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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games  
151st WNxNilloc Collin Dood 14085
Skyrim Minecraft Forza Motorsport 3 Halo 4 KoA: Reckoning Send Collin Dood a message Add Collin Dood to your friends list
152nd WNxLawless AbsorbentShark3 13710
COD: Black Ops II Halo 4 Halo: CE Anniversary Skyrim Angry Birds: Star Wars Send AbsorbentShark3 a message Add AbsorbentShark3 to your friends list
153rd WNxKwayZee KwayZee 13625
Skyrim Oblivion BioShock Call of Duty®: Ghosts BattleBlock Theater Send KwayZee a message Add KwayZee to your friends list
154th WNxHollow WNxHollow 13546
  Send WNxHollow a message Add WNxHollow to your friends list
155th WNxSkull Basherer skull BASherer 13544
Guitar Hero Metallica Gears of War 3 Halo 4 DARK SOULS II Guitar Hero III Send skull BASherer a message Add skull BASherer to your friends list
156th WNxOndaedge45 ondaedge45 13210
Diablo III Infinite Undiscovery Borderlands 2 FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 Fallout: New Vegas Send ondaedge45 a message Add ondaedge45 to your friends list
157th WNxmike90t09 MIKE90T09 13111
  Send MIKE90T09 a message Add MIKE90T09 to your friends list
158th WNx PravusJSB PravusJSB 12840
  Send PravusJSB a message Add PravusJSB to your friends list
159th WNx Blue Dragon WNx Blue Dragon 12838
BioShock Infinite Skylanders Assassin's Creed IV Red Dead Redemption Assassin's Creed II Send WNx Blue Dragon a message Add WNx Blue Dragon to your friends list
160th WNxAzuma19 Azuma1017 12727
Destiny Fable III Dishonored Dead Rising 2 Call of Duty®: Ghosts Send Azuma1017 a message Add Azuma1017 to your friends list
161st WNxExile WNxExile 12242
Modern Warfare® 3 Fallout 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Halo 3 Halo 4 Send WNxExile a message Add WNxExile to your friends list
162nd WNxKruna Brutak 12155
Dawn of War II AoE Online Looney Tunes: AA Mirror's Edge™ Golden Axe:Beast Rider Send Brutak a message Add Brutak to your friends list
163rd WNxHeavensHell HevansHell 11975
Sonic Adventure Saints Row 2 The Walking Dead Halo 4 The Witcher 2 Send HevansHell a message Add HevansHell to your friends list
164th WNxShady OakBadge 11909
Madden NFL 25 Assassin's Creed IV Battlefield 4 NBA 2K13 COD: Black Ops II Send OakBadge a message Add OakBadge to your friends list
165th WNxMrSir XDoomSoldierX 11875
Dust: An Elysian Tail Halo 4 Gotham City Impostors TEKKEN TAG 2 Minecraft Send XDoomSoldierX a message Add XDoomSoldierX to your friends list
166th WNxFizzix MetaFizzix 11835
Call of Duty®: Ghosts Call of Duty: WaW Modern Warfare® 3 GTA IV Dead Island Send MetaFizzix a message Add MetaFizzix to your friends list
167th WNxTiga Rakymaru 11827
Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty®: Ghosts COD: Black Ops II Army of TWO™: TFD NHL® 12 Send Rakymaru a message Add Rakymaru to your friends list
168th WNxIcee white liquid 11743
GTA IV Tomb Raider Underworld Portal 2 Halo: Reach Gears of War 2 Send white liquid a message Add white liquid to your friends list
169th WNxShagglet Lord Pot Head 11675
Grand Theft Auto V Halo 4 STREETFIGHTER X TEKKEN Modern Warfare® 2 Call of Duty Black Ops Send Lord Pot Head a message Add Lord Pot Head to your friends list
170th WNxWargasm87 SerpentTongue01 11620
Grand Theft Auto V Dragon Ball Z: BOZ Assassin's Creed® III FIFA 12 Skyrim Send SerpentTongue01 a message Add SerpentTongue01 to your friends list
171st WNxJango Fett Marty212 11614
Grand Theft Auto V Saints Row 2 NCAA® Football 12 Call of Duty Black Ops GTA IV Send Marty212 a message Add Marty212 to your friends list
172nd WNxInfiriae Infiriae 11596
Dishonored AC for Answer Charlie Murder Defense Grid Borderlands 2 Send Infiriae a message Add Infiriae to your friends list
173rd WNxBW Sneaky QC Dan le dur 11460
DARK SOULS II Grand Theft Auto V Gears of War 2 TC's RainbowSix Vegas Forza Motorsport 4 Send Dan le dur a message Add Dan le dur to your friends list
174th WNxGuvnor Whos The Guv 11422
World of Tanks Call of Duty®: Ghosts COD: Black Ops II Hitman: Absolution™ Modern Warfare® 3 Send Whos The Guv a message Add Whos The Guv to your friends list
175th WNxKhorneFlakesThe1st Viking1307 11389
Halo 4 LEGO® LotR Fable III Battlefield 3 Skyrim Send Viking1307 a message Add Viking1307 to your friends list
