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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games  
Rank: 1 1st WnxPub Heroic Blanket 139981
Gears of War Project Spark Order & Chaos Online GTA: San Andreas Rayman Fiesta Run Send Heroic Blanket a message Add Heroic Blanket to your friends list
Rank: 2 2nd WNxAndy AndyH00 102316
  Send AndyH00 a message Add AndyH00 to your friends list
Rank: 3 3rd WNxChris WNxChris 94185
FIFA 14 Grand Theft Auto V Spartacus Legends Ascend: Hand of Kul State of Decay Send WNxChris a message Add WNxChris to your friends list
4th WNx iRawwwrr Hylian Hero x 92550
South Park™: TSOT DARK SOULS II Civilization Revolut'n Fable Anniversary Skyrim Send Hylian Hero x a message Add Hylian Hero x to your friends list
5th WNxEnSabac EnSabac 80380
Borderlands 2 Call of Duty®: Ghosts BioShock Infinite Destiny Beta Assassin's Creed IV Send EnSabac a message Add EnSabac to your friends list
6th WNxKeegan The Relent1ess 78454
Halo: Reach TC's RainbowSix Vegas2 Minecraft Call of Duty Black Ops Forza Motorsport 3 Send The Relent1ess a message Add The Relent1ess to your friends list
7th WNxZombieJester C3G Jester 78417
Defiance The Witcher 2 Army of TWO™: TDC Gears of War: Judgment State of Decay Send C3G Jester a message Add C3G Jester to your friends list
8th WNxOriginalReaper Reaper665 78174
The Witcher 2 South Park™: TSOT Walking Dead: Season 2 Rock Band 2 DARK SOULS II Send Reaper665 a message Add Reaper665 to your friends list
9th WNxChivalric SteelSol 65855
Halo: Reach 3 on 3 NHL® Arcade Deadlight Skyrim DARK SOULS II Send SteelSol a message Add SteelSol to your friends list
10th WNxCandy TheCandySlayer 64113
Borderlands 2 DARK SOULS II Battlefield 3 Modern Warfare® 3 Saints Row 2 Send TheCandySlayer a message Add TheCandySlayer to your friends list
11th WNxHackjobJonny Torenzi 61526
Fallout: New Vegas State of Decay Halo 4 Castle Crashers Saints Row: The Third Send Torenzi a message Add Torenzi to your friends list
12th WNxDeadpool SGT BushyBrowz 59185
Borderlands Terraria Halo: CE Anniversary Halo 3 Minecraft Send SGT BushyBrowz a message Add SGT BushyBrowz to your friends list
13th WNxDubbleChrisP DubbleChrisP 57946
Bulletstorm Toy Soldiers DARK SOULS GTA IV PC Microsoft Solitaire Send DubbleChrisP a message Add DubbleChrisP to your friends list
14th WNxGazColman Gaz Colman 57598
F1 2010™ Minecraft F1® 2014 Microsoft Solitaire F1® 2013 Send Gaz Colman a message Add Gaz Colman to your friends list
15th WNxAwp666 JuicelessMango 55360
DARK SOULS II Minecraft Grand Theft Auto V MoH Warfighter Doritos Crash Course 2 Send JuicelessMango a message Add JuicelessMango to your friends list
16th WNxVelcro VeIcr0 55052
Grand Theft Auto V Modern Warfare® 3 South Park NFS Undercover COD: Black Ops II Send VeIcr0 a message Add VeIcr0 to your friends list
17th WNxMuffinatur Das Muffinatur 54961
Destiny Pinball FX2 Defiance BioShock Gears of War 3 Send Das Muffinatur a message Add Das Muffinatur to your friends list
18th WNxHawkeye MWilliams76 54825
Wordament Snap Attack Wordament Madden NFL 08 NHL 2K6 Minecraft Send MWilliams76 a message Add MWilliams76 to your friends list
19th WNxRAGE WNxRAGE 54549
Assassin's Creed Rogue Batman™ Arkham Origins Naughty Bear South Park™: TSOT TC's RainbowSix Vegas Send WNxRAGE a message Add WNxRAGE to your friends list
20th WNx4evaWasted Foreverwasted 52921
Assassin's Creed IV The Wolf Among Us COD: Black Ops II Fallout: New Vegas Call of Duty®: Ghosts Send Foreverwasted a message Add Foreverwasted to your friends list
21st WNxRuStLeDxJiMmY33 RuStLeDxJiMmY33 51821
Dungeon Defenders Bound by Flame Diablo III Dust: An Elysian Tail Borderlands 2 Send RuStLeDxJiMmY33 a message Add RuStLeDxJiMmY33 to your friends list
22nd WNxDieCobros DieCobros 51597
Batman: Arkham City™ Lost Odyssey F1® 2013 Mafia II Darkstalkers Send DieCobros a message Add DieCobros to your friends list
23rd WNxShweenz The Shweenz 50133
The Witcher 2 MGS PEACE WALKER HD Guardians of M-e Dragon Age: Origins Walking Dead: Season 2 Send The Shweenz a message Add The Shweenz to your friends list
24th WNxReapa of Souls Reapa of Souls 49028
Grand Theft Auto V DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Saints Row IV DD: Dark Arisen DYNASTY WARRIORS 7 Send Reapa of Souls a message Add Reapa of Souls to your friends list
