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Rank User Name GamerTag Score Reputation Games  
51st WNxLink cdkee 17340
StreetFighter IV SF3: Online Edition MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3 Mortal Kombat Batman: AA GOTY Send cdkee a message Add cdkee to your friends list
52nd WNxTydi Tydi 16604
MINI NINJAS™ Magic 2014 MX vs ATV Reflex Magic 2012 Magic 2013 Send Tydi a message Add Tydi to your friends list
53rd WNxRip WNxRip 16535
COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 3 Battlefield 3 Halo 4 Assassin's Creed® III Send WNxRip a message Add WNxRip to your friends list
54th WNxPsyker WNxPsyker 16297
Gears of War 2 DEAD RISING PGR 4 Red Dead Redemption Gears of War: Judgment Send WNxPsyker a message Add WNxPsyker to your friends list
55th WNxTheMitch WNxTheMitch 16040
Dishonored Modern Warfare® 2 Rock Band 2 Guitar Hero III Split/Second Send WNxTheMitch a message Add WNxTheMitch to your friends list
56th WNxFearmymonkey13 FearMyMonkey13 15705
Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Geometry Wars Evolved DiRT 3 Pinball FX 2 Send FearMyMonkey13 a message Add FearMyMonkey13 to your friends list
57th WNxEateroftheworld SASSYTOAD 15260
DARK SOULS Iron Brigade Destiny Beta Halo: Reach Call of Duty 4 Send SASSYTOAD a message Add SASSYTOAD to your friends list
58th WNxJanesAnsible JanesAnsible 15110
Mass Effect 3 Gears of War: Judgment Diablo III Deus Ex: Human Rev. Peggle Send JanesAnsible a message Add JanesAnsible to your friends list
59th WNxHellsight Hellsight 14765
South Park™: TSOT Battlefield 4 Dishonored Hitman: Absolution™ Battlefield 3 Send Hellsight a message Add Hellsight to your friends list
60th WNxshep iMrShep 14761
Rayman Origins Heavy Weapon The Force Unleashed Monkey Island: SE Call of Duty Black Ops Send iMrShep a message Add iMrShep to your friends list
61st WNxShiftea Shifty WN 14610
FIFA 14 Grand Theft Auto V AC Brotherhood SSX™ FIFA 13 Send Shifty WN a message Add Shifty WN to your friends list
62nd WNxTrAffic TrafficDom 14257
MoH Warfighter LEGO Star Wars: TCS Halo 4 Rock Band The Raven Send TrafficDom a message Add TrafficDom to your friends list
63rd WNxSpikers Spik3rs 14210
The Force Unleashed SSX™ TEKKEN TAG 2 NBA JAM: OFE Saints Row IV Send Spik3rs a message Add Spik3rs to your friends list
64th WNxKingB King Breezy234 13967
Diablo III: RoS Batman: Arkham City™ Batman: AA GOTY Far Cry® 3 Army of TWO™: TFD Send King Breezy234 a message Add King Breezy234 to your friends list
65th WNxwingnutbruno2 wingnutbruno2 13874
Golden Axe Crystal Quest Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty 2 Modern Warfare® 2 Send wingnutbruno2 a message Add wingnutbruno2 to your friends list
66th WNxHollow WNxHollow 13831
  Send WNxHollow a message Add WNxHollow to your friends list
67th WNxCrojack Cr0jack 12460
Diablo III Gears of War F.E.A.R. Crackdown Fallout 3 Send Cr0jack a message Add Cr0jack to your friends list
68th WNxInfiriae Infiriae 12281
SOULCALIBUR V Borderlands 2 DJ Hero® 2 Halo: CE Anniversary Defense Grid Send Infiriae a message Add Infiriae to your friends list
69th WNxExile WNxExile 12262
Grand Theft Auto V Skyrim Modern Warfare® 3 Fallout 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Send WNxExile a message Add WNxExile to your friends list
70th WNxgruff gruff03 12095
The Force Unleashed Burnout Paradise Disney Infinity [2.0] Minecraft TMNT: DotO Send gruff03 a message Add gruff03 to your friends list
71st WNxWolf Wolfmanrlsk 11949
Destiny Halo 4 SOULCALIBUR V Destiny Beta Forza Motorsport 4 Send Wolfmanrlsk a message Add Wolfmanrlsk to your friends list
72nd WNxShady OakBadge 11909
Madden NFL 25 Assassin's Creed IV Battlefield 4 NBA 2K13 COD: Black Ops II Send OakBadge a message Add OakBadge to your friends list
73rd WNxIcee white liquid 11743
GTA IV Tomb Raider Underworld Portal 2 Halo: Reach Gears of War 2 Send white liquid a message Add white liquid to your friends list
74th WNxJango Fett Marty212 11614
Grand Theft Auto V Saints Row 2 NCAA® Football 12 Call of Duty Black Ops GTA IV Send Marty212 a message Add Marty212 to your friends list
75th WNxHaxx HaxBrownies 11110
