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Fuck my life

Posted 01-28-2015 at 09:01 AM by WNxChanchoman
Have you been in those situations where everything, EVERYTHING, goes to shit? Well, that shit happen to me kind of often now. See, my 2+ years girlfriend dump me between Christmas and new year. We lived together, so she left and now I'm here alone and I don't have shit. I'm a professor. I teach Research Methodology and guess what... University cut off the funds for my research and now I don't have a fucking job there (luckily I have another job). I have to leave my apartment, my bank cut my account because they thought I was someone else with similar name. So yeah, I'm in a very bad place now.
Now, How this has anything to do with dota? I don't know... I guess I'm trying to connect it but I just don't how. What I know is that some times is so much releasing to be in game that in real life. I have to say that I have been kicking asses and so comforting to yell "FUCK OFF BANK EXECUTIVE!" while ganking or "DON'T TRY TO KILL ME AGAIN BITCH!". I guess is better that than yell to real people.
I just have to remember that outside I still have more games to play and, hopefully, win again at some point.

NOTE: I should have written this a couple of week ago, but I just couldn't, so... that.
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