WNxShaggy 2235
Grand Theft Auto V Diablo III WSOP: Full House Pro FINAL FANTASY XIII TW PGA TOUR®13 Send WNxShaggy a message Add WNxShaggy to your friends list
303rd WNxStein omegis8718 2160
Fable Anniversary Fable II Fallout 3 DARK SOULS Tinker Send omegis8718 a message Add omegis8718 to your friends list
304th WNxLeg3nd SwampyKiller 2085
COD: Black Ops II Call of Duty Black Ops Modern Warfare® 2 Halo 3: ODST Halo 3 Send SwampyKiller a message Add SwampyKiller to your friends list
305th WNxa Pocket Rocket a Pocket Rocket 2080
Call of Duty®: Ghosts COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 3 F1 2012 FIFA 13 Send a Pocket Rocket a message Add a Pocket Rocket to your friends list
306th WNx AC WNx AC 2080
  Send WNx AC a message Add WNx AC to your friends list
307th WNxPredator PredatorIsh 2003
Oblivion Halo: Reach Halo Waypoint Modern Warfare® 2 Forza Motorsport 2 Send PredatorIsh a message Add PredatorIsh to your friends list
308th WNxferrarino1fan ferrarino1fan 1970
F1® 2013 F1 2012 MotoGP™13 Forza Horizon DRIVER San Francisco Send ferrarino1fan a message Add ferrarino1fan to your friends list
309th WNxTRuTHSeRuM65 TRuTHSeRuM65 1860
COD: Black Ops II The Walking Dead Full House Poker Madden NFL 13 Kinect Adventures Send TRuTHSeRuM65 a message Add TRuTHSeRuM65 to your friends list
310th WNxUthur Uthurx 1830
DD: Dark Arisen COD: Black Ops II Dawn of War II Send Uthurx a message Add Uthurx to your friends list
311th WNxSmiLey Ag3n7 Steve 1820
Halo 4 DmC Devil May Cry U. MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 Minecraft COD: Black Ops II Send Ag3n7 Steve a message Add Ag3n7 Steve to your friends list
312th WNx Cordrone Cordrone 1820
Grand Theft Auto V Battlefield 4 Battlefield 3 MoH Warfighter Send Cordrone a message Add Cordrone to your friends list
313th WNxYoyo8115 Yoyo8115 1815
Minecraft GTA IV PC DARK SOULS Tron: Evolution Dance Central 2 Send Yoyo8115 a message Add Yoyo8115 to your friends list
314th WNxHrolfTheReborn FREEDQMFIGHTER 1797
Grand Theft Auto V Send FREEDQMFIGHTER a message Add FREEDQMFIGHTER to your friends list
315th WNxDubPanda n0tbubbles 1780
The Force Unleashed Castle Crashers Far Cry® 3 Dead Rising 2 Tomb Raider Send n0tbubbles a message Add n0tbubbles to your friends list
316th WNxbenthebomb bentheb0mb 1745
Portal: Still Alive Skyrim Hunted: Demon's Forge ET: QUAKE Wars Borderlands Send bentheb0mb a message Add bentheb0mb to your friends list
317th WNx He Hate Me HE HATE ME N0W 1590
Call of Duty®: Ghosts Hexic HD Call of Duty Black Ops COD: Black Ops II Grand Theft Auto V Send HE HATE ME N0W a message Add HE HATE ME N0W to your friends list
318th WNxNessy o Nessy o 1506
Halo 4 Kinect Adventures Sonic's UGC Halo: Reach Portal 2 Send o Nessy o a message Add o Nessy o to your friends list
319th WNxHarkenn AtomicCryptic 1500
GTA IV PC Batman:Arkham City™ PC Modern Warfare® 3 Kinect Sports Kinectimals Send AtomicCryptic a message Add AtomicCryptic to your friends list
320th WNxYan DarkYanja 1470
South Park™: TSOT Send DarkYanja a message Add DarkYanja to your friends list
321st WNxLithiumLT LithiumLT 1430
NHL® 13 Red Dead Redemption GTA IV Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Kung Fu Panda Send LithiumLT a message Add LithiumLT to your friends list
322nd WNxTucker104Harley Tucker104Harley 1375
F1® 2013 GRID 2 F1 2012 FIFA 11 Send Tucker104Harley a message Add Tucker104Harley to your friends list
323rd WNxViniqq Connie Komen 1350
FIFA 13 UFC® Undisputed™ 3 Saints Row 2 FIFA 12 SSX™ Send Connie Komen a message Add Connie Komen to your friends list
324th WNxShiraz Shiraz995 1345
FIFA 13 F1 2012 Batman: Arkham City™ Skyrim Modern Warfare® 3 Send Shiraz995 a message Add Shiraz995 to your friends list
325th WNxParkjammer have 1320
Battlefield 2: MC Ridge Racer 6 DEAD OR ALIVE 4 EA SPORTS FN 3 NBA LIVE 06 Send have a message Add have to your friends list
326th WNxFallen AberonTheFallen 1315
