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The Noobians are coming ....

Posted 11-02-2010 at 09:01 AM by WNxTHINbot007
Updated 11-02-2010 at 09:16 AM by WNxTHINbot007
It is a well known fact amongst small circles within the warrior nation that some members are better than others. It is also a very very well known fact that a select few are exceptionally better than others. It is also very commonly and widely known that THINbot the Thinkerbell Thinnorexia, is ... well ... shite!!!!! He freely admits that this is the truth and that he knows his place amongst the many tiers of aptidude and skill within the nation. Lingering contently down in the nether regions of the rankings board amongst the OAPs, MIA's and JP Rippa (we love you JP really we do ).

It is with these facts being known by the right people in the right places at the right times, that we are all able to co-exist and continue on with the mad house of merryment know as LIFE.

A small alteration to any of these known constants could have a catastorphic effect upon those close to and further a field who are governed and protected with the sanctity of these known constants in the universe.

Last night the very fabric of our mere mortal existance was torn down around us, pushed through a tree shredder and thrown on the camp fire of MW2 and burnt to a sinder. Leaving no trace of the afore mentioned peace of mind and safety that the constants of the warrior nation provided. Sure the Nation still stood where it was, in the same place it had been for years, and sure the Nation will continue to grow in an ever stronger way like it has year on year. BUT!!!..... the rules of the game itself have changed. Things are not how they were before, the minor glitch in the matrix if you will, has now become an immense chasm in the peace and santity of our little world. This chasm that threatens to engulf us all without mercy or remorse unless we can re-adjust to the alterred environment in which we dwell and call home.

The MW2 section lies in ruins after last night, for many the event went unoticed but for the select few who bore witness to the event it has left them shaken not stirred (there is a clue in that if your clever enough ). Many carried on regardless of what had happened, maybe obliveous to things or maybe trying desperately to pretend it didn't happen. But the outcome is the same regardless of your predisposition, MW2 EU has been shaken to its very foundations.

When someone who is regarded as a good gamer, nah, an elite gamer through their consistancy and general ability to PWN and to carry team mates through thick and thin, has an off game it is heralded as big event, I mean after all consistancy is an elite gamers best friend. Without consistancy you are nothing more than a fluke whore, someone who has epic luck in one game, followed by a the tedium of going massively negative in the next to only crop up with a fluke a pull and AC130 from a 4 kill streak care package.

So it has come to this, a game of HARDCORE SABO on rundown. The scene is set with a dethrowned Noobian King running around with a silenced UMP (its allowed because he is crap ok!!!!! its in the fifa fair play code of conduct, if your shite you can UMP alright end of!!! ) and an adversary of elite and maybe even epic notoriousness for being a ruthless kill streaking maching generating NUKES on TDM in RUST says it all!
  • A chance kill - ump in the back foooookin have that!
  • A hop skip and a duck and cover to hideaway over looking the staris in the house by the main bridge and ooh - ump death spray number two (expect death to come quickly little noobian, you have awoken a giant)
  • This is working well I must find another corner to bait my trap - upon moving a shaow moves past the door - prrrrrrrp ump of death strikes again with hits to the leg arm and upper body, he is down and out for the count.
  • Across the tiny courtyard to a favoured corner, a test or nerves and steel as you must wait long enough to take out your foe - sprinting passed the crosshairs is never a good idea my firend, lay down and die!
  • The next is so fast that it was not even seen by those involved in it.
  • With the last few frantic seconds of the match coming to a close the bomb is planted and the defenders stand guard. A flurry of bullets and bodies are thrown at the bomb in a futile attempt to defuse it. But what is this, a head pops up above the presipit, ping ping as the bullets ricochet off the concrete, then the soft sound of bullet ripping through the head of an adversary.
6 kills in a matter of minutes - 1 killer - 1 victim

For Fataal Frietje, an elite and experienced veteran of the WN to be PWNed in this way shows that there is no sanctuary for anybody, no safe haven remains, all the peers of the world are now looking over their backs as the peasants are beginning to rise up against them! This is not DEAD RISING, this is the start of the NOOBIAN UPRISING - all of you take note all who read this; nobody is untouchable, nobody is safe, just when you think the last shred of existance has been squashed from the Noobians soul you will turn your back for a micro-second to see that this is when we are at our strongest!

You have been warned!!!

FATAAL goes negative and THINBOT007 goes positive with a 6 kill streak on FATAAL alone!!!

You have all been warned!

The Noobians are coming ....... 09/11/10..... watch your backs!!!
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  1. Old
    WNxPsyker's Avatar
    Cool story, bro. It's called luck.
    Posted 11-02-2010 at 09:51 AM by WNxPsyker WNxPsyker is offline
  2. Old
    WNxTHINbot007's Avatar
    It is the beginning of the NOOBIANS rising from the downtrodden depths of the leaderboards, preparing for our EPIC assault upon BO

    EDIT - Preparing for our EPIC fail on BO

    P.S - in other words (and annoyingly you summed it up in one) yes it was luck, a big old dump truck full of the stuff
    Posted 11-02-2010 at 09:56 AM by WNxTHINbot007 WNxTHINbot007 is offline
  3. Old
    WNxFaith's Avatar
    lol cool story?
    Posted 11-10-2010 at 09:09 AM by WNxFaith WNxFaith is offline
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