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Omg zombies is awesome!!!

Posted 12-14-2010 at 11:41 AM by WNxTHINbot007
Well its probably a statement of fact that you all have known agreed with and fully understood for a long .. looooong time already.

But ... for the eternal noobian that I am, I have never fully taken to the zombies mode in black ops and in WaW I think I played it for the grand total of 20 minutes!

Last night though something changed.

A brief history of Thinkerbells zombie life ...

Essentially breaking dawn with Black Ops, it has been a short and very simple life. Normally ending in a failed attempt to break the double digit levels of the game. In the public lobbies I have competed with many a random compadre to no avail, then with friends from the WN, Turbo mostly in the beginning of the game and with BEN and Demondeacon and I think Drakin once to. On one occassion I recall (albeit vaguely) reaching level 11 or 12 with Turbo. This I thought was good, but upon reflection it was, well, meadiocre at best.

So there you have it. Summed up in one short (yes I can do short stories ) and concise paragraph, the entire history of my 'Zombie Life'.

But as I mentioned at the start, last night something changed!

A couple of games of LAG war Shifftty/Andrew2/Callum and some of Shifftty's mates, went down as well as could be expected. I was in 2nd place in the scores when the host dash boarded. 'Very Dissappointed' in the eternal dash boarders that are everywhere in BO. Anyway, LAG wars complete everyone dissapates due to prior commitments, most of which are orientated around having some grub to eat !

Shiffty, myself, and two of his friends (sorry names escape me and your not on my friends list but the main man to take note of wash (real name) Josh?, set off into a game of Zombies on the map known as 'FIVE'.

Straight away I noticed that there was a much quicker urgency to get to the lift and down a level to the MP5 and the main pentagon floor. This is normally something that I tend to do around level 5-7 when I have stock piled around 4-6k in points. But we opened up the path to the elevator and the elavtor itself within the first 3 rounds. Straight down stairs to the MP5 and oooooh boy, is that gun nice in the early levels. It tears through zombies like a death machine cuts through the vietcong!

So we plod on and open up a few blockades and end up down stairs near the frieght elevator. Down we plummet into the not so nice depths of the Pentagon underworld and its research laboratories. On to the mystery box we all go and wouldn't you know it ... THINBOT actually go tsomething note worthy from the box of "im gonna screw you for 950 points and give you a pistol or rock to kill zombies with" ... I got myself a GUN, a RAY-GUN to be precise. F*CK ME is that gun nice!

Its just me, Shifftty and Josh? now as the other guy rage quit when he got stuck on the level in the middle as we went up in the lift he forgot to remember that his mic was plugged in so he could here us say "we're coming down to save you mate don't panic" (FROPA has left your party) he obviously didn't want to play with us anymore.

We are on about level 15 or 16 at this point and we are having a whale of a time. We even found a way to skank the thieving weapon stealing technician. We got him to appear on the middle level of the pentagon and Shifftty started to get chased by him, he went to the double hieght stairs by the lift to the 1st floor and just started doing a loop around the top balcony down the stairs one side and back up the stairs the other side then continue steps 1 through 3. This was brilliant as Josh and myself just took up sentry positions and just opened fire on the stupid little red mist that indicates where the thieving pikey actually is. BOOM ... he's dead, we get max ammo and I get introduced to the speed reloader and the juggernaught! (now i understand what they are and how AWESOME THEY ARE). We carry on ploying the tactic of hopping up to level one in the lift with two of us crouching and one standing and just mullering all the dump arse zombies that think that they can take us on! Oh the silly little undead fools .

Every 10-15 minutes a death machine would appear and Josh would be on it like a fat bird is on the condements at a christmas party . We are absolutely racking up the points and then the mention of "we need to get thinbots ray gun upgraded - shifftty"

What, upgraded, oooh the pack a punch, I had forgotten all about that as I had never actually seen it ever before or acutally got anywhere near a level capable of actually being able to use it, so you can imagine my excitement when we leave a crawler dragging his carcass around the floor as we all switch the defcons to level 5 and hop through the teleporting orber thingy magig! Insert RAY-GUN and donate 5000 credits to the machine of greatness. Then take receipt of the RAY-GUN O'Doom! MUHAHAHAHA. I have traded green rings of death for red rings of death (A worrying idea for a game that is played on the X-box, notorious for the affore mentioned RROD). I feel with everyshot that I am dishing out Microsoft built quality issues of DEATH to each and every zombie well ok, I didn't think that but what I did think was that it looked really cool with Josh and his modified AUG and shifty with his cross bow and bolts that suck zombies into them, we were untouchable! The technician has appeared a few more times by now and to be honest we are on a KD ratio with him that leaves us on the positive side, which is nice.

Without even realising it over an hour and a half has passed and we are now onto level 20. The only problem we have is that RAY-GUN ammo required by Shifftty and I is not available on the normal walls around the pentagon. This is a bit of a problem as you can imagine! Josh has no put what must be the equivilant of a deposit for a house into the mystery box in the hope that there is a something better than a teddy bear or a sniper rifle in the box. I think at one point he spent over 20 minutes and nearly all the cash he had rinsing through 6 different mystery boxes to find something that would actually do some harm to the zombies, more so than the damage of that of throwing your shoe at one of them in the hope that it might stop them. He ended up with his modified freeze ray and something else (sorry forgot what it was, we had been playing for nearly 2 hours now!!!) Onwards through levels 20/21/22 and into level 23. Myself and shifftty are starting to see that the weapons we have are pretty much pointless by now. My RAY-GUN O'Doom is now taking 3-4 shots to kill the zombies and although I can still use it to fire whilst downed, I am now being downed every 30-40 seconds. Shifftty was playing lifeguard in the lift and closing the doors to save me before opening them for the onslaught to continue. We made it quite a way into level 23 with tactics that we had never tried before and with weapons that I had never seen before.

This was the first time that I can remember that I had spent such a long period of time on Black Ops that was both enjoyable and BLOODY GOOD FUN! I have not had such a good time on a game on the x-box for longer than I can actually remember. I have to tip my hat to Treyarch if for nothing else (bloody matchmaking system on normal multiplayer SUCKS BUM CHEESE) than the sheer unmistakeable fact that ZOMBIES IS AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME

Thanks Shifftty and Josh for the best night I have had on the X-box in a very VERY long time!

My name is THINbot - and I'm a Zombie-holic!
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