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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games  
Rank: 1 1st WnxPub Heroic Blanket 155151
Project Spark Imperia Online Wordament Snap Attack Equalicious Portal: Still Alive Send Heroic Blanket a message Add Heroic Blanket to your friends list
Rank: 2 2nd WNxChris WNxChris 94655
FIFA 14 Grand Theft Auto V Spartacus Legends Ascend: Hand of Kul State of Decay Send WNxChris a message Add WNxChris to your friends list
Rank: 3 3rd WNxCyphster Cyphster 93850
Microsoft Jigsaw SVC: Streets of Rage DiRT 3 Call of Duty Black Ops SEGA MEGA DRIVE UC Send Cyphster a message Add Cyphster to your friends list
4th WNx iRawwwrr Hylian Hero x 92550
South Park™: TSOT DARK SOULS II Civilization Revolut'n Fable Anniversary Skyrim Send Hylian Hero x a message Add Hylian Hero x to your friends list
5th WNxZombieJester C3G Jester 89492
Call of Duty Black Ops The Witcher 2 World At Arms Supreme Commander 2 Mass Effect Send C3G Jester a message Add C3G Jester to your friends list
6th WNxOriginalReaper Reaper665 85834
FAMILY GAME NIGHT 3 Rock Band 2 South Park™: TSOT Banjo-Tooie Perfect Dark Send Reaper665 a message Add Reaper665 to your friends list
7th WNxEnSabac EnSabac 84075
Borderlands 2 Call of Duty®: Ghosts BioShock Infinite Destiny Beta Assassin's Creed IV Send EnSabac a message Add EnSabac to your friends list
8th WNxDHare3 DHare33 77387
Counter-Strike: GO DiRT Showdown A World of Keflings Mass Effect Toy Soldiers Send DHare33 a message Add DHare33 to your friends list
9th WNxChivalric ditchjones 73945
Lara Croft: Relic Run Tiny Troopers 2 Counter-Strike: GO Hitman GO Wordament Send ditchjones a message Add ditchjones to your friends list
10th WNxGazColman Gaz Colman 67588
Call of Duty Black Ops Gears of War Halo Wars OF: Dragon Rising The BIGS 2 Send Gaz Colman a message Add Gaz Colman to your friends list
11th WNxHackjobJonny Torenzi 65457
Fallout: New Vegas State of Decay Halo 4 Castle Crashers Saints Row: The Third Send Torenzi a message Add Torenzi to your friends list
12th WNxCandy TheCandySlayer 64113
Borderlands 2 DARK SOULS II Battlefield 3 Modern Warfare® 3 Saints Row 2 Send TheCandySlayer a message Add TheCandySlayer to your friends list
13th WNxAwp666 JuicelessMango 64030
DARK SOULS II Minecraft Grand Theft Auto V MoH Warfighter Doritos Crash Course 2 Send JuicelessMango a message Add JuicelessMango to your friends list
14th WNxDeadpool SGT BushyBrowz 64000
Fallout 3 Borderlands Trials HD South Park™: TSOT Halo 3 Send SGT BushyBrowz a message Add SGT BushyBrowz to your friends list
15th WNxMuffinatur Das Muffinatur 63196
TC's RainbowSix Vegas2 LOST PLANET 2 Gears of War 3 Fallout 3 Monday Night Combat Send Das Muffinatur a message Add Das Muffinatur to your friends list
16th WNxHawkeye MWilliams76 62120
Saints Row IV Dead Space™ Civilization Revolut'n Counter-Strike: GO OF: Dragon Rising Send MWilliams76 a message Add MWilliams76 to your friends list
17th WNxMravens10 Mravens10 61304
  Send Mravens10 a message Add Mravens10 to your friends list
18th WNxDieCobros DieCobros 59454
DOOM 3 BFG Edition DOOM II DOOM Final Fight: DblImpact The Witcher 2 Send DieCobros a message Add DieCobros to your friends list
19th WNxDubbleChrisP DubbleChrisP 58081
Modern Combat 5 Asphalt 8: Airborne Bulletstorm Toy Soldiers DARK SOULS Send DubbleChrisP a message Add DubbleChrisP to your friends list
20th WNx4evaWasted Foreverwasted 55956
Call of Duty Black Ops Crazy Taxi Soulcalibur IV SVC: Streets of Rage Assassin's Creed IV Send Foreverwasted a message Add Foreverwasted to your friends list
21st WNxAudioVortex Audio Vortex 54827
GRID 2 Defense Grid DOOM Fallout 3 COD: Black Ops II Send Audio Vortex a message Add Audio Vortex to your friends list
22nd WNxReapa of Souls Reapa of Souls 52943
Sacred 3 Mass Effect Grand Theft Auto V DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Saints Row IV Send Reapa of Souls a message Add Reapa of Souls to your friends list
23rd WNxSherrios Sherrios 52290
  Send Sherrios a message Add Sherrios to your friends list
24th WNxCipher JackTheJot 49840
Minecraft: Story Mode Minecraft Story Mode Guitar Hero World Tour Monday Night Combat Perfect Dark Send JackTheJot a message Add JackTheJot to your friends list
25th WNxLakini Ohio Jager King 47160
