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WNx Season 3 - GP1 Malaysia

Posted 10-28-2013 at 10:22 AM by WNx PravusJSB

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What an evening of stress! First my PVR dies, then my racing wheel (which I just got back from Fanatec at the cost of 25 for a Sat delivery...!), then my Laptop starts playing up and then XBL develops issues trying to sort out GP2... Needless to say that I haven't had too much practice at Sepang. Nevermind this is my favorite track afterall...

I dialled in a similar setup although slightly softer and less aggressive than Melbourne into the car, I'd done 1 50% distance run on this setup and knew 2 stops was just about possible. So I qualified on Primes and posted 1:35.2 I think, placing me 7th. Planning on Prime, Prime and then 7 laps at the end on the Options.

Start was good, no contact until turn 8 when THINbot007 missed his braking point and hit me in the rear. I lost a place, but no big deal really. Most of the rest of the race went to plan (which was to jump the leaders and hold them up as much as possible), I led for 4-5 laps at the end of my first stint and pitted for new Primes. During the middle of my stint the leaders pitted again and I just managed to get out in front of Samiel, obviously they'd gained ground on me during their last stop. I held him up for a lap I think, until he did a great outside pass to take 1st. There I was in second minding my own and suddenly I was punched upon by Crekka the machine. I managed some cracking defending for half a lap and my tyres were still good, so all indications pointed to me keeping him there for a bit longer. But I was too busy looking at him and not where I was going...

I outbraked myself into 8 and landed in the gravel. I lost about 8 seconds there, and the cost of that would have been 4th place.

My tyres held on like a dream and I pitted L21 for my last set of boots. I was then racing with Sam Jenkz to the line, but whilst I was looking after my tyres on the out lap he did not and pulled out a lead (it would not have been an issue if I had not have grass tracked earlier...). I was sure that his tyres would fall off by the end and I would make up the time, they did, but not far enough away from the flag for me to capitalize on it...

A 5th place finish, which I feel was OK considering. Leaving me 2nd (for now) in the championship. Consistency is they key!


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