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Best social group ever
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This group is for WH40K Tabletop players
23 9 30 20
This group is dedicated to highlighting the un-sung heroes of the Warrior Nation Community. We achieve this by digging and researching extra material in support of nominated medals of members. The purpose of this is to ensure individuals gain the honor and respect they deserve. This also includes discussion & communicating with sectional leadership and members to help support our goals.
18 4 26 0
46 10 111 3
11:18 PM
Is a private group where we can celebrate the lives of our favourite Actors, Musicians and Celebrities including Mr Robin Williams himself. Peace, respect and <3
9 5 18 0
The members of the legendary halla boys. The one and only 0164!
4 3 11 0
This social group is for the leaders of the various COD Ghosts sections to discuss topics of equal importance to the sections. This includes Clan Wars, elite clan information and more.
8 11 53 0
We know it. You know it.
15 1 4 0
12:59 AM
This is not for your eyes comrade
8 7 25 0
This is a private group for members of the "Mystery Machine Warband" - a subgroup within the WH40K Space Marine FPS section. ZOINKS!
6 28 132 2
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