Call of Duty®: Ghosts Battlefield 4 COD: Black Ops II Battlefield 3 Hexic HD Send AberonTheFallen a message Add AberonTheFallen to your friends list
Modern Warfare® 3 Call of Duty®: Ghosts MGSV:GZ COD: Black Ops II PAYDAY 2 Send xIRISHxREAP3Rx a message Add xIRISHxREAP3Rx to your friends list
328th WNxSkrillville CaddyKev22 1155
NHL® 14 Battlefield 4 Call of Duty®: Ghosts Diablo III NHL® 13 Send CaddyKev22 a message Add CaddyKev22 to your friends list
329th WNxSkyslash sajeownz 1125
Modern Warfare® 2 COD: Black Ops II Call of Duty ELITE Modern Warfare® 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Send sajeownz a message Add sajeownz to your friends list
330th WNxNataz Natelly 1089
  Send Natelly a message Add Natelly to your friends list
331st WNxAriavellas NoSkills85 1055
FINAL FANTASY XIII Mass Effect Fallout 3 Star Ocean: TLH Venetica Send NoSkills85 a message Add NoSkills85 to your friends list
332nd WNxMateria Aiyverian 1025
Call of Duty: WaW STREET FIGHTER IV Rock Band 2 UFC 2009 Undisputed MLB 2K9 Send Aiyverian a message Add Aiyverian to your friends list
333rd WNxFailSaucePro FailSaucePro 975
Jetpack Joyride Microsoft Mahjong OF: Red River Doodle God™ Six-Guns Send FailSaucePro a message Add FailSaucePro to your friends list
334th WNxEvilSeekerz EvilSeekerzz 910
GTA IV PC Minecraft Grand Theft Auto V Modern Warfare® 3 Aliens vs Predator Send EvilSeekerzz a message Add EvilSeekerzz to your friends list
335th WNxNimbus WNxNimbus 910
SOULCALIBUR V COD: Black Ops II Spartacus Legends Dead Island Lara Croft: GoL Send WNxNimbus a message Add WNxNimbus to your friends list
336th WNxGrievous Souveir 900
Halo 4 Far Cry® 3 Aliens: CM COD: Black Ops II DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi Send Souveir a message Add Souveir to your friends list
337th WNxLeftForDead LividFatPanda 890
  Send LividFatPanda a message Add LividFatPanda to your friends list
338th WNxTalderon Talderon Wolfe 890
  Send Talderon Wolfe a message Add Talderon Wolfe to your friends list
339th WNxAmarines wnxamarines 865
Halo: CE Anniversary Halo: Reach Grand Theft Auto V Dawn of War II Send wnxamarines a message Add wnxamarines to your friends list
340th WNxFireWraith DrNoxer 860
Halo: Reach Halo 4 The Biggest Loser UW Grand Theft Auto V Dance Central 2 Send DrNoxer a message Add DrNoxer to your friends list
341st WNxMiCkO micko 856
FIFA 07 NFS Most Wanted Call of Duty 2 Saints Row 2006 FIFA World Cup™ Send micko a message Add micko to your friends list
342nd WNxSouji souji1 825
The Sims™ 3 Minecraft Microsoft Mahjong COD: Black Ops II Halo 4 Send souji1 a message Add souji1 to your friends list
343rd WNxPink Panther Jethro Tull12 785
Shuffle Party Microsoft Solitaire Hydro Thunder Reckless Racing Microsoft Mahjong Send Jethro Tull12 a message Add Jethro Tull12 to your friends list
344th WNxSenslz pearcyyy21 780
COD: Black Ops II Halo 4 Halo 3 Modern Warfare® 2 Guitar Hero Hits Send pearcyyy21 a message Add pearcyyy21 to your friends list
345th WNxREX94 IIReXReliC 745
Halo 3: ODST Need for Speed™ Carbon Minecraft Blur Serious Sam 3: BFE Send IIReXReliC a message Add IIReXReliC to your friends list
346th WNxMxc725 mxc725 710
BioShock 2 Fallout 3 Halo 3 Fallout 3 Ultimate MK3 Send mxc725 a message Add mxc725 to your friends list
347th WNxVinny VinnyPG 700
FIFA 13 Dungeon Defenders COD: Black Ops II Minecraft Call of Duty: WaW Send VinnyPG a message Add VinnyPG to your friends list
348th WNxClydez Clydesdale 690
Perfect Dark Zero Gears of War Call of Duty 2 DEAD OR ALIVE 4 Oblivion Send Clydesdale a message Add Clydesdale to your friends list
349th WNxFragEmAll WNxFragEmAll 660
Dawn of War II Fallout 3 Send WNxFragEmAll a message Add WNxFragEmAll to your friends list
350th WNxToRni27 WNxToRni27 660
Dawn of War II DiRT 3 Send WNxToRni27 a message Add WNxToRni27 to your friends list
Showing results 301 to 350 of 367

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