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Bloody marmite!!!

Posted 11-12-2010 at 04:25 AM by WNxTHINbot007
I have come to a simple conclusion in life that has seemingly offered my the peace of mind and tranquility that is usually only reserved for the most devote of budhist monks.

It is a painfully obvious truth in some respects and one that so many of us never come to realise. Sure there are those amongst us who this means absolutely nothing to, as it is a situation or resounding conclusion of events that simple passes them by, following straight beneath their very feet as they upon a mantle high up in the ionosphere straining their eyes to see their fellow EU members bellow ... but still stopping occassionally to offer a live saving moment of cover fire, or my personal favourite to see the C4 sheild of protection (patent pending: BEN1601).

This game cannot be summed up lightly and cannot be looked upon with a simple judgemental opinion of MEH its ok. This game is what has driven so many of us to take up extreme midnight camping just to be the first to play it. The game that has driven some of us to the contemplation of suicide being the only option to deal with people getting the game a week or more before us.

The more I play it the more the unresounding truth befins to show. This is NOT "Call of Duty: Black Ops" it is quite simply and plainly "Call of Duty: MARMITE" - as you either love it or you hate it. Treyarch have masterminded a new brand of MARMITE with this game in so much that you are constantly in a state of flux, one emotion completely juxaposed against the other. I spend nearly every waking second that I am on the game absolutely and completely in LOVE with this game, whilst simultaneously hating, loathing and detesting everything about it.

Well done Treyarch... the emotional roller coster is now in full effect...

and if you will all excuse me I have to be off to get ready for another night of premenstrual highs and lows (more lows though as my K/D is falling faster than the hindenburg!) and copious amounts of crying in shame as I self terminate over the edge of a map that plainly wasn't there to begin with and I will remain defiant and addament until my dying day that the game move the map and put it there just so I could fall off!

I say unto you Black Ops.... be prepared... I'm not taking any prisoners and I will break you.... god dammit... one day I WILL BREAK YOU and then it shall be I who is victoreous and you who ... well ... remains... erm... a completely inanimate object and further to that you are but a small round computer game disc... BUT STILL!!!! Spin in fear little disc, as I am coming for you.... and I WILL IMPROVE!!! (oh god... please let me improve soon!)

"You have been reading the Black Ops induced mental breakdown of WNxTHINbot007."

"Recordings of this and also the transcripts are available from your local Arkham Asylum retail outlet and should retail for around 25-75 REP"
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  1. Old
    WNxZeus's Avatar
    Jesus, I need to learn how to write like you xD.... I want to be in your next Noobians story :p
    Posted 11-13-2010 at 07:11 PM by WNxZeus WNxZeus is offline
  2. Old
    WNxTHINbot007's Avatar
    dude its easy, just write!

    Dont stick to any sort of conformity (invest in a spell checker as I always forget to check after ).

    You will know within a few lines as to whether the musing that your writing is on target. I have probably made twice the amount of musings than those that I have actually posted, as most of them have been complete and utter rubbish

    Posted 11-17-2010 at 05:42 PM by WNxTHINbot007 WNxTHINbot007 is offline
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