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Posted 12-14-2010 at 11:39 AM by WNxTHINbot007

WTF ....

Has happened to everyone.

The boards are like a ghost town at the moment, metaphorically speaking of course. There seems to be such a lull in activity. I know we are all gearing up for christmas and that, but seriously guys come on!!! Start making some posts, about anything, about everything, about something, about nothing if needs be but just write a series of characters in the little grey box in the screen and force your mouse of the the POST button and get it done.

I'm so bored of reading my own stuff again and again. Nothing note worthy is being said by anyway at the moment and the creative juices are running at an all time low. Now granted a dump truck portion of Turkey, Roast potato's, mash, gravy, peas and all the other lovely's that give you massive heart burn and indigestion at christmas will help to refill the engine that is running on conciderably less than empty at the moment, likened to that of an asthmatic duck, I'm f**king struggling here guys and gals. Where is all the excitement, the fun of the fair, the buzz of getting your own back on someone who fragged you two seconds prior, the electric high of gaming in general, why have we all but lost our way? We are in the biggest quarter of the year for game releases and for gaming in general, is it that we have all ran off to our rooms and locked the door to play on the next best and biggest game so intently and so without though for the outside world, food, water and barely breathing that we have all but forgotten our brothers and sisters (and creepy uncle in the corner who has those trousers that are too short and the jumper that is too long and wierd look in his eye) of the WN?
Talk to me people, tell me it isn't so, tell me I've simply been misguided and been looking in the wrong places, tell me I have just not been looking at all, tell me to go FU.... well ... don't tell me to do that as it's not very nice. But where has everyone gone! Is there a secret trap door easter egg on the forum that I don't know about that everyone is sneaking through when my back is turned as they don't want to read what I have to say as it usually ends up being either really long winded and funny or just a long continual monlogue without even so much as a puntuaction or momentary pause for fresh oxygen to full my sweet (there not sweet they are crap asthmatic lungs but ... MEH what you gonna do aye) lungs in order to keep speak (typing) and for you to keep reading aloud (in your heads) the words of monotomy that I have typed out before you to burdon and wiegh you down. (breathe) Ok answered my own question there then, I am the long winded problem and as such adios!
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