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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games  
151st WNxshep iMrShep 11386
BioShock Infinite Grand Theft Auto V COD: Black Ops II MX vs. ATV Alive SSX™ Send iMrShep a message Add iMrShep to your friends list
152nd WNxGuiltySarcasm GUiLtySarCaSM 11315
Grand Theft Auto V Skate 3 Far Cry® 3 Trials Fusion FIFA 11 Send GUiLtySarCaSM a message Add GUiLtySarCaSM to your friends list
153rd WNxBuba VCbubagimp 11179
Mass Effect Mass Effect 3 Gears of War 2 Skyrim Sniper: Ghost Warrior Send VCbubagimp a message Add VCbubagimp to your friends list
154th WNxWolf Wolfmanrlsk 10964
Destiny Halo 4 SOULCALIBUR V Destiny Beta Forza Motorsport 4 Send Wolfmanrlsk a message Add Wolfmanrlsk to your friends list
155th WNxZhi SavingNone 10620
Destiny Battlefield 4 Iron Brigade Assassin's Creed® III Minecraft Send SavingNone a message Add SavingNone to your friends list
156th WNxMasteroliw YoungOliwer 10515
Doritos Crash Course Fruit Ninja Kinect Halo Wars Castlevania HD Forza Motorsport 2 Send YoungOliwer a message Add YoungOliwer to your friends list
157th WNxHaxx HaxBrownies 10510
Tony Hawk's PS HD NFL Blitz Hydrophobia Toy Soldiers Castle Crashers Send HaxBrownies a message Add HaxBrownies to your friends list
158th WNxSLOTH MJxCHAOSxMJ 10410
GTA IV PC COD: Black Ops II Call of Duty Black Ops Halo: Reach Midnight Club: LA Send MJxCHAOSxMJ a message Add MJxCHAOSxMJ to your friends list
159th WNxErlien Erlien 10365
DARK SOULS GTA IV PC Mortal Kombat Arcade Section 8 PC Kinect Sports Send Erlien a message Add Erlien to your friends list
160th WNxTripp GeneralTripp 10180
FIFA 15 Grand Theft Auto V Advanced Warfare Tomb Raider Assassin's Creed IV Send GeneralTripp a message Add GeneralTripp to your friends list
161st WNxBowe MotivatedBow53 10115
Call of Duty®: Ghosts FIFA 14 Borderlands 2 Assassin's Creed IV Battlefield 4 Send MotivatedBow53 a message Add MotivatedBow53 to your friends list
162nd WNxHeadhunter TraverseMist758 9885
Halo 3: ODST Metal Gear Solid HD Darksiders II Mortal Kombat Borderlands Pre-Sequel Send TraverseMist758 a message Add TraverseMist758 to your friends list
163rd WNxFloes Floes3 9810
Microsoft Mahjong NARUTO STORM 3 Skyrim Call of Duty Black Ops Forza Horizon Send Floes3 a message Add Floes3 to your friends list
164th WNxAzotum Azotum 9781
FIFA 13 Fable Anniversary Far Cry® 3 Modern Warfare® 3 Forza Motorsport 3 Send Azotum a message Add Azotum to your friends list
165th WNxFireDrake WNxFireDrake 9670
Dawn of War II Forza Motorsport 3 Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect Send WNxFireDrake a message Add WNxFireDrake to your friends list
166th WNxLordkabal26 KABAL KAOS 9645
  Send KABAL KAOS a message Add KABAL KAOS to your friends list
167th WNxMaddog maddog2567 9487
  Send maddog2567 a message Add maddog2567 to your friends list
168th WNxIrvine GoDz I GoThIc 9445
AoE: Castle Siege Call of Duty®: Ghosts COD: Black Ops II Send GoDz I GoThIc a message Add GoDz I GoThIc to your friends list
169th WNxSagemred sagemred 9250
GTA IV PC DiRT 3 OF: Red River Batman:Arkham City™ PC Dead Rising 2 Send sagemred a message Add sagemred to your friends list
170th WNxSpikers Spik3rs 9250
Mortal Kombat Arcade Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty®: Ghosts COD: Black Ops II Battlefield 4 Send Spik3rs a message Add Spik3rs to your friends list
171st WNxSlySamurai PyroDubz 8970
COD: Black Ops II Gears of War 3 Unreal Tournament® 3 Halo 3 Happy Wars Send PyroDubz a message Add PyroDubz to your friends list
172nd WNxBetaOrion Beta Orion 8905
Gears of War 3 LIMBO Gears of War: Judgment Castle Crashers Bastion Send Beta Orion a message Add Beta Orion to your friends list
173rd WNxDraxxus Redcoat17 8905
Assassin's Creed IV Dawn of War II ACE COMBAT 6 The Darkness II Halo 4 Send Redcoat17 a message Add Redcoat17 to your friends list
174th WNxskymaggot SkyMaggot 8900
Minecraft Deadpool Iron Man Call of Duty®: Ghosts Call of Duty 4 Send SkyMaggot a message Add SkyMaggot to your friends list
175th WNxLocklear CP Locklear09 8868
Dawn of War II Modern Warfare® 2 Halo 3 Halo 3: ODST Call of Duty 4 Send CP Locklear09 a message Add CP Locklear09 to your friends list
176th WNxDami916 Dami916 8710
Call of Duty®: Ghosts Call of Duty ELITE COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 3 Halo 3 Send Dami916 a message Add Dami916 to your friends list