25th WNxLakini Ohio Jager King 47160
Grand Theft Auto V Borderlands 2 Battlefield 3 BioShock Infinite TC's EndWar Send Ohio Jager King a message Add Ohio Jager King to your friends list
26th WNxCipher JackTheJot 44995
Modern Warfare® 2 Grand Theft Auto V Walking Dead: Season 2 Kinect Adventures Halo 3 Send JackTheJot a message Add JackTheJot to your friends list
27th WNxvegetto71 Vegetto71 44673
Grand Theft Auto V Hitman: Absolution™ WWE 2K14 Assassin's Creed IV Sniper Elite V2 Send Vegetto71 a message Add Vegetto71 to your friends list
28th WNxSirRollioJonson SirRollioJons0n 43525
Terraria Kinect Adventures Fallout: New Vegas LEGO® Indiana Jones™ 2 Skyrim Send SirRollioJons0n a message Add SirRollioJons0n to your friends list
29th WNxSmellbringer wadeSmellbringr 43290
Assassin's Creed Rogue Sonic Adventure 2 COD: Black Ops II Halo: Reach Halo 3: ODST Send wadeSmellbringr a message Add wadeSmellbringr to your friends list
30th WNxLittleRage WNxLittleRage 42610
Mortal Kombat Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty®: Ghosts GTA IV PC Send WNxLittleRage a message Add WNxLittleRage to your friends list
31st WNxKingPin daniels1989 42565
Borderlands 2 Call of Duty 4 Call of Duty Black Ops Saints Row IV Blur Send daniels1989 a message Add daniels1989 to your friends list
32nd WNxWizzy Wizzy1998 41679
Project Spark Grand Theft Auto V Max Payne 3 Tomb Raider Injustice Send Wizzy1998 a message Add Wizzy1998 to your friends list
33rd WNxSilent Silent Chimp 41541
DARK SOULS Forza Motorsport 4 COD: Black Ops II SplinterCellConviction Left 4 Dead 2 Send Silent Chimp a message Add Silent Chimp to your friends list
34th WNxstealthkiller stealthkillu 41481
  Send stealthkillu a message Add stealthkillu to your friends list
35th WNxExectech Exectech 40145
  Send Exectech a message Add Exectech to your friends list
36th WNxKhelven Khelven 39930
Advanced Warfare SplinterCell Blacklist Shadow of Mordor™ Destiny Remember Me™ Send Khelven a message Add Khelven to your friends list
37th WNxWTVR severed360 38980
resident evil 4 Gears of War: Judgment GTA IV Assassin's Creed II Red Dead Redemption Send severed360 a message Add severed360 to your friends list
38th WNxIIvIIitch IIvIIitch 38665
  Send IIvIIitch a message Add IIvIIitch to your friends list
39th WNxMoros WNxMoros 38283
BattleBlock Theater Assassin's Creed® III FIFA 15 Red Dead Redemption Spelunky Send WNxMoros a message Add WNxMoros to your friends list
40th WNxmattjoeg xMVPx AcE 38209
  Send xMVPx AcE a message Add xMVPx AcE to your friends list
41st WNxMaroner WNxMaroner 37800
Grand Theft Auto V Fable III Forza Horizon ACE COMBAT: AH DARK SOULS Send WNxMaroner a message Add WNxMaroner to your friends list
42nd WNxLiebgott CronixSc0p3r 37050
South Park™: TSOT NBA 2K14 Zumba Fitness CORE Madden NFL 25 Dance Central 3 Send CronixSc0p3r a message Add CronixSc0p3r to your friends list
43rd WNxGraslu Graslu 36212
TEKKEN TAG 2 Perfect Dark Halo 3 GTA IV PC Bulletstorm Send Graslu a message Add Graslu to your friends list
44th WNxFiresamiel FIRESAMIEL 35550
Grand Theft Auto V Minecraft COD: Black Ops II DiRT 3 Dishonored Send FIRESAMIEL a message Add FIRESAMIEL to your friends list
45th WNxTutata tutata 35193
BattleBlock Theater Super Meat Boy Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Halo 4 Minecraft Send tutata a message Add tutata to your friends list
46th WNxWhoKilledYouFTW WhoKilledYouFTW 34650
  Send WhoKilledYouFTW a message Add WhoKilledYouFTW to your friends list
47th WNxHeAt3999 Heat3999 33499
Borderlands Pre-Sequel Modern Warfare® 3 Gears of War Sniper Elite V2 The Wolf Among Us Send Heat3999 a message Add Heat3999 to your friends list
48th WNxWormtongue GONNA BURN U 32250
Dragon Age: Origins Call of Duty®: Ghosts Army of TWO™: TDC Fable III Gotham City Impostors Send GONNA BURN U a message Add GONNA BURN U to your friends list
49th WNx flying YOYO flying YOYO 32087
DARK SOULS DARK SOULS II Grand Theft Auto V Rock Band 2 DMC HD Collection Send flying YOYO a message Add flying YOYO to your friends list
50th WNxwillietoo willietoo 32049
Borderlands 2 Diablo III: RoS Forza Horizon Halo Waypoint Forza Motorsport 4 Send willietoo a message Add willietoo to your friends list
Showing results 1 to 50 of 301

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