176th WNxGuiltySarcasm GUiLtySarCaSM 11280
Grand Theft Auto V Skate 3 Blur Warface Trials Fusion Send GUiLtySarCaSM a message Add GUiLtySarCaSM to your friends list
177th WNxtheblacktiger deluxjb1998 11260
Far Cry® 3 MLB 2K11 COD: Black Ops II Fallout: New Vegas Fallout 3 Send deluxjb1998 a message Add deluxjb1998 to your friends list
178th WNxshep iMrShep 11246
Grand Theft Auto V Dishonored Saints Row: The Third Charlie Murder StreetFighter IV Send iMrShep a message Add iMrShep to your friends list
179th WNxBuba VCbubagimp 11179
Mass Effect Mass Effect 3 Gears of War 2 Skyrim Sniper: Ghost Warrior Send VCbubagimp a message Add VCbubagimp to your friends list
180th WNxJanesAnsible JanesAnsible 10880
The Witcher 2 Left 4 Dead 2 StreetFighter IV Diablo III Send JanesAnsible a message Add JanesAnsible to your friends list
181st WNxBroesph Broesph91 10775
Dragon Age: Origins Mass Effect 3 RESIDENT EVIL 5 Mass Effect 2 Halo 4 Send Broesph91 a message Add Broesph91 to your friends list
182nd WNxLions Car62393 10611
Grand Theft Auto V Halo 4 GTA IV Call of Duty Black Ops COD: Black Ops II Send Car62393 a message Add Car62393 to your friends list
183rd WNxKhory Khory4611 10495
Castle Crashers Call of Duty ELITE TRANSFORMERS: FoC Turtles In Time RS Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Send Khory4611 a message Add Khory4611 to your friends list
184th WNxHaxx HaxBrownies 10480
DARK SOULS DARK SOULS II Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Grand Theft Auto V Castle Crashers Send HaxBrownies a message Add HaxBrownies to your friends list
185th WNxSLOTH MJxCHAOSxMJ 10410
GTA IV PC COD: Black Ops II Call of Duty Black Ops Halo: Reach Midnight Club: LA Send MJxCHAOSxMJ a message Add MJxCHAOSxMJ to your friends list
186th WNxWolf Wolfmanrlsk 10409
Destiny Halo 4 SOULCALIBUR V Destiny Beta Forza Motorsport 4 Send Wolfmanrlsk a message Add Wolfmanrlsk to your friends list
187th WNxbowfar bowfar 10380
F1® 2013 FIFA 12 COD: Black Ops II Need for Speed™ SHIFT Gears of War 2 Send bowfar a message Add bowfar to your friends list
188th WNxErlien Erlien 10365
DARK SOULS GTA IV PC Mortal Kombat Arcade Section 8 PC Kinect Sports Send Erlien a message Add Erlien to your friends list
189th WNxTrAffic TrafficDom 10297
Call of Duty®: Ghosts Madden NFL 15 Big Bumpin Minecraft Warface Send TrafficDom a message Add TrafficDom to your friends list
190th WNxutopian0 Utopian0 10164
Halo 4 Diablo III Sleeping Dogs™ Skyrim Assassin's Creed II Send Utopian0 a message Add Utopian0 to your friends list
191st WNxZhi SavingNone 10075
Skyrim Minecraft COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 2 Halo 4 Send SavingNone a message Add SavingNone to your friends list
192nd WNxFloes Floes3 9775
Forza Horizon Guitar Hero III Grand Theft Auto V South Park™: TSOT Red Dead Redemption Send Floes3 a message Add Floes3 to your friends list
193rd WNxFireDrake WNxFireDrake 9670
Dawn of War II Forza Motorsport 3 Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect Send WNxFireDrake a message Add WNxFireDrake to your friends list
194th WNxLordkabal26 KABAL KAOS 9570
  Send KABAL KAOS a message Add KABAL KAOS to your friends list
195th WNxKerr WNxR3TARDIS 9384
F1® 2013 COD: Black Ops II World of Tanks Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty®: Ghosts Send WNxR3TARDIS a message Add WNxR3TARDIS to your friends list
196th WNxSagemred sagemred 9250
GTA IV PC Batman:Arkham City™ PC DiRT 3 Dead Rising 2 Batman: AA GOTY Send sagemred a message Add sagemred to your friends list
197th WNxMassDrop7 MassDrop7 9000
Dust: An Elysian Tail Eternal Sonata Motocross Madness DARK SOULS I AM Alive Send MassDrop7 a message Add MassDrop7 to your friends list
198th WNxHeadhunter TraverseMist758 8985
Gears of War 3 Darksiders II BAYONETTA Borderlands 2 Metal Gear Solid HD Send TraverseMist758 a message Add TraverseMist758 to your friends list
199th WNxDraxxus Redcoat17 8905
Assassin's Creed IV Dawn of War II ACE COMBAT 6 The Darkness II Halo 4 Send Redcoat17 a message Add Redcoat17 to your friends list
200th WNxLocklear CP Locklear09 8868
Dawn of War II Modern Warfare® 2 Halo 3 Halo 3: ODST Call of Duty 4 Send CP Locklear09 a message Add CP Locklear09 to your friends list
Showing results 151 to 200 of 353

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