177th WNxBikerRat1 BIKER RAT 1 8514
Minecraft TigerWoodsPGATOUR® 09 Call of Duty®: Ghosts StreetFighter IV DARK SOULS Send BIKER RAT 1 a message Add BIKER RAT 1 to your friends list
178th WNxCrojack Cr0jack 8355
Fallout 3 Marvel Ult. Alliance 2 Marvel Ult. Alliance Diablo III Batman: Arkham City™ Send Cr0jack a message Add Cr0jack to your friends list
179th WNx Samothrace Icefang73 8180
LEGO® Marvel Halo: Reach Skylanders SWAP Force Halo 4 Halo 3 Send Icefang73 a message Add Icefang73 to your friends list
180th WNxNoob622 X noob622 X 8110
Toy Soldiers: Cold War Grand Theft Auto V Call of Duty®: Ghosts COD: Black Ops II Hexic HD Send X noob622 X a message Add X noob622 X to your friends list
181st WNxvor928 Bubbsky 8040
NHL® 12 AC Revelations WATCH_DOGS™ Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 COD: Black Ops II Send Bubbsky a message Add Bubbsky to your friends list
182nd WNxDrDestr0y3r xXCHrON1C4200Xx 8010
Madden NFL 15 Burnout Revenge Darksiders II Mortal Kombat vs. DCU Destiny Send xXCHrON1C4200Xx a message Add xXCHrON1C4200Xx to your friends list
183rd WNxAnimoski Animoski 7980
COD: Black Ops II Call of Duty®: Ghosts Modern Warfare® 3 Grand Theft Auto V Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Send Animoski a message Add Animoski to your friends list
184th WNxgruff gruff03 7145
Assassin's Creed Rogue Advanced Warfare Assassin's Creed NFS Hot Pursuit Call of Duty®: Ghosts Send gruff03 a message Add gruff03 to your friends list
185th WNxAbion47 Abion47 7118
GTA IV PC DiRT 3 Dead Rising 2 BioShock 2 AoE Online Send Abion47 a message Add Abion47 to your friends list
186th WNxHoojoe Regalicious 7110
Grand Theft Auto V Minecraft Gears of War 3 Red Dead Redemption Dungeon Siege III Send Regalicious a message Add Regalicious to your friends list
187th WNxHazardBE HazardBE 7041
Grand Theft Auto V Battlefield 1943™ Dragon Age: Origins ACE COMBAT: AH Fallout 3 Send HazardBE a message Add HazardBE to your friends list
188th WNxHobbit4 Thansor 6895
Halo 4 Halo Waypoint Hexic HD Send Thansor a message Add Thansor to your friends list
189th WNxTWHIZ Silly PunkD 6580
Blur Modern Warfare® 2 Minecraft Borderlands Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Send Silly PunkD a message Add Silly PunkD to your friends list
190th WNxPraiseJeebis PraiseJeebis420 6507
Happy Wars World of Tanks Battlefield 4 Civilization Revolut'n Iron Brigade Send PraiseJeebis420 a message Add PraiseJeebis420 to your friends list
191st WNxFloatingCloth FloatingCloth 6477
DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE Sniper Elite V2 BFH Beta Titanfall Civilization Revolut'n Send FloatingCloth a message Add FloatingCloth to your friends list
192nd WNxSpeedRacerx117 SpeedRacerX117 6355
Halo Wars Modern Warfare® 3 SOULCALIBUR V Halo: Reach Call of Duty®: Ghosts Send SpeedRacerX117 a message Add SpeedRacerX117 to your friends list
193rd WNxAtmaHex AtmaHex 6257
Destiny COD: Black Ops II Grand Theft Auto V World of Tanks Wipeout In The Zone Send AtmaHex a message Add AtmaHex to your friends list
194th WNxVampire WNxVampire 6128
Destiny The Beatles: Rock Band Rock Band 2 Skyrim Grand Theft Auto V Send WNxVampire a message Add WNxVampire to your friends list
195th WNxGiveX GiveX 5881
Halo 4 Call of Duty Black Ops LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW Gears of War 3 AC Revelations Send GiveX a message Add GiveX to your friends list
196th WNxIzanagi Izanagi Is Gosu 5680
Iron Brigade A World of Keflings NCAA® Football 14 Tales of Vesperia Spartacus Legends Send Izanagi Is Gosu a message Add Izanagi Is Gosu to your friends list
197th WNxPrisman iTsShOwTyMe09 5660
Grand Theft Auto V DARK SOULS PvZ Garden Warfare Diablo III Call of Duty®: Ghosts Send iTsShOwTyMe09 a message Add iTsShOwTyMe09 to your friends list
198th WNxPurpleBriefs PurpleBriefs 5630
Call of Duty®: Ghosts SSX™ Send PurpleBriefs a message Add PurpleBriefs to your friends list
199th WNxRoetorooter Roetorooter 5570
DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Grand Theft Auto V Madden NFL 15 Madden NFL 11 RESIDENT EVIL 5 Send Roetorooter a message Add Roetorooter to your friends list
200th WNxCloudicity DownsPlayer 5510
Fallout 3 Halo 4 Call of Duty Black Ops Halo Waypoint Minecraft Send DownsPlayer a message Add DownsPlayer to your friends list
Showing results 151 to 200 of 298

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