Grand Theft Auto V Borderlands 2 Battlefield 3 BioShock Infinite TC's EndWar Send Ohio Jager King a message Add Ohio Jager King to your friends list
26th WNxKhelven Khelven 42640
Assassin's Creed Rogue SplinterCell Blacklist AC Liberation HD Assassin's Creed IV Deadpool Send Khelven a message Add Khelven to your friends list
27th WNxLittleRage WNxLittleRage 42610
Mortal Kombat Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty®: Ghosts GTA IV PC Send WNxLittleRage a message Add WNxLittleRage to your friends list
28th WNxExectech Exectech 42390
  Send Exectech a message Add Exectech to your friends list
29th WNxWizzy Wizzy1998 41789
Halo: Spartan Strike Minecraft Project Spark Grand Theft Auto V Max Payne 3 Send Wizzy1998 a message Add Wizzy1998 to your friends list
30th WNxstealthkiller stealthkillu 41481
  Send stealthkillu a message Add stealthkillu to your friends list
31st WNxwillietoo willietoo 39619
Borderlands 2 Diablo III: RoS Forza Horizon Halo Waypoint Forza Motorsport 4 Send willietoo a message Add willietoo to your friends list
32nd WNxmattjoeg xMVPx AcE 39134
Left 4 Dead 2 Left 4 Dead Halo 4 Halo 3 Castle Crashers Send xMVPx AcE a message Add xMVPx AcE to your friends list
33rd WNxMoros WNxMoros 38358
LEGO® Harry Potter™ Dungeon Defenders BattleBlock Theater OF: Red River Fable III Send WNxMoros a message Add WNxMoros to your friends list
34th WNxMaroner WNxMaroner 37800
Grand Theft Auto V Fable III Forza Horizon ACE COMBAT: AH DARK SOULS Send WNxMaroner a message Add WNxMaroner to your friends list
35th WNxGraslu Graslu 37412
Halo 3 COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 2 TEKKEN TAG 2 Halo 4 Send Graslu a message Add Graslu to your friends list
36th WNxHeAt3999 Heat3999 36623
Borderlands Pre-Sequel Modern Warfare® 3 Gears of War Sniper Elite V2 The Wolf Among Us Send Heat3999 a message Add Heat3999 to your friends list
37th WNxMothership jimjam154 35911
Fallout 3 Paintball 2009 DARK SOULS II Grand Theft Auto V DARK SOULS Send jimjam154 a message Add jimjam154 to your friends list
38th WNxShinji Ashira502 33992
Supreme Commander 2 Call of Duty®: Ghosts The Bridge Grand Theft Auto V Send Ashira502 a message Add Ashira502 to your friends list
39th WNxJokazWild JokazWild2 32595
Minecraft Viva Piñata TMNT PAC-MAN™ GHOSTLY ADV Minecraft: Story Mode Send JokazWild2 a message Add JokazWild2 to your friends list
40th WNxItstomatotime ItzTomatoTyme 31357
DARK SOULS Mass Effect Dead Space™ RESIDENT EVIL 6 Battlefield 3 Send ItzTomatoTyme a message Add ItzTomatoTyme to your friends list
41st WNxKain WNxKain 31330
Kinect Adventures Diablo III Grand Theft Auto V Dead Rising 2 OF: Red River Send WNxKain a message Add WNxKain to your friends list
42nd WNxOdisaur Anfernei 31049
NBA JAM: OFE Gears of War 3 Crysis®3 StreetFighter IV SSX™ Send Anfernei a message Add Anfernei to your friends list
43rd WNxAME Highly 3ducated 30185
COD: Black Ops II FIFA 16 Diablo III: RoS Diablo III Trials HD Send Highly 3ducated a message Add Highly 3ducated to your friends list
44th WNxm0use WNxm0use 29700
Deus Ex: Human Rev. Far Cry® 4 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Far Cry® 3 Far Cry® 2 Send WNxm0use a message Add WNxm0use to your friends list
45th WNx Schumacher iMA Schumacher iMA 28607
DiRT 3 Assassin's Creed II Call of Duty Black Ops Halo 4 Send Schumacher iMA a message Add Schumacher iMA to your friends list
46th WNxStryker strykk 27267
Bomberman LIVE Pure Tony Hawk's PS HD TMNT 1989 Arcade Minecraft Send strykk a message Add strykk to your friends list
47th WNxRzaRaySharp RzaRaySharp 26883
Halo Waypoint Borderlands Pre-Sequel Advanced Warfare Sleeping Dogs™ SplinterCell Blacklist Send RzaRaySharp a message Add RzaRaySharp to your friends list
48th WNxevertn4lif Keith EFC 26663
FIFA 14 Call of Duty 4 Grand Theft Auto V FIFA 13 Gears of War: Judgment Send Keith EFC a message Add Keith EFC to your friends list
49th WNxFataalFrietje FataalFrietje 26659
Dead Space™ LOTR: War in the North COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 3 Halo 3 Send FataalFrietje a message Add FataalFrietje to your friends list
50th WNxFusionGamerX FusionBunny 26526
Poker Night 2 DOA5 Last Round LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW FIFA 07 ARCANA HEART 3 Send FusionBunny a message Add FusionBunny to your friends list
Showing results 1 to 50 of 187

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