Microsoft Jigsaw Microsoft Mahjong Batman: Arkham City™ DD: Dark Arisen Prince of Persia: TFS Send HaxBrownies a message Add HaxBrownies to your friends list
GTA IV PC COD: Black Ops II Call of Duty Black Ops Halo: Reach Midnight Club: LA Send MJxCHAOSxMJ a message Add MJxCHAOSxMJ to your friends list
77th WNx Samothrace Icefang73 10385
Halo 3 Minecraft Halo: Reach Kill Team Oblivion Send Icefang73 a message Add Icefang73 to your friends list
78th WNxErlien Erlien 10365
DARK SOULS GTA IV PC Mortal Kombat Arcade Section 8 PC Kinect Sports Send Erlien a message Add Erlien to your friends list
79th WNxFather Sarcanjia 10025
Perfect Dark Grand Theft Auto V PAYDAY 2 Mortal Kombat Battlefield 4 Send Sarcanjia a message Add Sarcanjia to your friends list
80th WNxSagemred sagemred 9940
GTA IV PC DiRT 3 OF: Red River Batman:Arkham City™ PC Dead Rising 2 Send sagemred a message Add sagemred to your friends list
81st WNxFloeske Floes3 9810
Microsoft Mahjong NARUTO STORM 3 Skyrim Call of Duty Black Ops Forza Horizon Send Floes3 a message Add Floes3 to your friends list
82nd WNxFireDrake WNxFireDrake 9670
Dawn of War II Forza Motorsport 3 Mass Effect 2 Mass Effect 3 Mass Effect Send WNxFireDrake a message Add WNxFireDrake to your friends list
83rd WNxLT TrafficRiv 9605
Halo 4 Assassin's Creed II MoH Warfighter TC's RainbowSix Vegas2 Battlefield 4 Send TrafficRiv a message Add TrafficRiv to your friends list
84th WNxSlySamurai PyroDubz 8970
COD: Black Ops II Gears of War 3 Unreal Tournament® 3 Halo 3 Happy Wars Send PyroDubz a message Add PyroDubz to your friends list
85th WNxSonicTH SonicTH Legend 8310
NINJA GAIDEN 2 SONIC UNLEASHED Assassin's Creed II Batman: Arkham Asylum The Force Unleashed Send SonicTH Legend a message Add SonicTH Legend to your friends list
86th WNxAtmaHex AtmaHex 8192
GRID 2 Halo: Reach Kinect Adventures Destiny COD: Black Ops II Send AtmaHex a message Add AtmaHex to your friends list
87th WNxM3 DaSt1nkZ 8065
Despicable Me Angry Birds Rio Send DaSt1nkZ a message Add DaSt1nkZ to your friends list
88th WNxVampire WNxVampire 8033
The Cave Monkey Island: SE Borderlands Saints Row IV Destiny Send WNxVampire a message Add WNxVampire to your friends list
89th WNxHazardBE HazardBE 7931
Grand Theft Auto V Battlefield 1943™ Dragon Age: Origins ACE COMBAT: AH Fallout 3 Send HazardBE a message Add HazardBE to your friends list
90th WNxHobbit4 Thansor 7907
Fable III Feeding Frenzy Halo 4 Kinect Adventures Halo: Reach Send Thansor a message Add Thansor to your friends list
91st WNxSajuukCor WNxSajuuk 7715
Halo Wars Halo: Reach Perfect Dark Angry Birds Stella Project Spark Send WNxSajuuk a message Add WNxSajuuk to your friends list
92nd WNxAbion47 Abion47 7133
Project Spark GTA IV PC DiRT 3 Dead Rising 2 BioShock 2 Send Abion47 a message Add Abion47 to your friends list
93rd WNxOdiom Odiom 6645
Skyrim Bastion D&D: Daggerdale Torchlight Crimson Alliance Send Odiom a message Add Odiom to your friends list
94th WNxTwhiz Silly PunkD 6580
Blur Modern Warfare® 2 Minecraft Borderlands Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Send Silly PunkD a message Add Silly PunkD to your friends list
95th WNxClerve Clerve 6109
Mass Effect 3 Tron: Evolution Halo: CE Anniversary Terraria LEGO Rock Band Send Clerve a message Add Clerve to your friends list
96th WNxSasquatch PvtPuMpErNiCkLe 6065
Marble Blast Ultra Snoopy Flying Ace Halo 3 GTA IV Send PvtPuMpErNiCkLe a message Add PvtPuMpErNiCkLe to your friends list
97th WNxGiveX GiveX 5881
Halo 4 Call of Duty Black Ops LOLLIPOP CHAINSAW Gears of War 3 AC Revelations Send GiveX a message Add GiveX to your friends list
98th WNxRoetorooter Roetorooter 5570
DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Grand Theft Auto V Madden NFL 15 Madden NFL 11 RESIDENT EVIL 5 Send Roetorooter a message Add Roetorooter to your friends list
99th WNxYan DarkYanja 5215
South Park™: TSOT Send DarkYanja a message Add DarkYanja to your friends list
100th WNxOro Orokami 5050
DARK SOULS BioShock 2 Modern Warfare® 3 Kinect Adventures Call of Duty Black Ops Send Orokami a message Add Orokami to your friends list
Showing results 51 to 100 of 140

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